Gmass is perfect when you wish to send mass emails for marketing and promotions or if you are working with a group containing a significant number of members. Gmass does the hard work and sends your messages to everyone. Before we discuss how to set up Gmass and use it with Google sheets, let’s understand the basics. 

What is GMass?

Gmass assists you in sending mass emails, and hence, it’s generally used by digital marketers and people who organize email campaigns. This application is a time saver because you can send an email to hundreds of recipients without creating different messages for all of them. 

Features of Gmass

Now you know what Gmass is. It’s time to understand the features of this application so that you can use it efficiently.

  • Mass emails: You can break all the records of sending emails with the help of Gmass. It is created using a unique technology that allows you to send mass emails.
  • Mail merge in Google Sheets: Gmass can read information from Google Sheets and send emails in real-time. It’s a fantastic technology to reduce your workload. Whenever you add a new row to the Google sheet, this application reads its data and sends an email. 
  • Personalization: An email campaign cannot be successful without personalization. The recipients might not even open the message if it’s not personalized. Gmass does not want this to happen. Hence, it lets you customize all the emails.
  • Email reporting: Sending mass emails is not sufficient to run a marketing campaign. You also have to know whether your messages are working or if you need new ideas. Gmass has the solution. It lets you know who has read your emails, who has not opened them, and more.
  • Automatic follow-ups: You cannot send emails every day. You might have other projects to review, or you could even forget this task. It’s where Gmass comes into action. This application helps you to set automatic follow-ups. Exciting isn’t it? 

How to Use Gmass?

You can use Gmass in multiple situations.

  • Cold marketing emails

Do you want to generate more sales? Gmass can help. Send personalized emails to the users who you think might be interested in your services or products. Sending manual emails to all of them could be a challenging and time-consuming task. Write one message and it does the needful by setting macro commands. 

  • Membership promotions

Do you want more subscribers for your blog, e-commerce store, or business site? Inform potential clients about new products, posts, or services using Gmass. You can also gain revenue from the existing customer database by sending them emails about new arrivals. 

  • Quality recruitment

Poor recruitment is one of the significant problems for startups. Finding the correct candidate becomes easy with Gmass. It informs all the high-quality individuals about the requirements and hiring process. You can send your message to everyone who you think can matter to your organization. 

  • Press releases

Gmass manages your media and keeps it updated. Try this tool once and you might think, why haven’t I used it before? 

  • Political campaigns

People are not interested in newspapers nowadays. They are more into digital media. So, you can use Gmass and send emails to let the world know about your political party. Distributing brochures and pamphlets is the old way. Use email to promote your political campaign.   

  • Event Invitations

Visiting all your friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues could be a challenge before an event. Isn’t it? Hence, you can switch to a soft copy of the invitation to reduce cost and time. 

Create electronic invitations using Gmass and send them to everyone. All your loved ones know what’s about to happen in your life within a few minutes. Follow some simple steps and you are done. 

Barriers to Mass Emails 

Email Restrictions

Gmail allows you to send a limited number of emails every day. You can send only 500 emails using a regular Gmail account and 2000 emails if you are on Google Workspace. The limit is reset after every 24 hours. However, such a restriction is not in your favor if you wish to send mass emails. 

Gmass has the solution. This application allows you to send up to 10,000 emails every day if you have its premium version. However, Gmass free limit is only 50 emails every day. 

Limitations on new Gmail accounts

You might not know, but Gmail never allows a new email account to send 500 messages at once. All your emails go to spam if you send too many of them. The number of emails increases over time. 

You need to “warm up” a Gmail account. Otherwise, you cannot send multiple emails. There is a reason behind such restrictions. If Gmail works at its full capacity from day one, a lot of spammers will create its accounts. Therefore, you should build a reputation and credibility that you are not spam. 

Gmail lets you send emails, but its rate is slow initially. The volume automatically increases over time, especially if you receive responses from your recipients. But, Gmass changes everything with its warm-up solution. This application lets you send more than 2,000 emails even if the Gmail account is new. Moreover, none of your messages are labeled as spam. 

