According to research, around 50 percent of queries stay unresolved and more than 51 percent of users leave the chat because of long waiting times. The response time of support agents increases because of a significant spike in requests, which results in poor customer experience. You can add more agents to support the queries. However, it’s far from practical, especially if you wish to stay scalable without any compromises on quality. 

In this post, we will discuss how to improve customer service with AI-powered chatbots. The given information helps you improve your customer satisfaction ratio by providing fast resolutions to their queries. 

How to improve customer service with AI-powered chatbots?

Customer service is important in any business. So, the brands are under pressure to get it right. They have to develop a strategy to keep things in their favor. Artificial intelligence can help businesses on this front.

AI-powered chatbots working to improve the customer experience are not new. Scientists at MIT created the first chatbot in 1996. It was named ELIZA. This chatbot was used to pick keywords and initiate human-like conversations. Technology has developed a lot since then. Now chatbots are no more mere automated assistants. They can understand the requirements of your clients and respond accordingly. AI-powered chatbots can improve customer engagement in several ways.

Collect helpful data: AI-powered chatbots can easily analyze customer data, which helps you to interact with your customers. You can create a strategic and personal approach to gain new clients with the help of this data. For instance, you can offer relevant information, products, and services. 

Streamline the support flow: You can create the first line of contact using AI-powered chatbots. They cover all the basic requests of your clients and keep the support queue free for customers who need extensive human help. Hence, your support team can focus on complex cases. Moreover, the chatbots keep your support function organized.

Predict the behavior: Here comes the most exciting news. AI chatbots and many other tools can identify the pattern in customer behavior according to location, psychographics, and similar buying data. Hence, such applications help you to customize the information, products, and services according to the future needs of the customers. 

As you can understand, AI chatbots are the perfect strategy if you wish to streamline your support function and help support executives to deal with complex requests. Such a setup also boosts your business revenue, which is understandable because a high customer satisfaction rate attracts new buyers. According to a survey, chatbots can increase sales generation by up to 57 percent. 

Getting started with AI-powered chatbots

The improvement in customer experience makes a positive impact on the overall satisfaction of your clients. These two factors might bring more profits to your doorstep if you plan everything else strategically. Therefore, you should try and use chatbots with artificial intelligence to build a plan.

  1. Focus on the customers

Customer-centric brands enjoy a 60 percent boost in sales revenue compared to businesses that do not put their clients first. We are living in a customer-centric world. So, your clients have to be the center of all the discussions and strategies. It’s where AI-powered chatbots can help by connecting you with your clients during the buying process. These applications also provide insights into customer analysis and predict user interaction. Therefore, you can develop conversations and strategies to engage the customers.

  1. Offer personalized environment

All users enjoy personalized experiences offered by the brands. The chatbots with artificial intelligence and other AI tools help you to analyze and sort customer data. This information is helpful for your marketing and ensures the complete worth of your investment.

According to Boston Consulting Group, you can see a growth rate of anywhere between six to ten percent after mastering personalization. Such a configuration helps you to improve the sales revenue in the present and the future because the clients will stick with your brand as they are enjoying the personalized experience offered by your brand.

  1. Improve your support function

The relationship between you and your customers is not temporary. It’s beyond the transaction on your site. The client support function plays a significant role to maintain customer loyalty. So, use chatbots with artificial intelligence to simplify the workflow. A lot of businesses lose customers because of the long waiting period for support. But, you can reduce this time by introducing AI-powered chatbots. 

Best practices to use chatbots with artificial intelligence

Follow the given tips if you plan to involve AI chatbots to handle your customer service chats.

  1. Bring your support executives on board

Your support team should be one of the decision-makers when you opt for AI-powered technologies. They have the experience to deal with the customers. So, you can get all the required information to set up chatbots.

Moreover, encourage the support team to collect the most common queries or questions and create dedicated solution articles for them. Let the executives access all the tools to edit the database. However, you can assign one of the support team members as an editor to filter such requests.  

