Are you planning a mass email campaign? GMass could be a suitable solution. But, is GMass safe to use? Can it fit all your requirements? We are here to review GMass and understand how it works. After reading the post, you can easily decide whether this outreach tool is worth your attention or you will look for an alternative. 

What is GMass? 

GMass is an extension for Google Chrome and Gmail, which lets you send mass personalized emails. It also helps you to schedule and automate your emails to improve the online marketing campaign. The working of this application is straightforward.

Create a contact sheet in Google spreadsheet, import the contacts to your email, and type your message. You can group the recipients as per the requirements. You can personalize the messages. So, it’s like you are using Gmail to send your emails. 

GMass also acts like a CRM to manage your leads and track potential clients. Therefore, you can use it as a sales CRM, marketing application, and support system for your customers. This extension was designed by Ajay Goel because he needed something powerful, yet simple. Hence, it became a hit among everyone who needed a high-grade email outreach tool. 

GMass features

Mass emails

Google lets you send a limited number of emails every day. But, if you have a long list of subscribers, GMass can communicate your messages without any delay. Its mass email features allow you to send 10,000 emails per day. Do not worry, none of your messages will be tagged as spam because this application uses advanced distribution technology.

Sync with Google spreadsheet

What is the most time-consuming task in an email marketing campaign? To add contacts to the recipient’s list. This task could take years to complete. However, GMass makes things easy by integrating with Google Sheets. Therefore, you don’t have to manually add all the email addresses. Add them to the sheet and connect with GMass to save your time and effort. 

Email scheduler

Completing all your business-related work and managing digital marketing campaigns is challenging. GMass has a solution because it helps you to schedule emails on any day or time. Therefore, you don’t have to create a reminder to send emails. Set the rules and it sends your messages daily or even hourly. 

Automated follow-ups

A lot of your readers do not open or read your email. Therefore,  you cannot connect with them. It’s where GMass can help. 

GMass has an incredible follow-up function, which comes into action if someone does not reply to your emails after some days. Set the frequency and it keeps sending the messages. Hence, you can build relationships with your readers without much effort. 

GMass pricing

GMass has three different plans including Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. GMass Standard is a basic plan with a subscription fee of $19.95 while Premium and Enterprise are available at $29.95 and $49.95 respectively. Only the Enterprise version comes with priority customer support.

GMass – good, bad, and worst

We checked the GMass dashboard and all its features to see whether you can try this extension or not. We also compared GMass with its competitors. Let’s discuss the outcomes.  

GMass limitations

The outreach tools are different from each other. Some of them are all-in-one solutions while others are only responsible for the outreach. GMass falls into the second category. You cannot use it for anything else apart from outreach. In other words, you have three tasks to accomplish before you start using GMass. 

Find potential prospects, and their email addresses and create a spreadsheet as per the understanding of GMass. So, make sure you can complete these three tasks without any challenges.

Adds more abilities to Gmail

GMass is an extension for Google Chrome that works with one of the most reputable email services globally, Gmail. Download this application to see all its options on top of the Gmail inbox. It has a minimalistic interface, which stays within your Gmail interface. 

You can access the GMass dashboard by clicking on its drop-down menu, available once you compose a new email. The interface has all the advanced options. 

However, its styling is old school. You might not enjoy its face if you have ever used Buzzstream and Mailshake. 

In other words. GMass cannot win any awards if we talk about its design. However, this extension is not about styling. It’s about making your Gmail account an email outreach machine gun.

Personalizations at high

GMass lets you personalize all the emails. It lets you add first & last names, links, attachments, and even a phrase. GMass mail merge automatically pulls information from a single spreadsheet. Therefore, you can personalize every email before sending it to your readers. 

Creating a spreadsheet is easy. Use headers like email, name, and personalization message to boost the conversion rate. Once you have the spreadsheet, connect it with GMass using the first option on the top.

Click on Connect to Spreadsheet and GMass access all the information as described in the columns.

Then, type your message using personalized elements as text replacements. Type { and GMass automatically show all the available column headings of the attached spreadsheet. These headers are responsible for personalizing your emails. 

Once you are done with all the changes, press the red GMass button. Do not press the regular Send button of Gmail. Otherwise, all your recipients will be able to see the remaining email addresses, which is highly unprofessional. 

You will also love the feature of auto-update. You can make changes to the spreadsheet even after connecting it. GMass automatically detects the updates once you start the email campaign. 

