Codecademy is the perfect place for coders and programmers. It’s an online platform that offers courses in 14 languages, six technologies, and 17 different subject areas. Codecademy pricing and features vary according to the three available plans: individuals, students, and teams. Apart from the courses, it has resources and a huge community for your assistance and learning enhancement. 

Codecademy offers a 50% discount for students. So, if you want to develop a new skill that can beef up your resume in the future, try this platform. You can also build your professional career by learning new languages or technologies. 

Course offered by Codecademy

The online institution offers a wide range of courses. It covers all the languages including Bash, C, C++, C#, Go, HTML & CSS, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, SQL, and Swift. All these languages are in demand. Hence, you can get a decent salary as a fresher if you pick any one of them. All the curriculums are in an easy-to-understand language, so you will love them.

Apart from the languages, Codecademy has numerous courses on subjects like AI and cloud computing, code foundations, computer science, cybersecurity, data analytics, data science, data visualization, and more. 

How much does Codecademy cost?

Codecademy price differs according to the category and plans you pick. If we talk about individuals, it has three different plans – Basic, Pro Lite, and Pro. The Basic plan is free and you can pick either the monthly or annual payment plan for Pro Lite and Pro. Codecademy Pro Lite has a monthly subscription fee of 1500 INR. You save a lot by purchasing the annual plan, which takes only 750 INR per month out of your bank account. 

Codecademy Pro comes at a monthly subscription charge of 2500 INR. But, it’s only 1250 INR per month if you go with the annual plan. There is only one plan for students available at 7500 INR per year. 

The Codecademy Team plan is perfect if you own a business. You can use it to train all your team members. This plan has a free trial. The yearly price of this version is 24338 per year. The learning platform also has an Enterprise plan. Its price is available with the Codecademy sales team. 

The monthly and annual plans make Codecademy affordable for all users who are interested to learn new skills or build a career. The prices are different for both plans so you can accommodate any one of them within your budget. Let’s discuss the Codecademy costs and features according to its plans. 

Codecademy Basic

The Basic plan of Codecademy is free. It has courses suitable for beginners and intermediate-level users. Therefore, try this program if you are a newcomer to the world of coding.

Codecademy Basic gives you access to over 180 courses. All of them are up to date. Furthermore, this plan gives you access to the resources and community. You can check the available courses under Codecademy Basic by signing up on its website. 

The Basic package is perfect if you want to learn a new coding skill. So, it’s suitable for youngsters and freshers. These courses help newcomers to understand the challenges they will face in the future. Moreover, the chapters are enjoyable because they contain various quizzes and exercises. However, this package does not offer any completion certificate. 

Codecademy Pro Lite

Codecademy Pro Lite is an incredible extension of the Basic version. It offers unlimited usage of the Codecademy smartphone application on the move. Plus, this plan gives you access to quizzes, community forums, cheat sheets, and projects to enhance your learning path. It has almost everything except career paths and technical interview preparations. 

The Pro Lite plan has exclusive courses, practice tests to improve your skills, and certificates of course completion. You can use these certs on your LinkedIn profile and other job portals to get more interview calls. Therefore, try this version if you want to learn coding to build your career. 

Codecademy Pro Lite could be a suitable purchase if you are serious about your learning. It has around 1800 courses and all of them have completion certificates. You can show them to your employer to get promotions and new projects. This package is also perfect for new students because it has the access to resources and the community for assistance.

Codecademy Pro

If you want to develop coding skills for a job or startup, then Codecademy Pro is the perfect version to try. It has all the components to prepare you for the interviews. 

Codecademy Students 

Codecademy Students gives you a career path through programming. If you are eligible, you can unlock a 50% discount. The student’s curriculum lets you study, and practice coding to build your future. 

The youngsters can save a lot of time with Codecademy Students. It has career and skill paths. Hence, you don’t have to waste time finding a suitable learning order. Moreover, this course helps you learn the latest technologies including data science, JavaScript, and even Website designing with the help of HTML, CSS, and Github pages. 

Codecademy Team

If you own a startup or organization and want to train your staff, try Codecademy Team or Enterprise. It comes with a Free Trial. So, you can check all the features of this curriculum without any risk. You can invite up to 10 members of your team and use the trial plan for 14 days (2 weeks).

