Do you want to learn coding for free? Codecademy is the perfect platform for you. It offers a wide range of online courses on programming languages and new technologies. If you wish to learn coding without investing a hefty amount, you are on the right page. Here, we will discuss how to get Codecademy Pro for free. The methods given below are straightforward. So, even a beginner can follow them. 

Is Codecademy Pro free?

The most common question people ask before picking an online institute is about the pricing, is it free or paid? Codecademy excels in both departments. It has a free Basic plan and two premium packs – Pro Lite and Pro. In addition, there are three more paid plans – Students, Teams, and Enterprise. The premium study packages come with added benefits like a career path, certifications, support, and more. Codecademy Teams has a trial period of 14 days and Enterprise has an on-request demo. 

How to get Codecademy Pro for free?

Codecademy Pro has more than 100 standalone courses, including all the languages like Python, C, C++, C#, Go, HTML & CSS, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, and Swift. Plus, it offers courses on multiple subjects including AI, cloud computing, code foundations, computer science, and more. So, Codecademy Pro deserves the attention of youngsters, freshers, professionals, and everyone else who wants to learn new skills. Check the following ways to get it at low prices. 

Use Codecademy Pro promo code

Search for Codecademy Pro promo codes and apply them while purchasing the plan. The code helps you to get up to a 50% Codecademy Pro discount. If you don’t want to search for the promo codes manually, then try Coupert, a free coupon finder. It’s a browser extension that searches for promo codes once you access a website in your browser. 

Install Coupert on your smartphone or add it to your browser. It works with Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

Browse and start the purchase process of Codecademy Pro. Coupert shows you the valid coupons once you reach the payment page. Select Apply Coupons to get the available discount.

Get Cashback

Cashback services help you save more. So, you can use Extrabux to get an additional Codecademy Pro discount of up to 5% after applying the promo code. Follow the given steps to claim this exciting offer. 

  • Sign up on the Extrabux website and get $20 as a Welcome bonus. 
  • Access the Codecademy website and purchase the Codecademy Pro. You will get the cashback within 7 days. 

Try free alternatives to Codecademy Pro

Codecademy Pro has incredible courses and features for your assistance. However, you cannot get it for free. Codecademy trial is not available with its Pro plan. You can enjoy the trial only on its Teams package. 

You can use coupons and cashback to reduce the price of Codecademy Pro. If you still find it expensive, then try free or affordable alternatives that could be better as per your budget. Check the options below. 


If you want to learn coding without paying even a single penny, then freeCodeCamp is the perfect online platform for you. Its high-quality lessons, videos, articles, and groups let you understand everything without any hassles. This online training institute lets you learn at self-paced. So, you can improve your skills within a few weeks if required. Moreover, its user-friendly interface and simple website help you focus on your studies. 


Udemy is one of the largest educational platforms. It has a wide range of courses to fulfil all your career requirements. All these tutorials are led by a professional instructor. So, you can select and purchase any one of them as per your requirements.  

Udemy has free and paid courses related to digital marketing, web development, JavaScript, AWS science, data science, excel, drawing, programming languages, software development, and more. You can check the available tutorials and join them as per your choice. 


Here comes another incredible platform for coders and individuals who are interested in technical topics. It’s similar to Codecademy Pro in terms of exercises, quizzes, and career paths. However, you have to subscribe to one of the Pluralsight plans to access its courses. 

Pluralsight has two packs under its individual range. Standard is available at 12299 INR per year or 1499 per month if you purchase the monthly plan. Then, there is a Premium plan available at 14711 INR per year or 2299 INR per month. Both of them come with a free trial.


What is Codecademy Pro? Is it worth your attention? 

Codecademy is an online learning institute for coding. It has a huge community where you can interact with other coders and get help while creating different programs. The courses included all the languages including C, C++, C#, Python, Javascript, Swift, and more. After learning these languages, you can create applications, websites, chatbots, games, and more. 

Codecademy Pro is a plan wherein you get access to more than a hundred standalone courses. It could be a perfect purchase if you want to learn new skills. Moreover, you get certificates after completing the courses. These certs are useful for freshers as well as experienced professionals.

