Email marketing platforms help WooCommerce store owners to nurture prospects. Marketing strategies have changed a lot, but email still is one of the best ways to communicate with your potential customers. With the help of a top-notch marketing application, you can connect with your audiences, send them regular updates about new offers, and deliver relevant information according to the behavior of the customers on your website.

If you use Woo-Commerce email marketing correctly, you can bring back your existing customers and attract new traffic. Fortunately, we are going to discuss some of the best email marketing platforms for Woo-Commerce. Check the recommendations and use one of them to improve your strategies.

What are Woo-Commerce email Marketing Plugins?

Woo-Commerce email marketing plugins enhance your email marketing strategies. They connect with WooCommerce to create, personalize, and automate your email campaigns. For instance, if you are running an online store using WordPress and WooCommerce, handling all the customers via email could be challenging. It’s where these plugins show their worth by making email-related tasks efficient.

The email marketing plugins integrated with Woo-Commerce help you to create visually appealing emails without any design or technical skills. A lot of them come with pre-made templates to make your work even easier.

Why not Use the Built-in email Solution of Woo-Commerce?

Woo-Commerce comes with built-in emailing functions. However, you cannot rely on them for the following reasons.

  • No feature to send marketing emails. You might know that email marketing is different from sending transactional emails. A marketing strategy requires the promotion of your store and its products. So, you have to send newsletters, promotional content, offers, and seasonal emails, which is not possible using Woo-Commerce. Therefore, you need a Woo-Commerce email marketing plugin to plan, execute, and manage your email marketing techniques.
  • Email limit: Woo-Commerce does not allow you to send more than 500 emails per month. Also, you cannot remove this restriction by any method. It’s another reason why you cannot use the built-in email functions of Woo-Commerce.
  • Complicated email customization: WooCommerce does not have many settings to customize its email templates. Editing the existing templates could be overwhelming if you are not a web developer. However, most email marketing plugins like Mailerlite lift all these restrictions because they come with a drag-and-drop email editor.

How to Choose the Best email Marketing Platform for WordPress and Woo-Commerce?

  • Easy integration: The integration process of the Woo-Commerce email marketing plugin should be effortless. Generally, it involves installation of the plugin in your WordPress dashboard, and then connecting it with Woo-Commerce. You can accomplish these steps within a few clicks. Stay away from plugins that involve coding, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Email deliverability rate: The deliverability rate is the ability to deliver your emails to your prospects or customers. So, you should not avoid this factor because all the available marketing plugins for Woo-Commerce are not good in this department. If you want your emails to be where they should be, then try something with a high deliverability rate.
  • Email templates: Sending processional-grade, informative, and attractive emails improves the credibility of your Woo-Commerce store. But not all of us are graphic designers. So, try an email marketing platform that comes with numerous templates. Make sure you can easily personalize these templates.
  • User-friendly email editor: You need an email builder or editor to write the emails. The editor should be user-friendly because you will use it a lot. Also, it must allow you to insert products from your store. So that you can easily display and promote your products via emails.
  • Automation abilities: Manual email is time-consuming and boring, especially if you are selling a wide range of products. So, try the best email marketing platform for WordPress with email automation functions. For instance, Mailerlite has options to automate back-in-stock emails, abandoned cart emails, welcome emails, and more. These automation features boost the efficiency of your online business.
  • Security: The marketing plugin should keep your data safe. Otherwise, people will never trust your store. So, try something that adheres to all the data security standards and privacy regulations.
  • Budget: We suggest you try a high-quality email marketing platform for Woo-Commerce that perfectly balances price and features. In other words, you should not purchase an expensive premium edition if it does not have useful functions for your business. The best idea is to compare and get a plugin that has the best options available at reasonable subscription fees.

Many of these applications like Mailerlite and Sender come with a trial plan. So, take benefit of these free packs to discover the features and functions of a Woo-Commerce email integration service. Upgrade when you are satisfied with the available arrangements.

  • Customer support: Check the available channels in the customer support section. Also, review the resources provided by the Woo-Commerce email marketing platform. Access to helpful documentation, tutorials, and a helpful support function helps you to deal with problems.

For instance, Mailerlite gives a lot of comprehensive tutorials, help articles, answers to common use cases, and free courses. Moreover, you can get help from other Mailerlite users or even hire an expert. It also offers priority support in all the premium editions.

8 Best email Marketing Platforms for Woo-Commerce in 2023

1. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is one of the best email marketing platforms for Woo-Commerce because of its wide range of features like newsletter creation, development of website or landing pages, automation, and product selling. As you can see, it has features beyond email marketing. Therefore, you can easily collect data from all the channels and send personalized emails to all your targets.