Codecademy Team offers an intuitive and engaging way of learning. Therefore, the learning professionals not only watch videos or read the theories, but they also practice coding. Then, Codecademy helps them to create new codes. However, the team is only suitable if you have a team of more than 5 members and less or equal to 25 members. For more than 25 professionals, you need Codecademy Enterprise. 

The Enterprise plan has all the features of a team. Plus, it comes with learning path customization, skills benchmarking, a reporting API, single sign-on, LMS & LXP integrations, and onboarding. This package does not have a trial plan. But, you can request a demo. 

Benefits of learning to code

Learning to code offers multiple benefits to your profession or business. Whether you are a youngster or a working individual, coding skills are highly beneficial. 

Various career opportunities

Coders are in demand. They are required in multiple industries including information technology, healthcare, education, and more. In addition, a lot of non-profit organizations search for coders to accomplish their social goals.

Coding skills are also useful if you want to be an entrepreneur or freelancer. As a coder, you can get and accomplish a wide range of projects to generate profits. 

Better creativity skills and critical thinking

Coding trains your mind to understand the problem and find its multiple solutions. It gives you the ability to troubleshoot and complete an entire development process. These qualities are valuable among employers. In other words, your professional life gets a lot of benefits once you learn to code. Moreover, such expertise helps you develop websites, games, and mobile applications in your free time.

Add versatility to your profile

Coding not only gives a career path to freshers but also helps experienced professionals. Coding is a valuable skill, which adds regard to your profile as an existing employee. Employers like the versatile staff. Furthermore, this technique helps you to automate your job elements. Hence, your productivity rate increases. 

Multiple programming languages

You might not believe it, but there are hundreds of computer programming languages to learn. They are used to develop a wide range of mobile applications, software, websites, games, and more.  Therefore, you can pick a language according to your preferences and experience.

For instance, you can learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript if you are a web developer. SQL is perfect if you wish to learn databases. C and Python are versatile languages and are used for multiple applications. 

Coders have a strong future

The job roles in coding continue to grow. So, you can get high-paying work if you are specialized in a particular field. For instance, more web designers and developers will be required due to growth in the e-commerce business. Similarly, computer system analysts will be in demand as more industries are going digital. Apart from them, employers will also look for database administrators, network architects, and computer research scientists. Therefore, learning to code gives you a surety of a prominent career. 


Does Codecademy have any discounts?

Codecademy offers discounts on the plans under Individuals and Students. Check the following ways to get useful courses at low prices.

  • Annual membership: Enjoy a price slash of around 50% if you go with the annual plans under Codecademy individuals. 
  • Student plan: You can enjoy up to a 50% discount on Codecademy student pricing if you qualify.
  • Promo codes: Codecademy offers multiple promo codes according to the occasion. Keep an eye on its website if you want to enjoy some added discounts. 

What is Codecademy student pricing?

The Codecademy students plan is available at 7500 INR per year. It includes career paths, learning resources, and all the programming courses helpful for the future. You can also get the certificate for the completed courses. 

What is Codecademy pricing per month?

Codecademy has courses for all individuals. Its free plan is designed for beginners with almost zero coding experience. Pro Lit is suitable if you want to learn new skills. It’s available at a monthly subscription fee of 1500 INR. If you build a career in programming, go for Codecademy Pro at 2500 INR per month. 

What is the pricing of Codecademy Pro?

Codecademy Pro has two payment methods: monthly and annually. The monthly payment for the plan is 2500 INR, and the annual payment is 1250 per month. So, you can save up to 50% by picking the annual pack. 

Are the certificates provided by Codecademy useful?

Codecademy certificates make your resume and LinkedIn profile more professional. However, none of these certificates is accredited. They demonstrate that you have studied and completed a specific topic or subject. 

Bottomline- Is Codecademy worth your attention?

If you want to learn to code or want to provide career guidance to your loved ones, then Codecademy is worth your consideration. It has a wide range of courses and resources to assist you during the learning process. For instance, the Pro Lite and Pro plan comes with daily exercises, quizzes, and certificates to make your studies more challenging and fun. All the courses are designed by professionals. 

Now you know how much Codecademy costs. So, you can try any of them as per your experience level and role. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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Good luck. 

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