Features of Codecademy Pro

  • Wide variety of courses: Codecademy offers courses in almost all programming languages. These tutorials are suitable for all users, including beginners and experienced professionals. Whether you want to learn entry-level technologies like HTML or advanced subjects like AI, it has your back.
  • Smartphone access: Codecademy has smartphone applications for Android and iOs. You can learn on the move with the help of the Codecademy Go app. 
  • Community support: Codecademy Pro has excellent community support. So, you can get quick help if you face any problems while accomplishing a project or program.
  • User-friendly interface: Fortunately, Codecademy has an intuitive interface. Therefore, you can easily navigate all its options even if you are a newcomer. 
  • Quiz: Codecademy has a quiz if you are confused about which language you should learn. Answer a few questions and you get a useful career path. In addition, the Codecademy Pro courses are also equipped with quizzes that help you to reinforce your skills. 
  • Personalized practice: Codecademy Pro uses AI to tell what you need to practice and when. It keeps you on track. 
  • Certificates: A lot of students lose their focus after starting a course. But, Codecademy ensures you don’t face such challenges by offering certificates of completion. These badges motivate you to complete the tutorials. 
  • Support: Codecademy Pro comes with Priority Customer Support. So, you can get quick help from its support function in case you are stuck.

What are the subscription plans of Codecademy?

Codecademy has both free and paid plans. So, it could be confusing for you to pick the correct pack, especially if you are a beginner. Hence, we will discuss all the plans of Codecademy to help you choose the right one. 

  • Codecademy Basic – Free

If you want to start the learning journey of coding, then the free plan is the best for you. It includes basic knowledge of all the languages. However, there are no certificates after the completion of tutorials. Career path, skill path, support, and unlimited smartphone app access are also unavailable in this plan. 

  • Codecademy Pro Lite – Starts from 750 INR per month

Pro Lite gives you access to a lot of coding and programming courses. Plus, it has several fantastic features including unlimited access to smartphone applications, quizzes, live projects, personalized practices, certificates of course completion, and more. This pack is perfect if you need guidance on certain topics or you want to learn a new skill. Its subscription charge is 750 INR per month in the annual package, which increases to 1500 if you go with the monthly plan. 

  • Codecademy Pro – Starts from 1250 INR per month

The Pro plan includes all the courses and features of the Pro Lite pack. However, the former has certain additional benefits. For instance, it offers preparation for technical interviews and career paths. If you want to make your future in coding, then Codecademy Pro could be the perfect purchase. Its annual plan is pocket-friendly wherein you have to invest only 1250 per month. The monthly subscription to Codecademy Pro is 2500 INR.  

  • Codecademy Teams – Available at 24338 INR per user

As you can understand, the Teams plan is suitable for a unit of up to 25 members. It has all the features of the Pro plan. The course available in this package makes your teammates agile and self-sufficient. Moreover, it increases the retention rate of your company. This plan starts from $299 per year. 

  • Codecademy Enterprise – Contact sales for price

The Enterprise is the biggest plan of Codecademy. It’s perfect if your organization has 25 or more professionals at work. This pack includes all the features of the Teams plan. Plus, it comes with learning path customization, skills benchmarking, single sign-on, onboarding, and LXP & LMS integrations. 

Codecademy Enterprise is the only plan without a fixed price. Contact the Codecademy sales team to know its charges per year. 

Codecademy Pro vs Free

Codecademy Basic or the free version is only suitable for beginners. It helps you to understand the concepts as a newcomer. However, the Pro package is better if you want to be a programmer. Its personalized practice sessions, skill paths, certificates, career services, and assessments help to get a solid platform for your future. 


Codecademy Pro could be a perfect purchase if you want to learn coding on your terms. It has a free version, but it’s only suitable for beginners. The Pro pack is better for advanced learning and skill building. 

Codecademy Pro is not available for free. But, you can get this plan at discounted price using coupons and also get cashback for more savings. Try free alternatives of Codecademy Pro if you don’t want to invest a significant amount. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. 

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