SPAM filters

Include a significant number of recipients in the new email of your Gmail account, and then most of your sent messages go into spam. It’s done by the spam filters of the recipient’s email platform. These filters analyze the content of the emails to understand if it’s relevant. 

Gmass distributes all your mass emails and also lets you personalize them. Therefore, Its delivery rate is higher. Moreover, this application sends all your messages using Google’s server, which has the highest deliverability. 

Lack of personalization

Gmail never allows you to customize mass emails, which is not in the favor of your marketing campaign. Your efforts could go in vain if you do not personalize your messages. According to research, personalized emails boost conversion rates by up to 10 percent.

Gmass lets you personalize the emails at multiple levels. Apart from first and last names, you can use images, links, and even attachments. 

Scheduling and automation

Gmail never allows you to check the cold email campaign on different devices. So, you do not know how your message looks. Plus, there’s no way you can review whether the inserted links are functional or not. Automation and scheduling of emails are also out of the equation. 

The scenario changes if you are on Gmass because it lets you schedule the emails. They will be delivered to the recipients in the future, whenever you want. Moreover, this application has a showcase feature, which saves all your emails as drafts and sends them after your approval. 

Tracking and analysis

Email tracking tells you whether the recipient opens your email or clicks on them. The data helps you to understand how your marketing campaign is performing and how you can improve it. But, Gmail does not have any such facility. 

Gmass gathers all the data about your mass email campaign. It tells you when your readers read the newsletters. Therefore, you can understand what gains the attraction of your recipients. This extension also has click tracking, which helps you understand the communication better. 

Once you sign up on Gmass and connect your contact sheet with its servers, this application collects the required information about your emails. It tells you how often your emails are opened, read, responded to, and bounced. 

Gmass Pricing

Gmass has individual and team plans. The individual plan starts from $19.95 per month. The Premium and Enterprise version have subscription fees of $29.95 and $49.95 per month respectively. On the other hand, the team plan is available at $125 per month.

How to Set Up Gmass?

Gmass has two prerequisites: Google Chrome browser and Gmail account or Google Apps. Follow the given steps to get both of them. Then, we will discuss how to set up Gmass.

Step 1: Create a Gmail account

You might already have a Gmail account. If not, then you can create it within a few minutes. Access Gmail, enter the required information, and click Next.

Google creates your Gmail ID and also gives access to a wide range of products including Drive, Meet, Docs, Keep, Hangout, Blogger, Classroom, and more. 

Step 2: Download Google Chrome

  • Access the Google Chrome download link and click on Download Chrome. The installation file downloads automatically. If nothing happens, click on Download Chrome Manually. 
  • Run the file once it’s downloaded. 

Step 3: Get the Gmass extension

Now you have a Gmail account and Google Chrome, it’s time to get Gmass.

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the Gmass website. Do not follow this step on any other browser. You cannot use Gmass on any other browsing application apart from Chrome.
  • Click on Add to Gmail to see a new pop-up window. Click on Add to Chrome and select Add Extension. Gmass asks for some permissions. Click on Allow. Gmass is now added to Chrome and your Gmail. Your Gmail inbox automatically opens up and you can verify Gmass addition on the top. 

How to Use Gmass with Google Sheets? 

Step 1: Create your email list

  • A mailing list is the first prerequisite to using Gmass. Click on the Google apps option at the top right corner of your Gmail inbox and select Contacts. The Google apps icon is the symbol of nine dots right next to your account symbol.
  • Export all your contacts to a CSV file. Open Google spreadsheet and upload the CSV file.
  • Delete all the empty and irrelevant columns that Gmass cannot handle. 

Step 2: Prepare the spreadsheet

You should format the Google spreadsheet so that you don’t have to repeat the same steps. Follow the given steps to set up the sheet.

  • The top row should contain data like first name, last name, company, email address, etc. However, none of these headings should contain any space. For instance, First Name should be typed as FirstName. 
  • Put the data from the second row onward. Do not forget to include the email addresses in one column.

Step 3: Connect Gmass with Google spreadsheet

Log in to Gmail. You will see a symbol of Google sheets in front of the search box.