Thanks to a drag-and-drop editor with multiple customization options, you can send visually attractive messages to your prospects. You can also send text-rich emails or build custom campaigns using HTML editor. In addition, it has pre-made templates and blocks for surveys, footers, headers, buttons, and more.

Here comes the good news. Mailerlite can automate workflows. It allows you to use triggers and deliver emails automatically. You can also resend campaigns to boost engagements and configure RSS campaigns to let the subscribers know about new content.

Mailerlite Woo-Commerce email integration helps you create and send targeted campaigns to all your subscribers. Therefore, you can easily deliver relevant content based on their interests, behavior, living region, and other factors. Managing campaigns is easy on the move is also easy because this Mailerlite has a smartphone application for iOS.


  • Wide range of features even in the free edition
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Excellent deliverability of your emails
  • High-grade customer support
  • Website and landing page builder


  • The free plan does not allow you to use the templates

Pricing: Mailerlite has seven plans divided into two categories, Marketing and Transactional. Marketing premium editions start from $9 per month and Transactional starts from $24 per month. Both divisions also come with a free pack.

2. Sender

If you are looking for cheap email marketing platforms, then try Sender. It assists you in managing both your email marketing campaign and text messages from one place without involving any third-party applications. So, this web-based software helps you to scale your online store and increase your profits without creating any mess.

Similar to Mailerlite, Sender also comes with a drag-and-drop email builder and email templates. So, you can easily create dynamic emails to nurture your prospects and convert them to your loyal clients. Moreover, it automates common emails like welcome emails, recovery emails for abandoned carts, and order confirmations.

You do not have to worry about broken emails with Sender. All your messages are responsive if you are on this platform. So, your prospects can read your messages on all devices.

Sender segments your customers according to their traits. So, you can send personalized emails to the prospects as per their interests and recent activities. Apart from emails, this plugin also sends SMS to help you reach them.


  • Provides management for your emails and SMS
  • Beginner friendly drag and drop email builder
  • Segmentation of your clients to help you personalize the emails
  • Real-time analytics and reporting


  • Email deliverability could be lower sometimes

Pricing: Sender has a free forever plan, which you can experience without even entering your credit card details. It also has three premium packs.

  • Standard, for growing online businesses – $8.33
  • Professional – for advanced omnichannel features and support – $29.17
  • Enterprise, for large organizations – Contact Sender to get the price

3. MailPoet

MailPoet is an excellent option if you need one of the best, yet cheap email marketing platforms. Its WooCommerce plugin handles your email marketing strategies from the WooCommerce dashboard. Moreover, the plugin helps you to track the entire journey of your customers, segment your marketing campaigns, and boost the conversion rate of our online store.

MailPoet comes with GDPR-friendly signup forms, which help you collect emails and add them to your email list. It also automates email marketing strategies to convert the customers who abandoned their carts. Moreover, you can also automate the welcome emails.

Building WooCommerce transactional emails is very easy with the MailPoet drag-and-drop editor. It helps you to edit the emails within a few clicks. So, you can use this editor even if you are not from a technical background.


  • Helpful reports and insights
  • Facilitates form placement on the checkout page
  • Email automation
  • Segmentation options
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop email editor


  • Email templates are limited

Pricing: MailPoet comes with a free plan, which can accommodate up to 1000 subscribers. Then, it has a couple of premium editions. Upgrade to the premium packs if you want to remove the MailPoet branding and get access to advanced email statistics.

  • Business – $10 per month
  • Agency – $30 per month

4. Omnisend

Email marketing is easy with Omnisend because of its easy-to-use and sleek interface. This application combines several channels to give you multiple opportunities for product promotions. Using email messages and SMS, you can advertise your product better.

Omnisend Woo-Commerce email marketing plugin comes with a drag-and-drop email builder, which helps you draft visually appealing messages in no time. Also, it lets you sync your product catalog with the email system. Hence, you can conveniently place the product information in all your newsletters and marketing campaigns.

Omnisend is easy to use. Plus, it helps you to segment your customers. Do you know segmentation can boost your revenue by up to 60 percent? If you do not want to miss on conversation, try its audience segmentation features.

Generating campaign reports is also easy with Omnisend. Measuring your campaigns helps you to spot the best-performing factors. This platform helps you to understand your audience and hence, increase the efficiency of your marketing strategies.


  • Drag and drop email builder, perfect for beginners
  • Supports SMS and emails
  • Excellent report generation
  • A free version available to try the features


  • Comparatively expensive

Pricing: Omnisend has a free version, which is perfect if you have only 250 contacts to manage. Also, it has two premium editions.

  • Standard, for growing and medium-sized businesses – $16 per month
  • Pro, for high volume senders aimed at using SMS – $59 per month

5. Brevo

Arguably the best email marketing platform for WordPress, Brevo is free to download. It was previously available as Sendinblue. Once you integrate the plugin, it synchronizes all the information of your customers in one inbox. In addition, this plugin segments your clients according to their buying behaviors. You have to sync Woo-Commerce financial data with Brevo to enjoy this feature.

