Odoo open source is a suite of business applications combined into one interface. It covers almost all the management needs of small, medium, or large organizations. This application includes HR management, accounting, inventory management, project management, manufacturing, project management, CRM, sales, customer support tools, marketing activities, and many other applications. Let’s talk about them in detail. 

Odoo – available apps

Odoo open source has over 27000 apps, which are sufficient to cover all your business management requirements. Therefore, you do not have to perform forced integration between applications and software. Moreover, all these apps are integrated into the ERP. Hence, you can automate and take control of all business activities. 

  • Website apps: Online presence is crucial in today’s market. Odoo allows you to create and manage websites for your business easily. So, you can develop a blog or forum to attract new visitors. You can add the chat function or contact form so they can contact you without trouble. 
  • Sales apps: Sales applications are responsible for salesforce management. These apps assist the sales team in generating more leads and also allows tracking of new/existing clients. You can control all the sales-related processes using a single dashboard because Odoo open source integrates sales management, subscription management, CRM, and point of sale management. 
  • Operations app: Managing stocks, timesheets, projects, and inventory is a challenging task, but the Odoo operation application makes it easy. In addition, this app comprises a helpdesk application to manage requests made by your clients.
  • Finance apps: The finance application lets you control finances by managing invoices, expenses, and accounting. All the components are available in a single dashboard.
  • Manufacturing apps: Odoo open source has a fantastic module to manage PML, MRP, and equipment. It also helps you to maintain high-quality services.
  • Human resource apps: Odoo is one of the best open-source business management applications because of its HR module, which allows you to manage all the tasks related to human resources. It lets you command recruitment, employees, and payroll. 
  • Marketing apps: Acquiring new clients are crucial for all businesses. Odoo marketing applications boost the results of your marketing campaigns. It allows you to set follow-ups with the help of marketing automation, create surveys, send mass emails and manage events. 
  • Communications app: The communications app facilitates internal conversations between the employees and external with your clients. It also allows you to take their online signatures on invoices, quotes, marketing plans, contracts, and similar documents. 

Odoo open source – hosting options

Cloud-based: Odoo online is perfect for small organizations. It is available as Saas (software as a service) to offer simple usage and zero worries about the technical aspects. Odoo manages everything including security updates, backups, maintenance, and bug fixes. However, you cannot access the source code in this hosting plan.

On-premise: You can deploy Odoo open source on a local server if you want to set up and manage everything without any external help. This hosting plan gives you access to the source code. It’s suitable for organizations with complex infrastructure. However, Odoo is not responsible for any issues you face in an on-premise installation. 

Hybrid (Odoo. sh): If you want to enjoy the features of both cloud and local hosting, try Odoo. sh. It offers the best of both worlds by giving access to the source code and providing a dedicated cloud platform. This hosting plan lets you manage upgrades, testing environments, third-party integrations, and more. It is also integrated with Github. Odoo. sh is the perfect hosting design if you wish to work with Odoo partners. This plan is also suitable if you want to integrate other applications from the Odoo store. 

Third-party hosting platforms: You can host Odoo on AWS. 

New features of the latest version – Odoo 15

In the recent release, Odoo open source showcases its capacity to innovate and push the limits to meet the requirements of a growing business. Let’s check the new features that are available in Odoo 15.

  • Manufacturing: Making quick changes is easy in the latest version. Thanks to some necessary menu upgrades, manufacturing and inventory control are more user-friendly now. Automated stock actions, barcode functionality, and inventory management forecasting are also improved to boost the productivity of your business. To keep production on track and make crucial adjustments, Odoo 15 comes with real-time master production, real-time replenishment reports, and real-time reordering rules. 
  • CRM: Odoo 15 CRM has multiple new features to make the job easier. The CRM pipeline tree in this version shows you all the scheduled and upcoming activities of your clients. It also shows the analyst working on a lead to prevent unwanted research and improve team communication.
  • Website builder: The new website builder is entirely changed, and now it has higher levels of designing functions and customizations. It also comes with multiple snippets, including dynamic, product catalog, table of content, chart, and countdown. 
  • POS sales: Here comes the good news. Odoo 15 supports mobile devices. Its integrated POS allows you to edit the catalog, accept numerous payment modes, and customize the products. You can integrate Odoo POS into your existing terminal for easy and quick setup. 
  • Spreadsheet: Data import used to be time taking in the previous versions of Odoo because users had to upload and download excel sheets. However, this process has changed. Now, Odoo has a spreadsheet that has all the features of MS Excel. Hence, Excel imports and exports are not required anymore. because you upload the data within the Odoo suits. 
  • Online events: The new event module has extended abilities to create, manage and broadcast live events via its YouTube integration. Then, it has more exciting features like magic buttons, quizzes, and surveys that facilitate convenient interaction between the presenter and the attendees. 

Odoo open source and its competitors

Selecting an ERP tool is crucial for your business. So, it’s better to understand your work requirements and then search for an enterprise resource planning application. We recommend you try Odoo open source ERP because this is pocket-friendly and comprehensive software. It has every module to manage your business. Plus, all of them are customizable according to your needs. 

Odoo open source is available in three different packages, Free, Standard, and Custom. The free version is only for one app but has unlimited users. Odoo Standard supports all the apps and is designed for small to medium businesses. The Custom plan is for enterprises. 

Odoo releases regular updates for its business software. Hence, this application is perfect for the business world, where change is the only constant factor. On top of that, Odoo 15 subscription fee is a lot lower than other similar ERP software like Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Benefits of using Odoo open source

The open-source business management by Odoo adapts to your business. Plus, it’s intuitive and easy to use. This application is free to use for one app, and its premium plans are affordable when compared to the other big names in the world of ERP and CRM. However, Odoo has the power and efficiency to overshadow all its competitors whether they are free or paid. Check the benefits and decide for yourself. 

  • Flexibility: Odoo is a versatile and flexible software for business management. Its open-source nature is suitable for all business categories because customizations are possible according to the requirements. Moreover, this application has a modular build. So, you can install the required modules and scale them up later. 
  • Wide functionalities: Odoo open source is an amazing package of features. It already has everything to manage the professional activities in your organization. Right now, this application has more than 24000 apps, and more are in development.
  • Affordable pricing: Odoo business management software has a pocket-friendly subscription free. Plus, it comes ready to use. You only have to bear the charges of integration. As this application is open source, the initial investment is significantly lower than other business management systems. 
  • Modern yet user-friendly: Odoo open source uses the latest technology and has modern features. Still, its usage is straightforward. All the components of this software are connected, and you can access all the functions from any device. 

Odoo has a drag-and-drop function to create web pages and marketing content. Such a simple editor makes it easy to control. Apart from that, this application is regularly updated and gets new features after every upgrade. Its developers will make everything even easier and fast in the future.  

  • Online community: Odoo provides complete support for its business software. You can find documentation, tutorials, and certifications in the community. You can also collaborate via GitHub, become a partner, or register an accounting business via 

Final thoughts

The requirements of a business evolve with time, and Odoo open source ERP and CRM can adapt according to your organization’s growth. It’s suitable for small, medium, and large companies. However, this application is perfect for small brands that are looking to scale in the future. 

Odoo open source business management software is highly customizable. Hence, you can add all the required modules before its installation. You can attach a new feature whenever needed. So, try Odoo, as it’s affordable, scalable, efficient, user-friendly, and powerful. 

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