Task automation tools make your business efficient by automating a wide range of repetitive tasks. Hence, such applications maintain maximum utilization of your resources. Is it what you always wanted?

If you are looking for top-notch automation software for your organization, you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss everything you want to know about these solutions.

What are Task Automation Tools?

The process of automating business processes is called automation. The applications used to achieve it are known as workflow automation tools. These solutions reduce the overall cost, save time, boost productivity, and improve the customer experience.

Task automation software is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get what you need from your business. There are no compromises over accuracy and consistency. So, you can consider automation if you have a wide range of tasks or several teams to handle. It bridges communication gaps, prevents work delays, and maintains optimum quality in your work.

Task Automation Tools Examples

The activities in businesses depend upon their type. However, their automation processes are similar. Automation makes your business more efficient. There are a wide range of task automation tools examples to discuss how such solutions can make your business more productive.

  • Hiring: The recruitment process includes several stages. Interviewing the candidates, assessment of their strengths & weaknesses, then shortlisting them, and multiple more steps are included in the recruitment. Automation tools make everything easy by finding the right resources as per the criteria. They can also deal with resume screening, and interview scheduling to make the hiring process fast.
  • Performance tracking: Monitoring the performance of your employees could be difficult if you follow manual methods. But, workflow automation tools review everything as per your instructions and let you access the data anywhere, anytime. So, giving feedback, offering promotions, and understanding any type of problem in your teams becomes easy.
  • Sales management: Sales is the lifeline of any business, if you are running a company then you already know it. So, you should manage all the sales activities smoothly to achieve your goals. Streamlining these activities is simple with the help of automation. The options included in our task automation tools list can help you manage lead tracking, analytics, forecasting, and everything else.
  • Expense management: You should take care of the expenses if you want to grow. So, expense management is one of the most important aspects of an organization. Keeping track of all the transactions manually might end up in delays and confusion. On the contrary, task automation tools streamline the expenses and categorize them as per your instructions.
  • Project management: Managing projects involves multiple tasks. Planning of projects and review of the outcome demands significant human resources. But, you can use automation to streamline all your projects for fast and better results. Workflow automation is also helpful in task assignment, budget allocation, and progress tracking.
  • Social media scheduling and management: Social media post planning and scheduling demands a lot of time. But, you can do such tasks with the help of automation. It schedules social media posts, monitors their engagement, and also tells you how they are performing across the different platforms.
  • Content development: Content marketing is one of the best ways to improve the ranking of your website on search engines and boost traffic. But, content management is time-consuming and confusing. Workflow automation makes everything simple by managing all the stages of content development, including writing, editing, scheduling, and publishing.
  • Invoicing: The task automation tools streamline invoice processing and reduce the amount of manual data entry required. This software can also scan the invoices to extract the information and match it with your accounts. What’s more? The automation applications also review and match the invoices.
  • Manufacturing: If you are a manufacturer, you know the challenges of dealing with multiple vendors to get the raw materials and then manufacture the products. Tracking the procurement process is overwhelming and could lead to mess-ups. But, automation controls everything without any misses. Whether you need assistance in inventory management, quality control, production scheduling, or management of the overall manufacturing processes, it has your back.
  • Quality control: If you want to enhance the performance of your quality control team, the team then try one of the best automation solutions we have suggested. Automation monitors quality control, sends alerts about any errors, and finds areas where you can make improvements to perform better.
  • Order cycle: The task automation application makes order fulfillment efficient. Manual updates are time-consuming, but automation tools do these tasks within a few seconds. Such software manages the entire order fulfillment cycle without significant human intervention.
  • Data entry: Data entry is one of the most common activities in almost all businesses. You can use workflow automation tools to automate these tasks to reduce manual interference.
  • IT help desk: Client management is an important factor in any business. However, it can be challenging for big organizations. Tracking all the requests, checking every feedback, and tracking the performance of your support team is easy with workflow automation tools. These applications can manage all the tickets, route them check their resolutions, and get customer feedback without any human interference.
  • Feedback collection: Taking reviews from your customers via SMS and email is time-consuming. Plus, they do not notice such messages and hence, they remain unanswered most of the time. On the other hand, automation solutions can get the feedback of your customers on any platform.
  • Trip planning: If you are into the travel business, you might understand that trip planning involves several factors, including flights, cabs, buses, trains, hotels, etc. Manual booking for all of them takes a lot of time. But, automation can manage all of them without taking a lot of time and money out of the passenger’s pocket.
  • Healthcare management: All the activities in the healthcare industry should be efficient. Automation can easily plan and organize the patients. Moreover, you can use it to manage workflows, including the scheduling of appointments, insurance, and more.
  • Legal management: The task automation tools examples also include the management of legal documents. These applications can handle contracts, agreements, digital signatures, approvals, and more.

