Do you want to start a wholesale business using WordPress? Or do you want to include wholesale packages in your WooCommerce store? Then, you need the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce that can generate some additional profits for your online store.

However, you can find a wide range of plugins available to try. Hence, choosing a suitable solution for your online store could be time-consuming. But, no need to worry because we are here for your help. We will discuss some top-notch wholesale plugins for WordPress in this post. We will talk about their important features so that you can try something as per your needs. Let’s start.

WooCommerce and Wholesale

WooCommerce is one of the widely used e-commerce platforms. Do you know why it’s preferred by a lot of new and existing wholesale store owners? This WordPress plugin is highly customizable, easy to use, and has a wide range of features to manage your wholesale operations.

But, what makes WooCommerce our favorite is its flexibility. This application works with several other plugins. So, you can add features, functions, and customizations as per your business needs. These are some of the reasons why you can use it to boost your online presence.

Wholesale business is a profitable way to grow. With the help of WooCommerce and its wholesale plugins, you can also set up an online wholesale store. Then, you can download wholesale plugin for WooCommerce and manage the orders. 

Why do You Need a WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin?

One of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins helps you to offer different prices to your wholesale buyers. Also, such an extension sells more products once you integrate it into your WooCommerce dashboard. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Allows wholesalers to register on your online store.
  • Show the wholesale pricing only to the registered distributors.
  • Creates multiple pricing tables to show the discounts according to the number of products purchased.
  • Manual change of customers to wholesalers and vice versa.
  • Create wholesale forms to take detailed orders

11 Best Wholesale Plugins for WooCommerce to Begin Your Wholesales Business in 2023

1. Wholesale Suite

Are you looking for the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce? Fortunately, Wholesale Suite has all the features you need to start an online wholesale business. This plugin has been active for more than 8 years and hence, it’s trusted by over 500, 000 users. Moreover, Wholesales suite is rated 4.9 on Capterra and 4.8 on WordPress.

Wholesale Suite is a combination of three modules:

  • Wholesale Prices – Allows you to set minimum orders, wholesale prices, and discounts within a few clicks. Let you control the shipping and taxes separately. So, it’s perfect if you want to add wholesale pricing on selected products or you want to start a dedicated wholesale store.
  • Wholesale Order Forms – Creates searchable and categorizable AJAX ordering forms. It helps you to produce visually appealing and responsive catalogs. Hence, you can display all your products on one page.
  • Wholesales Lead Capture – Helps you add registration, signup, and login sequences. It automates the wholesale registration process to ensure only genuine users get an entry. So, this plugin also reduces the workload of admin.

Wholesale Suite is designed for everyone. You do not have to be a coding expert to enjoy its benefits. Moreover, this plugin is crafted with strict WordPress standards. So, any developer will understand how to work with it. Hence, it’s the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin if you want to begin your wholesale business in 2023.


  • Quick setup
  • Supports simple, variable, and other product types
  • Comes with numerous payment gateways
  • Works with most of the themes
  • High-grade support function
  • Free training guide for assistance
  • Affordable prices
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee within 14 days


  • Does not support all the currencies and payment gateways

2. Whols

Whols is an incredible WordPress wholesale plugin, which helps you to set wholesale prices on your WooCommerce store. Moreover, this extension shows different prices to different wholesalers. It also ensures a smooth registration process for your wholesale buyers.

Integrating a wholesale plugin with the help of manual coding is an overwhelming task. Thankfully, you do not have to take such headaches in the case of Whols. It’s an easy-to-install and manage plugin.

Here comes another good news. Whols has a free version to use. Upgrade to its premium pack if you want access to advanced features like unlimited user roles, bargaining additions, dynamic price rates, email notifications, and more.

You can download wholesale plugin for WooCommerce for free and pay for one of its premium editions if you like the features. So, trying Whols is risk-free. Also, its premium packs are affordable starting from $79.


  • Wholesaler registration via shortcodes
  • Easy registration process for the wholesalers
  • Auto and manual approval of wholesaler requests
  • Enables minimum products to be purchased
  • Zero coding knowledge required
  • Simple backend management


  • Nothing considerable

3. ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode is a perfect WordPress wholesale plugin to start your wholesale business. Role-based pricing and catalog mode are some of its considerable features. Role-based pricing helps you to set dynamic prices as per the wholesaler’s role.