Configuring Brevo with Woo-Commerce is extremely easy. You can add it within two steps. First, visit your Woo-Commerce admin panel, and second, navigate to the Extensions section to add the plugin. Once connected, you can send enchanting newsletters to your prospects.

Brevo also lets you send transactional and marketing text messages from its dashboard. In addition, this email marketing plugin works with all the Brevo applications including its CRM, chat, Facebook Ads, and more. Apart from that, this software also shares the statistics of your emails.

Try Brevo if you need a simple and convenient technique to combine email marketing with your online store. It aligns clients’ information and lets you use all the channels to promote your products. Therefore, the chances of conversions are higher if your strategies are correct.


  • Provides unlimited contacts even in the free plan
  • Easy to integrate with Woo-Commerce
  • Easily syncs all your contacts and product data
  • Sends marketing and transactional SMS
  • Facebook Ads are also available


  • Users need a bit of learning before using Brevo

Pricing: The Brevo marketing platform has a free plan and three premium editions.

  • Starter, ideal for growing businesses – Starts from $25 per month.
  • Business, built for marketing managers and e-commerce pros – Starts from $65 per month
  • BrevoPlus, for large organizations with special needs – Has a custom price, available with Brevo sales team.

6. Drip

Drip is one of the best Woo-Commerce email integration systems because it’s an email marketing specialist. This application has automation powers, and it provides deep customer insights to help you plan efficiently. Moreover, Drip lets you capture emails using popups and forms & helps you to increase the number of prospects.

Drip gives you an easy-to-use point-and-click editor, which helps you to add products directly to the emails. So, you can easily promote the bestsellers to your potential customers. Moreover, the editor is user-friendly. Hence, you can use it even if you are less experienced with email marketing plugins.

Drip has numerous pre-made templates for your assistance and it keeps them updated. So, you can create attractive email campaigns without a lot of effort. These templates are helpful for newcomers.

Thanks to the automation features, you can run multi-channel marketing strategies with minimal interference. So, you do not have to repeat the marketing tasks every day. In other words, this Woo-Commerce email marketing plugin saves you time, which you can use to develop your brand.


  • Simple usage
  • Pre-made templates
  • Intuitive email builder
  • 99.8 percent deliverability
  • A/B testing to optimize your email marketing


  • Less number of pre-designed templates

Pricing: You can start for free. Drip comes with a 14-day trial period without your credit card details. Its premium pack starts from $39 per month. The price increases with the number of contacts on your email list.

7. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a top-notch Woo-Commerce email integration plugin that pulls real-time data from your store, helps you send personalized messages, and boosts the revenue of your business. Moreover, it helps you to segment your buyers, so that you can target them in a better way. For instance, you can categorize your customers based on their average order value to understand which one of them are frequent buyers.

Klaviyo overshadows its competitors in terms of forecast. It can tell you how much a buyer can invest in the future, the probability of repurchasing products, probable dates of purchase, and lifetime contributions to your business. You can use such valuable data to increase the revenue of your store.

Customization is one of the most important factors in email marketing. Klaviyo offers maximum personalization of emails. Moreover, it has over 100 pre-designed templates for your assistance. You can also create emails from scratch.

Email automation is another considerable feature of Klaviyo. It helps you to make things simple regardless of the size of your inventory. The automation also boosts customer retention and reduces checkout abandonment.


  • Easy to integrate with Woo-Commerce
  • Marketing automation
  • Segmentation and customization
  • Top-class reporting and analytics


  • Steep learning curve

Pricing: Klaviyo has a free plan that lets you send 500 emails and 150 SMS per month. The email support is only available for the first 60 days in the free pack. It has two premium editions.

  • Email – Starting at $45 per month
  • Email and SMS – Starting at $60 per month

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the best email marketing platforms for Woo-Commerce because of its high rating on almost all the top review websites like G2, Getapp, Emailtooltester, Gartner, Websiteplanet, and Trust Radius. The rating varies from 4.5 to 4.8 out of 5, which is great. On Trust Radius it rated 8.3 out of 10.

ActiveCampaign gives you complete control over your email campaigns and hence, it comes with a wide range of features. This plugin helps you to broadcast emails when you want to talk to all your customers at once. It also sends triggered emails based on the products purchased, site visits, and other engagements. These emails are sent automatically when the buyer is interested.

Apart from that, ActiveCampaign sends targeted emails to the right buyers. It helps you to segment the buyers based on multiple factors, which is helpful while sending targeted messages. Furthermore, this application sends automated welcome emails.