Top 15 Task Automation Tools of 2023 to Optimize Your Workflow

1. Konnectzit

Konnectzit is one of the best no-code workflow automation tools, which automates mundane tasks in your organization and boosts its productivity. Moreover, this software connects with a wide range of applications. Also, it comes with a drag-and-drop interface. So, you can set and manage your workflows without any challenges.

Konnectzit comes with built-in apps like a scheduler, conditions, routers, and more. They help you to build advanced workflows. Furthermore, this application can handle a significant amount of automation tasks without compromising performance. So, you can set unlimited workflows.

Konnectzit has been active since 2021. It’s a new, yet reputable automation tool. This software can handle automation tasks for all business sizes. So, you can try it for small, medium, and large organizations. This software supports six languages, including English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Chinese, and German. It also has a free plan, which helps you to try all the features without any risks.

Why should you try Konnectzit?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Over 800 app integrations
  • Ability to handle simple and complex tasks
  • Affordable subscription fees
  • Comes with a free plan

2. Atlassian Jira

Are you looking for task automation tools with limitless business automation? Try Jira because of its no-code environment that allows you to auto-assign tasks, send Slack messages, and more. This application works across all the Jira products.

Perfect for agile businesses, Jira helps you set rules depending on the events within the system. You can automate any of the tasks within a few clicks. In addition, there are hundreds of automation templates for your assistance.

Jira has a global automation feature, which applies the same rules across all or many projects. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, GitHub, Zoom, and Slack. Admin insights, sandbox, and advanced roadmaps are some of its other considerable features.

Why should you try Jira?

  • Easy collaboration features
  • Calendar, timeline, and boards
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Templates for your team
  • Excellent insights
  • Forever free plan available

3. Height

Height is one of the best workflow automation tools for agencies that have to manage multiple projects across different teams. It acts as a central location for all your tasks. Hence, your team members can work to perform better. This application also allows the stakeholders to collaborate together by sharing the required information.

Height could be a perfect choice if you need a no-code task automation solution. With a simple interface, you can create triggers, filters, and actions without any problems. Moreover, it automates a wide range of repetitive tasks to save you time.

You can use Hive smartphone applications to manage the workflow automation on the move. The app also allows you to conduct live brainstorming sessions with your colleagues. Apart from that, it comes with reusable task automation tool lists or templates. You can utilize them in marketing events, new hire boarding, and product launches.

Why should you try Height?

  • Automation to keep your tasks up to date
  • No code environment
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comes with a forever-free plan
  • You can also request for a demo
  • Affordable subscription fees

4. Cflow

Cflow is a popular task automation solution, which streamlines your business workflows and optimizes your efficiency. It handles all the critical parts of your organization including Finance, IT, Admin, Procurement, HR, and Sales & Marketing. Moreover, this application lets you create rules as per your needs. You can either choose a once-click setup or configure its rules manually.

You do not have to be a technical expert to use Cflow. It comes with a visual form builder, which gives you a drag-and-drop interface. So, you can design forms and workflows without any challenges.

Safety is an important factor when you are searching for task automation tools. Cflow excels in this department because of its SSL encryption. This application hosts all your content on AWS, which is also secure. In addition, only appropriate stakeholders can control and manage the data.

Why should you try Cflow?