In addition, let the support team access the live chat between your customers and chatbots. This practice brushes up the chatbot responses and improves the client’s experience. 

  1. Zero-code chatbot and conversation builder

We all know how static chatbot responses can be. However, you can try a no-code chatbot to reduce the training needs. Moreover, the conversation builder makes the bot act like a human. 

  1. Integrate the knowledge base

Plugin the articles from your support knowledgebase with the chatbot responses. Design the bot to scan the solution articles and provide relevant information according to the request submitted by the respective users.

  1. Ensure quality inputs

Make the chatbots read all the client-agent conversations before you put them live. Integrate trigger tasks like form filling, information capture, price display, etc. that can pop up as per the keywords entered by your customer.

  1. Deploy the chatbots on all the channels

Prefer chatbots with omnichannel customer service abilities. Such bots reduce the wait time of your clients. Include all the possible ways to make contact with your business. For instance, instant messaging and live chat are generally preferred by a lot of users nowadays. Tidio is a perfect example of omnichannel customer service software. 

  1. Customize the chatbots

Make your chatbots attractive and engaging by personalizing their theme, color options, and font similar to your website and logo. You can also add quick action buttons. 

  1. Provide real-time feedback

Analyse customer-client chat conversations to find common insights. Pinpoint the patterns and equip the chatbots to handle those queries in a better way. 

  1. Add the human touch

Adding the ability to initiate human-like conversation could be a masterstroke for your business. Integrate your chatbots, voice-based assistant, and messaging applications to communicate with a human touch. You can improve the feel by providing frequent feedback to the AI engines. 

Benefits of using AI-powered chatbots

Chatbots with artificial intelligence provide complete control to the customers. They free your clients from long waiting periods and transfer them to the correct queue without delay. Well, there is more than meets your eyes. Let us discuss all the benefits of AI-powered bots.

  • Offers 24-by-7 support: Do you know the biggest benefit of using chatbots with artificial intelligence? They provide 100 percent availability without consuming a significant amount of resources. Around 75 percent of customers expect a response within five minutes. The chatbots surpass these expectations with relevant replies.
  • Boost the productivity of your support function: AI-powered chatbots cannot be as humane as we can. However, they can boost the productivity of your support function. Around 80 percent of queries your support team resolves are basic and repetitive. AI bots can answer these requests with the help of pre-created responses. Hence, the support executives have time to focus on complex problems and solve them asap. 
  • Assist the support team: Advanced AI-powered chatbots can understand the intent of your clients. Afterward, these bots provide intelligent suggestions including personalized statements to make the customers feel good and comfortable. 
  • Manage workflows: The experienced support executives in your company can develop conversational workflows using AI chatbots to assist agents and customers. Such workflows are helpful if the request seeks troubleshooting, payment, address updation, etc. 
  • Understand the intent: The AI-powered chatbots easily identify the changing intent of your clients during customer service live chats. Afterward, they change the reply to suit customer needs or transfer the chat to a human support agent.
  • Fills the knowledge gaps: Once you configure AI-powered chatbots with the existing client servicing application, it starts collecting additional information. These bots generate suggestions based on conversations with the customers. For instance, they detect the need for knowledge base articles, identify inefficiencies in the operations, and find stable solutions for recurring customer issues.
  • Minimize business costs: The AI-powered chatbots provide instant responses using a knowledge base and FAQ documents. Hence, these bots improve FCR (first call resolution), save you from hiring & investing in more support agents, and provide training to them. 

Conclusion: provide a fast and personalized experience with the help of AI-powered chatbots

You can boost the productivity of your support team, boost customer satisfaction rates, and gain new clients with the help of AI-powered chatbots. Moreover, they ensure 24-by-7 availability on your customer service chats. So, try an omnichannel application, so that you can listen, route, and resolve all the queries quickly and easily. 

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