Converting your WooCommerce store into catalog mode is easy with ELEX WooCommerce. In addition, you can change the Add-to-Cart button with any other custom button. You can also redirect your buyers to another site for some particular products.

The WooCommerce catalog mode comes into the picture when you want to revise product prices or update your stock. It is also useful when you do not want to share the prices with some users or if your online store is under maintenance. With this mode, you never lose your potential buyers.


  • Catalog mode
  • Facilitates removal of Add-to-cart button
  • Hides product prices
  • Redirect your buyers to third-party websites


  • Nothing considerable

4. Barn2 Wholesale Pro

If you are planning to start an online store for both retail and wholesale buyers, you need one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins Wholesale Pro. This plugin developed by Barn2 makes wholesale ordering seamless for your B2B clients. It’s one of the simplest techniques to own a wholesale store along with a public-facing mart.

Wholesale Pro has a separate section of Wholesale, which is only visible to the users who complete the wholesale registration. It helps you to create multiple wholesale roles. So, you can set different prices, discounts, and incentives for different buyers. For instance, silver-grade wholesalers’ get a 15% discount on 600 pieces of a particular product, but gold-grade buyers get up to 20 percent.

Barn2 Wholesale Pro integrates with the WooCommerce product table. So, you can create several order forms within a few seconds. Hence, the buyers can add all the products without wasting a lot of time.


  • Unlimited roles for the wholesalers
  • Helps you to operate public and wholesale shops
  • Three pricing options
  • Prompt customer service
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Nothing considerable

5. WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B is one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins to help you begin your wholesale business without any challenges. It helps you to create and manage the products, set custom prices, and manage orders & invoices. You can also use this extension to integrate the e-commerce system into your payment gateways and social media accounts.

WooCommerce B2B comes with useful features like product filters and customizable order forms. Moreover, it supports numerous currencies and languages. So, this plugin improves the efficiency and profits of your online store.

Try WooCommerce B2B if you want to enjoy the flexibility of WooCommerce. It works with new and established stores. Moreover, this plugin is compatible with all the shipping methods and payment gateways of WooCommerce.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer segmentation
  • Pricing according to the roles
  • Support multiple languages


  • Limited compatibility with third-party integrations

6. Wholesale For WooCommerce by WPExperts

Wholesale for WooCommerce by WPExperts is an excellent WordPress wholesale plugin. It helps you to accomplish all the tedious and time-consuming tasks within a few minutes. Moreover, you can use this extension even if you have zero coding knowledge.

The Wholesale plugin helps you to begin wholesale and retail stores on WooCommerce without any challenges. It has a wide range of features. Still, this plugin is easy to understand and use.

Wholesale for WooCommerce sets wholesale prices, discounts, minimum quantity, fixed amount, saved amount, and much more for your products. Role-based price setting is another considerable feature. Apart from that, it helps the wholesalers to register in your store.


  • Adds wholesale prices
  • Wholesale prices are only visible to the wholesalers
  • Create multiple wholesaler roles
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not compatible with Square payments

7. WholesaleX

Wholesale X is a powerful WordPress wholesale plugin, which helps you to begin and manage your wholesale business. So, if you want to start a wholesale store using WooCommerce, it’s the best plugin to try. This extension helps you to manage wholesalers, add/remove discounts, set prices, and much more.

Wholesale X is a user-friendly plugin, which means you can set it up within a few seconds. Order management, bulk pricing, and product filtering are some of the features of this plugin to make your store work more efficiently. It also comes with an integrated payment system called WholsaleX Wallet. Therefore, payment processing is simple.

Another considerable feature of Wholesale X is its messaging system. Its conversation mechanism helps you to talk to your customers and answer their queries. So, this WordPress wholesale plugin is an all-in-one solution to start a new wholesale business and provide a high-quality customer experience to your buyers.


  • Simple configuration and usage
  • Hybrid model to make your online store more profitable
  • Compatible with several payment gateways
  • Role-based discounts


  • Lacks the mobile application

8. Dynamic Pricing by Element Stark

Dynamic Pricing is a flexible WordPress wholesale plugin, which helps you to allot separate roles to different wholesalers and set the prices accordingly. In other words, the wholesalers pay different prices as per their roles and the total quantity ordered. You can also offer discounts as per the roles.

