Sales outreach tools are one of the best ways to start a conversation with your potential clients and generate sales. Such tools are extremely helpful for businesses looking to generate some profits via emails. However, there is a wide range of outreach applications available in the market, and picking the right one could be a challenging task. 

But, you don’t have to worry because we have done the hard work and compiled a list of the top 10 best sales outreach tools in 2023. Check all the recommendations and try one of them as per your requirements, But before that, let’s understand a bit more about the sales outreach tools. 

What are Sales Outreach Tools?

A sales outreach tool helps you to streamline your sales efforts and also allows you to automate them. It sends personalized emails and messages to a particular number of prospects. Therefore, you can reach out to the maximum number of potential customers and boost your conversion rate. Moreover, such an application assists you to create and manage multiple marketing campaigns and track their development. Overall, the sales or email outreach tools give you several ways to engage with your prospects and grow your business. 

Benefits of Using a Sales Outreach Tool

A sales outreach tool offers a wide range of benefits for your business. Look at them and imagine what you can do if you get one of the best outreach applications.

  • Specific targets: A sales outreach tool helps you target specific individuals or potential customers. Selecting the audience as per your ideal client profile lets you personalize the message as per the conditions. Therefore, the chances of engagement and conversion rate increase. 
  • Affordable: Email outreach is cost-effective when compared to other methods to reach your prospects. For instance, cold calling is more expensive than outreach marketing tools. So, a sales outreach tool is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs with limited budgets, and start-ups with financial restrictions. 
  • Time saver: Email outreach tools let you use customizable templates. Moreover, you can reuse the email sequence sent once. Therefore, such tools save a significant amount of your precious time and let you send consistent messages. What’s more? Repeated editing of the emails also helps you to remove the existing errors and improve your approach over time. 
  • High conversion rate: You reach your prospects with personalized messages using a sales outreach tool, which increases the chances of engagement and conversion. Therefore, such applications give you better results in your outreach efforts.
  • Growth: If you are a business owner, sales professional, entrepreneur, or digital marketing expert, you can connect with your prospects by using email outreach tools. It also helps you to run marketing campaigns. Hence, such an application helps you to grow and achieve your financial & business goals. 

Top 10 Sales Outreach Tools in 2023


Klenty is one of the best sales outreach tools because of its simple interface, ability to send personalized emails, and features to follow up with your prospects. Moreover, it supports multiple channels, and switching from calls to messages to LinkedIn is also convenient. Therefore, using this application increases the efficiency and productivity of your business

Klenty ensures all your messages reach the inbox of your prospects, not spam. Moreover, it gives data and insights to strengthen your marketing efforts. Furthermore, this web-based application automatically handles unsubscribes, and out-of-office replies, and bounces automatically. 

Key features

  • Integrations with third-party platforms like HubSpot. Pipedrive, Slack, Salesforce, and Zoho.
  • Template library for easy usage
  • Real-time tracking for improved engagement
  • High-quality customer support 

Price: Four plans available, StartUp – $50, Growth – $70, Pro – $100, and Enterprise – custom price. The subscription charges are per month per user if you buy the annual plan

Free plan: Yes, valid for 14 days. You can access the free plan without entering your credit card details. 


GMass is one of the best sales outreach tools in 2023. This marketing automation tool works with Gmail and is a suitable tool for sales professionals, startup owners, digital marketers, small & medium business owners, and employees who look after lead conversion. Its automatic email personalization functionality saves a lot of your time and energy. 

GMass automatically changes the subject line, paragraphs, attachments, images, links, and more. Due to personalized emails, your readers are more inclined to respond. Apart from that, this application has bulk email scheduling that lets you send outreach emails at a particular date and time. Furthermore, it comes with a feature of automatic follow-ups. 

Key features

  • Allows you to save the emails to use as templates in the future
  • Helps create marketing campaigns based on the previous responses of your readers
  • Increases the open rates due to personalized emails
  • Shows campaign-level reports to show how many users opened, clicked, and replied

Price: Three plans are available, Standard – $19.95 per month, Premium – $29.95 per month, Enterprise – $49.95 per month.

Free plan: Yes


If you are looking for one of the top-notch multi-channel email outreach tools to interact with your prospects, try SendPulse. It helps you to boost your sales and grow your business. This application gives you free CRM, free landing page builder, three free chatbots, and 15000 free emails. Moreover, you can sign up for its trial period without entering your card details.