Click on it to see a list of Google sheet files. Select the contact spreadsheet. If your Google spreadsheet has multiple files, then select the contacts carefully. Click on Connect to the spreadsheet. Now GMass reads the email addresses of all the recipients and lists them in the To field. 

You don’t have to use any email address in the cc field because Gmass sends personalized emails to all the receivers. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your readers. 

Step 4: Filter duplicate emails

Remove all duplicate emails before sending mass emails. But, sometimes you do not have to eliminate the repeated email addresses. For instance, do not delete the same email IDs if you are in charge of school activities and you send emails to the parents. If some of them have more than one kid, then they will miss out on the information circulated by you via email. 

Gmass does not get confused even if you leave the same email addresses in the Google spreadsheet. It differentiates between them in a different style. So, do not delete or alter the gmassx text that gets added after @ in an email address. If you don’t want to delete duplicate emails, put a check against “Keep Duplicate Emails’ ‘in the email template to your Google sheets. 

Step 5: Send the message to everyone or apply filters

Sometimes you might not want the message to all the contacts on your spreadsheet. So, you can filter the rows by clicking on Optional Settings. For instance, we will send emails to users who are related to digital marketing. 

Step 6: Update your spreadsheet

Gmass adds a few more columns to your spreadsheet once you send the mass emails. However, to allow Gmass to create these columns, you have to put a checkmark against – Update sheet with reporting data. If you do not check this box, then Gmass automatically asks you for permission. 

Step 7: Personalize your email

You can customize the emails if required. The process is easy, insert merge variables wherever you want them. The merge variable is represented by the Google spreadsheet column heading surrounded by curly brackets. For instance, if the column name is Name, you should type {Name}. Type the first { before Name and Gmass automatically shows all the available column headings. 

You can also personalize the messages with the Gmass drop-down menu at the bottom. Click on the down arrow adjacent to the Gmass button and select Gmass settings. Then, click on the drop-down menu of Personalize to select the merge field into the mail template. Click on the mail merge field or variable and it automatically gets copied to your clipboard. Press Ctrl + V to paste the personalized message. 

Step 8: Initiate mail merge and send the messages

Click the Gmass button, start the mail merge and send the messages. You can also schedule the message to leave your computer later. Gmass sends your message to all the emails mentioned in the To field. 

Now you know Gmass mail merge how to use. Let’s discuss some advanced functions of Gmass so that you can get the best out of it. 

Advanced functions of Gmass

Here are some high-end features of Gmass, which make your email campaign efficient.

Automatic follow-ups

Do you think everyone will read your emails and reply? Some of the readers might forget to reply or others could be too busy to respond. Regardless of the situation, Gmass tries to maintain recipient engagement through automatic follow-up emails. You can customize these messages, their frequency, and more.


Do you know what is the problem with most mass email applications? They do not let you personalize your emails, which makes the message look generic. Hence, your audience never connects with you. But, the scenario changes if you use Gmass. It allows you to customize emails with the help of first & last names, file attachments, images, links, and more.  

Extends Gmail’s sending limit

You can send 500 emails in 24 hours using a regular Gmail account. The limit increases to 2000 if you use Google Workspace. However, Gmass gives you freedom in terms of the number of messages you can send per day. You can send 10000 emails every day with its help. This extension divides these emails into multiple days according to the sending limits of Google. However, Gmass free limit is only 50 emails. 

Adds new recipients automatically

Adding new subscribers repeatedly to your email marketing campaign is a time-consuming process. Gmass comes to the rescue by linking the spreadsheet with the campaign. Therefore, new recipients get added automatically if you include them in the contact sheet.

Gmass also allows you to automate the campaign. Add the new subscribers to the spreadsheet and they will receive the emails and follow-ups. 


Gmass is an incredible tool because it helps you in promotions, marketing, managing political campaigns, and sending invitations. So, you can use this application for business development and many other purpose. Now you know how to use Gmass. Therefore, utilize it to send out a word about your life or business. 

This is it on Gmass. Let’s meet later with a different topic and application. Till then we can continue the conversation in the comments section below. 

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