For instance, you can offer a particular discount if the wholesaler buys more than 50 items. Similarly, you can offer a 10 Percent discount to silver-grade members and 15 percent to the gold-grade wholesalers. You can also add discounts on other related products.

Dynamic Pricing is an incredible plugin for WooCommerce. However, its setup is not straightforward. So, we suggest you read the documentation carefully. If configured correctly, this extension gives you complete control over the pricing in your online store.


  • Fixed price and percentage adjustments
  • Advanced product pricing
  • Advanced pricing table display
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Challenging to configure, especially if you are a newcomer

9. Ignitwoo WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite

Ignitwoo WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite comes with a wide range of powerful features that give you complete control over your online wholesale business. You can decide the wholesale pricing and how you want to set it on different items in your store. Moreover, it also helps you to control the shipping methods, payment gateways, dropshipping compatibility, and more.

The WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite is one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins because of its incredible functions. Its role-based pricing technique allows you to set different prices for different scenarios. Moreover, this plugin has the option to show wholesale prices including or excluding the taxes. It also allows the wholesalers to back-order the out-of-stock products.

Here comes the good news. The WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Suite has a top-notch support function. You can contact the support team via email or phone. So, it’s a perfect plugin for WooCommerce if you want to start your wholesale business using WordPress.


  • Quantity and cart discounts
  • Product and price visibility control
  • Let’s you set prices per product or category
  • Allows you to restrict minimum and maximum order quantities


  • Comparatively expensive

10. AOV UP Woocommerce Wholesale Suite

The WooCommerce Wholesale Suite by AOV UP is one of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins to begin your business because it helps you manage all your online operations without making any mess. This extension has a wide range of features to handle your wholesale buyers and their orders.

AOV UP WooCommerce Wholesale Suite also helps you to manage your products. So, you can track your inventory with its help. Moreover, this plugin helps you to set custom prices, set discounts, and handle payment options.

Thanks to powerful reporting tools, the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite is an excellent assistance if you want to know the top performers. It also integrates with several third-party platforms like accounting applications. So, you can manage all your wholesale operations in one place.


  • Easy to set up
  • Sets customizable prices for each buyer
  • Creates separate accounts for wholesalers and customers
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Automatic order confirmation and invoicing


  • No setting for advance or recurring payment methods
  • Expensive

11. Booster

Starting a wholesale business takes a lot of effort and commitment. However, you can keep everything simple with the help of Booster. It comes with a wide range of features to help you establish a wholesale business and manage it profitably. You can download wholesale plugin for WooCommerce for free, but its premium edition has better performance.

Installing and setting up Booster is easy. Download and install it on your WordPress dashboard. Activate this plugin and then set the features you want to deploy. You can activate all the modules in the premium version, which starts from $16.99 per month. However, there are some restrictions in the free pack.

Booster helps to supply purchase proofs to your prospects and gain their trust. It also engages prospects by creating suspense. In other words, none of the buyers can see the product process until they log in.

This WordPress wholesale plugin has many more features to help you begin your wholesale business. So, you can download its free version, check the features, and upgrade if you want. No risks at all.


  • Multiple tools to deal with each product
  • Gives control over cart additions, buttons, and price tags
  • Modern order processing and shipping functions
  • Facilitates user role creation
  • More than 100 modules to use


  • Might slow down the server a little

How to find the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce?

Almost all the WordPress wholesale plugins for WooCommerce say that they are the best in the market. But, you should think about your business and the features you need. You should find something that should check all the boxes. Hence, consider the following points while searching for a plugin for your new or existing online mart.

Support for retail and wholesale prices

As a wholesale business owner, you might want to offer discounted prices to your buyers. So, you should remember two things.

  • The wholesale plugin must set up different retail and wholesale prices
  • The customers can change between the retail and wholesale prices with too many clicks

Ability to create two instances of your store

Do you want to hide the wholesale prices from your retail buyers? If yes, then you need two separate instances of your online store. In other words, your retail clients can see the regular prices of the available products, along with their reviews and relevant images.