Additional safety for large campaigns

Things could be problematic if you are not careful while setting up a campaign with a significant number of prospects. GMass is powerful enough to destroy your email campaign within one click. However, you can avoid a mess by taking a few extra steps.

Check the campaign settings of GMass. Click on its drop-down menu to see the configuration window. Do you see the drop-down menu right below Personalize? Click on it to see some options. These fields are taken from the Google sheet you connected. Click on any of them to copy and paste it into the compose mail window. 

  • Test Email: The GMass settings window also has an option of Send Test, which helps you to avoid any mistakes. It’s one of the basics to send a test email before starting a campaign. Still, a lot of us forget or ignore this step. Sending a test email takes a few seconds. However, it’s helpful to find out the problems. 
  • Drafts: Do not rush. Run a campaign in draft mode and check all the emails before you send them. Apart from that, do not press the standard Send button of Gmail. It automatically hides if your email has more than 20 recipients. So, you only have to worry when the number of readers is lower than twenty. 

Tracking helps your campaign win

GMass has a significant advantage over other outreach tools and extensions. Turn on its tracking options to track your campaign.

High deliverability

Deliverability is one of the most important aspects of an email marketing application. GMass promises to offer a higher deliverability rate than any other tool. How? With the help of a dedicated tracking domain. 

A tracking domain is a DNS record that keeps track of the number of opens and clicks you get after sending each email. It’s where custom tracking domains by GMass come into the picture. Such a domain promises 100 percent deliverability. You can also get a custom tracking domain from GMass. 

Exclusion of past prospects

The option of Suppression in GMass is useful because it saves you from bombarding the same person with multiple emails. You can apply it under campaign settings > Advanced. 

GMass can also keep duplicate emails if you want. 

Increase conversion rate with automatic follow-ups

GMass is good at many things, but its specialty is follow-ups. Automated follow-up is one of its best features. Not only does this function boost conversion rates, but also saves a lot of your time. 

Open campaign settings to check the automatic follow-up options. Enable it to send follow-up emails on a conditional basis. Write emails and set intervals to send the follow-up if any of your prospects do not open your message or reply. 

Such a feature is not available in BuzzStream. It only gives you reminders about the follow-ups, which is not as convenient as GMass automatic follow-ups.

Reuse of the performing emails

Templates are an important part of email marketing when you use an outreach tool. It’s the reason why there is a wide range of tools and online courses to use pre-designed templates. However, GMass does not have any prototypes. They are planning to include them in the future. 

GMass has a separate function to pull emails you used in the previous campaigns. The process is similar to picking an email template from your library. Keep track of your campaigns to know high-performing emails and use them whenever required. Isn’t it better than using the same template that’s utilized by everyone else? 

Regular updates are beneficial

Software gets better, unlike physical products. The former can improve over time. You will never wake up to find the memory of your laptop is doubled. Such a miracle might worsen the performance of your notebook. 

GMass is different as it gets regular updates and new features. The new functions are not added just because of the sake of adding some features. They are useful for you. GMass founders work hard in the background to bring the changes you need. 

The support function is the key

The after-sales support is crucial, regardless of what you purchase. A high-quality backup is helpful if anything goes wrong. So, how does GMass keep up? 

GMass gets all your requests via email. Fill out its support form online and you will get a response within 24 to 48 hours. You might receive a reply from Ajay Goel, the founder of GMass. 

Apart from that, GMass has a lot of helpful support articles on its website. The blog posts also contain a lot of tips and tricks. However, this outreach system does not have a live chat or direct helpline. 

Is GMass safe to use? 

GMass is not a lawbreaker. Moreover, it’s not sending your emails. This extension is using your Gmail account to send emails. All the messages appear in the sent mails in your Gmail account. So, you can use GMass without any worries.

However, GMass never verifies an email address before serving its mass email requirements. Therefore, spammers can use it to send unwanted emails. Still, you can use this extension for your digital marketing campaigns without any fear. GMass is safe to use. 

Who should use GMass? 

Small and medium-sized businesses

Try GMass if you own a brand. Send mass emails to your potential clients and bring automation into the play. Such an action plan helps you to build better relations with your customers.


GMass generates multiple opportunities for you if you are a solopreneur or freelancer. It reaches a wide range of users, which is helpful if you want to increase your client database. The schedule and follow-up features keep you ahead of your competitors. 


The recruiters can send the details about job openings to all the potential candidates with the help of GMass. It’s time-saving, which means you can work on other important aspects of the hiring process. The follow-up function makes things even easier. 

