Odoo is a suite of business applications, which also comes with human resource management functions. Its HRM system is designed to automate all human resource tasks, including employee attendance management, payroll, and employee benefits. Here, we will discuss all the Odoo HR features in detail to help you make the right decision if you are looking for a new human resource management software. 

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an open-source platform including a variety of software to help manage and grow your business. It has functions to manage projects, inventory, point of sale, and accounting. Plus, this business suite also comes with a CRM. It’s easy to understand and use. So, you can try this professional-grade application even if you have fewer ideas about computer-based programs.

Odoo is developed using Python and JavaScript. It was previously named OpenERP. But, after May 2014, the name changed to Odoo. The first release of Odoo was in 2005 February and the latest was in October 2022. Odoo software is available to use as a SaaS and on-premise installation. 

What is HRM or HRMS?

A software package combining all the crucial aspects of human resources is called an HR management system. It comprises the governance of attendance, leaves, payroll, and employee benefits. An HRM can automate all these tasks and save a lot of time and money. In addition, it promises error-free and accurate results to ensure zero downtime.

Why should you use HRMS?

The HRMS is helpful in multiple scenarios. Let’s mention them and understand how this software works in favor of your business.

  • Time saver: A HRMS automates a lot of HR-related tasks, including payroll, attendance, and, and leaves. So, the HR administrator can spend time on other important tasks that cannot be accomplished by software.
  • Maintains accuracy: The HRMS never makes a mistake even if you automate all the processes. So, you might not notice any errors in the future.
  • Lowers the operational cost: If the HR team has a management system, you do not have to hire multiple members to cover all the tasks. Moreover, such software cuts down the investment of paper records.
  • Improves employee satisfaction: A lot of HRMS showcases HR-related details to your employees and also allows them to edit them. Hence, your staff easily finds the relevant information without reaching the desk, which improves their satisfaction level.
  • Improves compliance: You must comply with regulations established by the government. An HRMS does the same and ensures your compliance with taxes and employee records.

Odoo HR Features – Everything you need to know

Odoo HR software tackles the tasks related to human resources. Plus, it ensures all your employees can check their attendance and manage leaves without leaving their workstations. Hence, this application is crafted to save you time and operating costs. It also improves the accuracy and efficiency of your HR team. Read on to know all the features of the Odoo HR module.

Employee database: Odoo HR software stores all your employee data in one database, so that you can manage it efficiently. The application stores their contact details, personal information, employment, etc.

Recruitment: Hiring new talent is easy with Odoo HR because it allows you to post the latest job roles, track candidates, and manage the entire hiring process. Therefore, you can easily manage the skills and profiles for each job opening. Moreover, you can create hiring strategies for interview stages. One click and an applicant turn into your employee. You can also see which resources provide you with the maximum number of candidates. So, you do not have to outsource the recruitment to a consultant. 

Productivity: Odoo HR manages the in/out time, attendance, and leaves of your employees. You can easily use this data to generate the payroll and calculate the overall productivity. Such information is also helpful in creating monthly scorecards for your staff. 

Payroll: The payroll function in Odoo HR automatically calculates the salaries of your staff and pays them. It also deducts taxes and offers bonuses or rewards as per your directions. 

Promotions and appraisals: You can perform surveys with the help of Odoo HR. It has multiple survey templates. So, you can use them or create new ones. Moreover, this software lets you manage the assessments. In addition, it also allows your staff to create assessments and submit them to their reporting manager. 

Benefits management: Odoo HR benefits control the pension plans and health insurance of your team. You can create added benefits as per the grade and performance. Plus, the software shows you the total cost to the company for the benefits offered.

Employee self-service: Your staff can check and edit their persons, and contact information with the help of Odoo HR. They can also use the self-service dashboard to check their salary slips, attendance, and leave balance. In addition, they can request leaves or early offs without disturbing any of the HR managers.

Referral program: Manual maintenance of employee referrals is time taking. But, things are different if you use the Odoo HR module. It helps you to track referral sources, referred candidates, and reference bonuses.

Rewards program: Competitions and prizes motivate employees. Challenges resulting in gifts can do wonders for your business. Hence, Odoo HR comes with a gamification function, which helps you to design goals and rewards for the staff. 

Allowance management: A lot of businesses pay allowances to their employees. Odoo HR comes with expense management, wherein you can track the amount your staff invested while serving your brand. It also has the option to upload receipts. So, you can reimburse them without any hard work or reference checks. 

Timeline setting: Making a deadline is crucial if you wish to achieve business goals. Hence, you must schedule all your tasks and projects. Odoo HRMS helps you to generate weekly and monthly objectives and goal sheets to help the employees to understand the workflow and helps them achieve the pre-decided targets. 

Skill management: Odoo HR’s employee form has fields about areas of interest, skills, and language expertise. The HR administrators use this information to pick individuals for promotions and other roles inside your company. Plus, these details also help to understand the staff better and also create relevant re-energizing activities. 

Chat function: You might be surprised to know, but the Odoo HR module also works as a messenger. The employees within your business can chat with each other. Such a feature is very helpful for a team. 

Fleet management: You can manage the company’s vehicles or cabs with the help of Odoo HR fleet management. It includes cab maintenance, driver’s information, and, and fuel consumption. 

Report generation: Odoo HR module helps you to generate customized reports based on a variety of criteria. So, you can quickly find out the details about employee attendance and leave requests. 

Social networking: Establishing and developing a business is almost impossible nowadays without social networking. You can communicate with your audience directly with the help of social pages, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Odoo HRMS has a feature to keep you updated on all these pages. You can also join live chats and social discussions with its help.  

Why should you try Odoo HR software?

Odoo HR module is a complete system to manage the tasks related to human resources. It saves precious time and also improves the efficiency and accuracy of the HR team. 

Other benefits are as follows:

  • Odoo HR software can be customized according to the requirements of your business. It can automate a lot of processes to reduce the stress on you or your HR team. Hence, they can put more effort into the betterment of your staff.
  • The self-service dashboard of the Odoo HR module keeps your employees happy because they can conveniently request leaves, and check their payslips and attendance.  
  • Odoo HR keeps the records of all your employees, making its management easy. As it automates almost all the human resource functions, Odoo HR software reduces the operational cost of your HR structure. You can use this amount in the training of your staff, expansion, and even buying new equipment to adapt to new technologies.

How does Odoo work?

Odoo is internet-based software accessible via all devices with connectivity to the world wide web. It has multiple modules according to its functions. The Odoo application comes with manufacturing, accounting, project management, and HR management. You can personalize these modules according to the requirements of your business. What’s more? It also has a mobile application to help you ingress your business data on the move. 


Odoo HR makes all your human resource jobs easy. It’s one of the most advanced HR programs available in the market right now. Subscriptions Pro is an official partner of Odoo. We provide its services to a wide range of industries. If you need human resource management for your business, we got your back. Let us know your requirements and we will do the needful. 

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