Apart from email marketing, SendPulse reaches your prospects via SMS and web push. In addition, it has chatbots to handle Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram to make connections with your audience in real time. This application also helps you to enhance team collaboration. Therefore, you can assign roles & permissions, and keep track of sales from one dashboard. 

Key features

  • An all-in-one tool to streamline sales and marketing processes
  • Multiple channels to connect with your prospects
  • More than 100 email templates 
  • Visual builder to create online courses and attract more readers
  • Automation features to keep multiple tasks on auto-pilot
  • Sends personalized emails 

Price: Three plans, Standard – $6.40, Pro – $7.68, Enterprise – $10.75. The prices are per month if you buy the annual subscription. Keep in mind that the charges increase if the size of your list is more than 500. 

Free plan: Yes, up to 500 subscribers


SalesBlink is an all-in-one outreach marketing tool, which helps you to boost your conversion rate. It finds potential customers for your business and launches marketing campaigns to connect you with them. Moreover, this application sends personalized emails. 

SalesBlink is one of the few sales outreach tools to target emails and LinkedIn. Apart from that, it has functions of follow-ups and tracking, opening, clicks, and replies. What’s more? This tool has a meeting scheduler that allows your prospects to schedule a meeting with you without any hassles. You can customize your availability at your convenience. 

Key features

  • ChatGPT-powered sales sequences for high-performance
  • Cold email outreach 
  • B2B leads database to target specific job roles
  • Meeting scheduler

Price: Three plans are available, Basic – $39, Professional – $59, Enterprise – Custom price. The price is per month per user if you buy the annual plan. 

Free plan: No, only a free trial is available 


If you want to maximize your outreach efforts to boost the conversion rate, SalesHandy is one of the best free email outreach tools. Its affordability, personalization options, high email deliverability, and scalability are perfect for digital marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Moreover, you can also auto-pilot your outreach campaign with the help of this application. 

Saleshandy gives you a five-step plan to convert your outreach into a conversion machine. It helps you find the prospects in the first step. Finding potential clients is the most important part of cold emailing. Hence, this tool is perfect if you do not want to use multiple applications. Saleshandy comes with a free trial of 7 days, which is helpful if you want to experience its features. 

Key features

  • No credit card is required for the 7-day trial plan
  • Allows you to connect unlimited accounts
  • Follow up feature
  • Helps you write cold emails as per the best practices
  • Unlimited email warm-up, partnership with TrulyInbox 

Price: Four plans available, Outreach Basic – $27 per, Outreach Pro – $79, Outreach Scale – $150, and Custom. The prices are per month if you buy the annual plan. 

An add-on service of Email Verification is available at $60 for 30,000 recipients. 

Free plan: Yes, valid for 7 days


If you are looking for a CRM (customer relationship management) with the functions of email outreach and advanced automation, then Pipedrive could be the perfect outreach marketing tool. This application claims to offer more than 28 percent of deals after you use it for the first year. You can try the features of Pipedrive with its free trial plan and you can access all the features without using your credit card. 

The cloud-based sales outreach application is specially designed for sales teams. Therefore, it’s easy to use. Moreover, this tool is affordable. So, it’s one of the most preferred free email outreach tools for small to medium businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. 

Key features

  • Automated personalized emails
  • Email analytics reports to improve your workflow
  • Import sales leads from another CRM (HubSpot, Salesforce, and more) and spreadsheets

Price: Six plans available, Essential – $9.90, Advanced – $19.90, Professional – $39.90, Power – $49.90, Enterprise – $59.90. The prices are for a per-month subscription per user. 

Free plan: Yes


Woodpecker is one of the best sales outreach tools because it helps you to reach prospects with the help of cold emails. This web-based application is perfect for sales teams because it has a shared prospect database. Therefore, potential customers receive emails only from one member of your sales team. 

Woodpecker integrates with several third-party platforms including Pipedrive, Sheets, Zapier, Hunter, Zoom, and Hubspot. Apart from that, it has automated follow-ups. In addition, this tool is easy to learn and it comes with a free trial. So, you can try this option even as a beginner and understand all its options before purchasing a premium plan. 

Key features

  • Free email list verification and validation
  • Unlimited follow-ups
  • Invalid email detection
  • Spam check and domain audit
  • Email templates
  • Reply detection

Price: Starts from $40 per month if you buy the annual plan. 2 months of usage are free in both annual and monthly packages. 

Free plan: Yes, valid for 7 days


If you are looking for one of the best free email outreach tools to ensure all your emails go to the inbox instead of spam, try SmartReach. It also comes with a “Prospect Feed” function, which allows you to manage and track the activities of your recipients. Plus, this feature shows the open and reply rates of your campaign.