Digital marketers

The email campaign is an important part of digital marketing. Cold outreach boosts the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. 

New link builders

Are you looking to build some links? GMass could be the perfect option. As we stated, it’s not an all-in-one solution. This outreach tool needs the right input to show you some magic. 

You can try BuzzStream to scrap out contacts. Plus, you have to understand the outreach process to get satisfactory results. If you know how to accomplish the first step, you can take advantage of an outreach system like GMass. 

MailShake is also a top-notch application for link building. It has all the features of GMass. In addition, this tool has a user-friendly interface. The choice between these two outreach tools might be challenging. But, MailShake is better for beginners.

Budget link builders

Do you want to build links without investing a hefty amount? GMass could be the perfect outreach tool because of its pocket-friendly subscription charges. Check its plans below.

Be ready to pay more if you own an agency because the team plan is a bit expensive. GMass also has a free plan, which sends up to 50 emails every day. If you have a restricted budget, then you can start with this free pack. 

High-level link builders

Using the correct tools is the key to scaling your links. GMass is one of the best chrome-extensions, which adds more power to your Gmail account and lets you send thousands of emails within a few clicks. If your prospects are active, it gives you a lot of benefits. However, you have to maintain the email marketing campaign for better results. 

GMass alternatives

Right Box: If you don’t like the features or price of GMass, then Right Box could be a perfect alternative. Its functions are similar to GMass. Plus, Right Box has a user-friendly interface, which suits newcomers. 

Like GMass, Right Box also lets you schedule your emails and track the performance of your email campaign by monitoring the clicks. Plus, it assists to create email sequences and manage more than one account. On top of that, this application has a free trial. 

BuzzStream: BuzzStream is another tool to create efficient email outreach campaigns. It automates a lot of tasks including prospect research, email address search, follow-up messages, and reply rate tracking. Therefore, you can perform all the outreach tasks on one platform. 

Finding users to reach out to or link-building is time-consuming if you use Google. But, BuzzStream has a discovery feature to find and evaluate the prospects. For instance, search for digital marketing and you get a list of online marketing experts. You can sort the results depending on multiple filters including the number of Twitter followers, Moz Domain Authority, and more. 

Mailshake: Here comes another outreach tool that lets you send mass emails via your Gmail account. Mailshake is perfect for your sales and marketing team because it has features to personalize, track and schedule email campaigns. Moreover, this application has cold email templates for your help.

Mailshake has a lot of useful features, but its prices are higher. This outreach system has two plans, Email outreach, and Sales Engagement. The first one is available at a subscription fee of $58 per month for every user and the latter comes for $83 per user per month. So, the total investment could be significant if you own a sales team. 

Saleshandy: GMass focuses on providing you with the best mail merge experience. But, Saleshandy excels as an all-in-one outreach tool. So, it’s perfect if you are looking for a versatile email marketing application. 

Saleshandy lets you accomplish all the steps of an outreach campaign without taking any external help. In other words, it helps you to find prospects, build relations with them and transform them into your clients without using any other application. This tool also has an automated follow-up function. 


How to cancel my GMass subscription?

The process of canceling a GMass subscription depends upon your payment method. Check the following steps and follow them as per your transaction. 

  • Credit card: Log in to your GMass dashboard. Select Settings (on the top right)> My Account (on the left menu) > Cancel Subscription. 

Keep in mind that removing the GMass extension from your Google Chrome or Gmail will never cancel your subscription. So, browse to cancel your subscription under My Account if you do not need its services.

  • PayPal: Log in to your PayPal account and cancel your GMass subscription. 
  • Bitcoin: If you purchased the GMass subscription via Bitcoin, you will get its services only for a predetermined period. Your subscription will be canceled automatically once the duration is over. 

Is GMass good for email marketing?

GMass is an amazing extension for email marketing. It lets you send mass emails to connect with your audience and generate new opportunities. Moreover, the GMass dashboard showcases live statistics about your marketing campaign. So, it’s one of the best tools to boost your SEO efforts. 

What is the limit of GMass?

GMass’s free version lets you send 50 emails per day. With a premium GMass plan and Google Workspace ID, you can create a campaign comprising 10,000 recipients. GMass distributes the campaign at 2000 emails per day for the next five days. 


Link building and getting new opportunities is not an easy task. Once you understand that, you will know why GMass is one of the best tools for cold outreach. It does everything to keep your email campaign on track. This extension lets you personalize your messages, track the campaign, and follow up on all your emails to increase the number of responses. Above all, it is safe to use. 

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