But, you need another instance for the wholesale buyers. They must log in using an ID and password to check the products or their prices. These prices should not be visible to the retail buyers.

Showcases the products and discounts in a simple and appealing way

The discounts on almost all the wholesale store depends upon the number of products you purchase. For instance, you might offer more discounts to customers buying 1000 pieces instead of users who are taking only 10 pieces. Therefore, the plugin should clearly show how much discount the buyers can get, preferably in a table.

Facilitates easy registration for the distributors

The distributors must follow a signup process before they can see the wholesale prices.  It makes things easy for you to manage. So, prefer the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce that can facilitate quick signup steps.

Allows user role creation for different buyers

Apart from smooth registration, the WooCommerce plugin should also allow you to tag roles to the distributors or customers. All the buyers on your website should not access the same prices and discounts, which is only possible when you define their roles.

Forms for detailed orders

Prefer a high-quality plugin that helps you to create dedicated forms to take detailed orders. Such forms are extremely useful when the buyers want to add some additional instructions, specifics about the order, guidance about their delivery addresses (which could be more than one), and other factors.


Is WooCommerce free?

You can download WooCommerce for free. But, you need a WordPress panel to use it. So, you require a website. To build a website, you have to purchase a domain, hosting, SSL certificate, and other plugins for your business. Therefore, WooCommerce is free to download. But, you have to pay for a few things before you can use it.

How to begin and manage your wholesale business?

Starting a wholesale business could be tricky if you are a newcomer. The process is not as simple as designing an online store and promoting it to get customers. You must know how to run it profitably. So, apart from picking the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce, you should understand a few basics. So, check the following points.

Identify your market

Who are your buyers? The first step is to identify your audience. Also, ensure that they have a solid grip on their market before giving them the role of retailer or distributor. So, set up a registration process once you have the plugin. A detailed registration is recommended to create a trustworthy customer base. Assign roles to the registered distributed users, so that you can show them the prices and discounts as per their profile & purchase history.

Define your sales targets

Keep a check on the sales figures to make sure your wholesale business is generating revenue. Interact with your retailers to get better insights about your progress and market scenarios, which keep changing. In case your store is not seeing significant traffic, boost your marketing efforts and try different strategies to bring new prospects to your wholesale store.

Find new prospects

Do you want to grow your wholesale business? Then, keep looking for new buyers. Create a customer profile and contact the potential ones using one of the communication channels like phone, SMS, email, or social media platforms. Follow up with the distributors who show interest in your products. Also, make sure you and your buyers understand the fulfillment & payment terms.

Create a strategy for fulfillment

You are the provider of the products. So, you have to create a strategy to keep all your buyers satisfied. For instance, some of the retailers might need new stock faster than the other buyers. Sometimes the demands of the product automatically increase according to the conditions. Make arrangements to deal with such situations.

Offer a discount to your loyal buyers

You can attract new buyers by giving them significant discounts. However, do not ignore your existing customers. Give these clients occasional discounts to keep them loyal.

Consider master class financial calculation to set the prices

The master class financial calculation might take some time. However, after doing this calculation you can be assured that your wholesale prices are in order. Setting prices is a crucial aspect. Otherwise, you might not generate good profits.

Should I download the wholesale plugin for WooCommerce free or purchase the premium?

If you are planning to begin your wholesale business, then you can download the wholesale plugin for WooCommerce, the free version. However, free editions generally come with limited features. So, you might have to upgrade to a premium version once your store starts growing.

Premium plugins give you advanced features, which help you to make your online store better. For instance, the free version of the Wholesale Suite plugin comes with features like user role permission for one distributor, multi-site compatibility, multiple currency support, and more. But, you can get endless wholesale user roles, hide retail-only products from the distributors, restrict product visibility according to the roles, and many more advanced features only in its paid editions, which start from $49.50 per year.

Final Thoughts – Create Your Wholesale Online Store Today

We have recommended eleven top-notch WooCommerce plugins to begin your wholesale business in 2023. Know your requirements and you will find the right option. All the extensions we suggested come with a plethora of features to help you create and manage a wholesale mart. But, Wholesale Suite is the best wholesale plugin for WooCommerce.

If you think we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments. Your feedback helps us to improve.


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