SmartReach provides AI content that helps you to book more appointments. Moreover, it uses multiple channels for sales outreach for better results. Apart from emails, this tool can reach your potential customers via LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp, and calls. 

Key features

  • ProspectDaddy Chrome extension to search prospects on LinkedIn
  • Creates unlimited columns to add detailed data about the prospects
  • Native integrations with email finders like Clearbit, Anymailfinder, Hunter, and more
  • AI recommended subject lines and messages to boost engagement
  • Options to personalize the emails
  • Features to maximize deliverability

Price: Four plans available. Email Outreach, Sales Engagement, Agency, and Enterprise. The first two packs have monthly subscription fees of $29 and $49 respectively. The charges are per user. Agency and Enterprise have custom prices. You can know their monthly charges after contacting the sales team. 

Free plan: Yes, valid for 14 days. No credit card is required for the free pack.


Mailshake is one of the best sales outreach tools to convert your cold leads into conversions. It promises to deliver your emails to the inbox and not spam. Therefore, you can expect more replies.

Mailshake has an automated cold outreach, which connects you to more prospects, book numerous appointments, and get more sales. Moreover, it sends personalized emails to get the attention of your readers. In addition, this application supports multiple channels. So, you can also get new prospects via social media platforms and calls. 

Key features

  • Automated transfer of lead data to third-party CRMs
  • Generates leads from multiple channels
  • Ability to pause sequence when a prospect replies or unsubscribes and if the email bounce
  • Email templates for easy startup, perfect for beginners

Price: Two plans available, Email Outreach – $58, Sales Engagement – $83. The prices are per user per month if you buy the annual subscription. 

Free plan: No 


Do you want to get some prospects from LinkedIn? Wiza is one of the best email outreach tools. It collects your expected clients and also exports them to the CRM. 

Wiza collects the latest information for your cold email marketing campaign within a few minutes. Hence, you don’t have to waste numerous hours to generate leads from LinkedIn. And guess what, all the emails captured by this application are valid. So, your sales team does not have to worry about bounce rates. 

You can try Wiza after signing up on its website. Its free plan gives you 25 email searches every month. You can also use the Wiza Chrome Extension for free. 

Key features

  • Provides real-time data
  • Exports up to 2,500 leads at once 
  • 99.9% accuracy
  • Finds work, personal, and generic emails
  • Compatible with a wide range of CRMs for data export

Price: Three plans available, Micro – $30, Pro – $50, Growth – $100. All the prices are for per user per month if you go for the monthly subscription. 

Free plan: Yes, 25 contact details per month

How to Pick the Best Sales Outreach Tool in 2023?

You have to consider several factors before picking a sales outreach tool. Let’s discuss those points in this section.

  • Personalization features: An outreach marketing tool with features to customize your message according to your prospects is perfect for your business. So, try an application that can personalize the subject line, name, company details, attachments, and more. Sending personalized messages makes your emails unique, adds a personal touch to them, and hence, increases the chances of engagement.
  • Automation: Look for convenience while searching for a sales outreach tool. Try something that can automate your tasks including email sequencing and scheduling. In addition, prefer a tool with the function of follow-up reminders.
  • User-friendly interface: An easy-to-use interface is better than a cluttered dashboard. So, try an outreach marketing tool with an interface to manage emails and other messages. The options to categorize emails or label them are better if you handle multiple businesses. And make sure you can reply to the emails within the outreach tool. You can easily verify all these features by using the free trials of the applications with this offer.
  • Reporting: Tracking a marketing campaign is crucial because improvement is possible only when you check the open and close rates. Plus, it’s important to understand the behavior of your clients. Hence, we recommend you try an outreach marketing tool with analytics and reporting. Such an application helps you to maximize your efforts and outreach strategy. 
  • Subscription fee: What is your monthly or annual budget for marketing and promotions? Try a sales outreach tool that fits your financial planning. In addition, make sure the tool can accommodate all the emails you want to use. 

Which is the Best Sales Outreach Tool in 2023?

All the sales outreach tools help you to streamline your email marketing techniques and close more deals. But, Klenty is the best because of its personalization options and automation to save you time. You can even customize the interface of this application if required. 

Here are the other reasons why Klenty is one of the best sales outreach tools to try in 2023

  • Personalization

Do you think dropping the recipient’s name and his/her company details can do the trick? Significant personalization is required in the realm of outreach. It’s where Klenty comes into the picture. It helps you to personalize almost all aspects of the emails. 