Scheduled emails are another important feature of ActiveCampaign. You can schedule your messages for specific dates and times so that they can make maximum impact. This function is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, festivals, and many other events.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Automation of emails
  • Sends beautiful emails within a few clicks
  • Increases your revenues
  • Comes with a 14-day trial plan without any credit card details


  • Becomes slow sometimes, as per a few users

Pricing: ActiveCampaign has three premium plans.

  • Plus, for small teams – $49 per month
  • Professional, for teams who want to maximize their marketing efforts – $149 per month
  • Enterprise – Talk to the ActiveCampaign sales team to know the pricing.

Why does Your Store Need a Woo-Commerce email Marketing Plugin?

If you are unsure about trying an email marketing service for your WooCommerce store, then check some of the reasons why you need it.

Email is one of the most effective channels of marketing. Do you know why? See the points given below.

  • Affordable: You can reach a wide range of prospects without investing a significant amount of money.
  • Personal: Emails take you directly to the personal space of your potential clients. They have filled out an online form with their email address or they have visited your store, which means they are interested in your products and hence, they will read emails sent by your store.
  • Accessible: Almost all individuals have an email address. It is free to create and there are multiple email clients to provide the services. So, the world of emails is better than any other channel in the digital universe.
  • You are in control: You can use email marketing as per your plans. You have to follow some basic rules, but you do not have to bid, invest in ads, and contact a lot of SEO experts to manage your email marketing campaign.

WooCommerce email marketing plugins are crucial for campaigns. How?

You can send email using email clients like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and more. However, they are not suitable for creating or managing email marketing campaigns. You cannot even use them to send newsletters. Hence, you need the best email marketing platform for WordPress due to the following reasons:

  • Higher deliverability rate: Using a marketing platform to send emails ensures a higher deliverability rate. In other words, your emails reach the client’s inbox instead of the spam folder.
  • Performance analytics: The Woo-Commerce email marketing platform generates reports based on several metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and more. Such insights help you to manipulate your marketing strategies as per the conditions.
  • Unsubscribe management: If your prospects unsubscribe from your email campaign, the plugin automatically excludes them from the list. So, they will not receive your messages.
  • Send more emails: Emails clients have a per day limitation on the number of emails you can send. But, Woo-Commerce email marketing plugins do not have such restrictions.
  • Design visually appealing emails: The marketing platforms come with user-friendly tools to help you create professional emails. Moreover, they create responsive emails that your prospect can access on all devices.
  • Automation: The email marketing plugins send automated emails and save you time. They can automate welcome emails, post-purchase follow-ups, and abandoned card reminders.
  • Segmentation: A marketing plugin can segment your clients based on their preferences and behavior. Therefore, you can send targeted emails with products that suit their needs, which boosts the conversion rate of your online store.
  • High-quality customer experience: The integration between your WooCommerce store and email marketing campaigns ensures a smooth customer experience. Consistent branding and communication with your clients and prospects builds your trust in their minds.
  • Increased profits: With the help of the best email marketing platform for WordPress, you can drive more traffic to your store, nurture high-quality leads, and promote repeat purchases. In other words, it boosts your sales.


What is the cost of Woo-Commerce email marketing platforms?

The investment or subscription price depends upon the number of contacts in your email list and how many emails you want to send per month. The price of email marketing plugins starts from $9 per month and increases as per your requirements. For instance, Maillerlite’s Growing Business plan lets you send unlimited monthly emails to up to 500 subscribers. It’s available at $9 per month.

What are the best email marketing platforms for Woo-Commerce?

Mailerlite is our favorite because it helps you collect subscribers, build strong relationships with your prospects, and increase revenue. This plugin also has the tools to automate workflows. Sender, MailPoet, Omnisend, and Brevo are some of the other best email marketing platforms for Woo-Commerce.

What are the best cheap email marketing platforms?

Mailerlite, Sender, and Mailpoet are the top-notch, yet cheap email marketing platforms. All of them also come with a free forever plan.

Are there any free Woo-Commerce email integrations that offer reporting and analytics?

Mailerlite Free gives you access to all its advanced reports including custom, list growth, individual subscribers, and more. Sender also gives you similar options, but its advanced group reporting is only available in the premium packs.

Final Thoughts

You should pick the best email marketing platforms for Woo-Commerce depending on several factors. Consider your business size, marketing goals, and budget. Do not forget to ensure user-friendliness, top-notch security, and automation. If you have started a new store, your needs will be different from the established Woo-Commerce giants. So, try something that suits your growth and marketing strategies.

Start with the trial plan because shifting to a new Woo-Commerce email marketing system is not challenging in the initial days. But, the process could be overwhelming if you have thousands of email contacts. So, find the right solution after reading the reviews of the options we recommended above. Almost all the applications come with a free plan, so trying one of them is easy.

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