  • Lead generation

Klenty crawls the web to find the contact details of your potential customers. You can use the contact information to create effective outreach campaigns. Moreover, this tool integrates with several CRMs and lead generation tools to ensure you have the latest data. 

Klenty has the option to create and manage targeted prospect lists based on your ideal client profile. In addition, it has advanced search and filter features to find the leads with chances of higher conversion. Then there are various parameters to sort the list. 

  • Automation

Setting personalized email campaigns is easy with Klenty. You can also set triggers to send your messages. Such arrangements send targeted messages to your leads and save you time.

  • Cadence playbook

Cadence is one of the most advanced features of Klenty, which helps your sales team to automate your outreach and stay ahead of your competitors. Plus, it helps you to follow up.

Using Cadence Playbook you can create a series of touchpoints, including email, calls, and interactions on social media pages. Here comes the good news. The Playbook is fully customizable, which means you can create workflows as per your sales processes and goals. 

  • Multi-channel approach

Klenty uses multiple channels simultaneously and connects you with your potential clients. In other words, it reaches your prospects via email, calls, and social media platforms. Hence, the chances of a response from your prospects increase automatically. 

For instance, you can send an email to one of your potential customers and follow up with a message on one of the social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also call the customer after a few days. Using more than one channel helps you to grab their attention and better conversions. 

  • CRM integration

Klenty integrates with all the popular CRMs including Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Hence, you can easily incorporate it into the existing processes of your sales workflow. Therefore, you do not have to switch between multiple tools because you can access everything using your CRM. 

  • Automation

Email automation is one of the most powerful and highly useful features of Klenty’s sales outreach tool. It lets you set up email campaigns that can be triggered on specific dates and timelines. Moreover, the campaign is customizable as per the behavior of your prospects.

For instance, if one of your potential customers opens up the email but does not send a reply, Klenty allows you to set up an automated email. Furthermore, it has a wide range of templates, so that you can create professional emails without any struggle.

  • Tracking and reporting

Sending emails using Klenty has several benefits. One of them is its tracking abilities. This tool tracks the open rate, click-through rate, and reply rate of all the emails you send. Therefore, you can easily check the number of users who opened your email and who replied. Hence, you can conveniently target the most engaged prospects. 

Sales Outreach Techniques to Bring in More Leads

Follow the given tips and suggestions to boost the number of leads and enhance your conversion rate.

Build a client profile

Lead qualification tells you whether the prospect can buy your product or services. The particular person might not have the authority to purchase anything from third parties, or the person or organization you are targeting might not have the financial freedom to choose your products or services. Do you have any plans to overcome such barriers? 

  • Building a customer profile is the first step towards the solution. Create a criterion and find clients according to the points, including 
  • Your product or service must offer a solution to their problems.
  • Your sales cycle matches the buying cycle of your prospects
  • The price of your offer matches the budget of your prospect and should be reasonable

You have to check the historical data to find out if there are any similarities between the projects and services you offer. Things will be easy once you implement an ideal client profile. You and your sales team can channel the energy behind leads with higher chances of conversion. 

Let your leads fill out web forms. Use chatbots to filter the prospects. You can also check the social media pages of your potential customers to gain more insights. 

Send cold emails

Email is one of the best ways to reach your prospects. Send them personalized messages to get their attention. Use different techniques to personalize the email and increase your open and reply rate. You can include a lot of words and messages in the subject line to make your email appealing. For instance, you can mention a mutual contact, any common interest, congratulations for any of their achievements, and more.  

Do prior research to collect relevant information about your prospects and mention them in the emails. For example, you can mention the problem they are facing due to any technology in their infrastructure. A well-researched email makes the potential client think that you know everything about the situation. Deliver your message in an effective way to gain their confidence, so that they can look at you as a problem solver. 

Use social media platforms

Social media pages are one of the best places to find prospects. We recommend you try LinkedIn because it’s the hub of professionals. Post quality content on your social media images to emerge as a problem solver. Anyone comes to you when in need of something. So, you have to build trust and focus on developing credibility initially. 


Selecting one of the best sales outreach tools improves your communication with your prospects and hence, boosts your conversion rate. We discussed some of the top options available to try. Most of our recommendations come with features to personalize the emails and generate data & analytics for your assistance. Hence, you can use one of them to strengthen your outreach efforts. 

A sales outreach tool is useful for small, medium, and large businesses because it helps you to connect with your prospects and build strong relationships. So, check all our suggestions and try a tool that suits your requirements. We hope you can get the most out of your outreach strategies. Good luck! 

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