  • Highly customizable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Smoothly integrates with popular third-party integrations
  • Offers a 14-day trial period on all the premium plans
  • Quick demo available on the website
  • Affordable pricing

5. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is different than other workflow automation tools. As you can guess from the name, it’s based on spreadsheets. It allows you to organize processes, schedules, and automate tasks on spreadsheets. Therefore, this application is the best if you like Excel minus complex formulas.

You can perform a lot of calculations using Smartsheet. It offers several other features like workflow automation and task visualization in Gantt cards, card & calendar views. Project management is another useful feature of Smartsheet.

Smartsheet empowers your teammates to collaborate and drive better results. It also enhances the reporting with the help of real-time metrics to increase the confidence of your stakeholders. This application also integrates with third-party platforms to generate real-time insights.

Why should you try Smartsheet?

  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Integrates with software that you are using already
  • Professional training available for your help
  • Smartsheet community for guidance
  • Over 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies trust Smartsheet
  • Affordable premium plans available with free trials

6. Monday

Monday is a task automation software that boosts the productivity of your business. It automates repetitive tasks and ensures smooth operation with maximum efficiency. You might have heard about Monday because it’s one of the most popular task automation tools. Reputable brands like Universal, Lionsgate, Canva, and Coca-Cola are using it.

Do you know why such companies prefer Monday? It’s easy to use and lets you create multiple workflows within a few seconds. Moreover, there are several automation templates available to use. You can also build the automation from scratch.

In addition, Monday has a zero-code environment. So, you can easily select a trigger and use dropdowns to see the actions. Apart from that, it gives you notifications about the automation. What’s more? This application has several useful integrations like Typeform, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, and more.

Why should you try Monday?

  • No code building blocks            
  • Promotes confidence in your team
  • Trial period on all the premium plans, no credit card is required
  • Has a forever-free plan

7. Hive

Are you searching for powerful, yet affordable workflow automation tools? Try Hive because it is preferred by some of the biggest brands like Google, Toyota, Comcast, and Starbucks. Let us tell you why.

Hive is an all-in-one task automation solution that helps you manage your projects in one place. It lets you create unlimited tasks, transactions, and projects. Time management is another helpful feature because it lets you know where your colleagues spend their time during working hours.

Hive comes with reliable automation features and tools to boost the efficiency of your business. It also improves collaboration among your teammates. This software is built on the Hive platform, which allows users to create workflows between Hive and other professional apps. So, it could be a perfect choice if you want to centralize your business management.

Why should you try Hive?

  • Powerful proofing and annotation tools
  • Increases transparent across your organization
  • Makes your meetings interesting
  • AI assistance
  • Free forever plan
  • Affordable premium packs

8. Workato

Workato is one of the best platforms as a service (iPaaS) workflow automation tools. As this application is cloud-based, it facilitates seamless data transfer between other cloud software. If you want to boost your efficiency and thrive using automation, it could be a perfect choice.

Thanks to Workato bots, you can automate repetitive tasks inside your organization. Hence, you and your team can focus on jobs that need manual attention. Moreover, it has a drag-and-drop interface. So, you can enjoy all the features even if you do not have a coding background.

Workato helps you to collaborate and improve the outcomes. In addition, it has monitoring and reporting functions to check how your team is performing. These are some of the reasons why big brands like Adobe, Slack, MGM, Autodesk, and Zendesk are already using Workato.

Why should you try Workato?

  • AI-driven automation
  • Automated thread detection
  • All-in-one tool
  • Flexible, and responsive to changing business
  • Over 1200 pre-built connectors

9. Pabbly connect

Task automation tools like Pabbly Connect are crafted to boost the productivity of your business. It links all your preferred apps and services. Hence, unrestricted automation is possible as per the needs of your business.

Setup and configuration of Pabbly Connect are easy. Pick the modules, select the app and this application takes care of the rest. Once ready, its usage is also straightforward. Thanks to a drag-and-drop interface, you can use this application without any barriers even if you are a newcomer.

Pabbly Connect could be the perfect task automation solution if you want to boost your efficiency in your personal and professional life. It also has a scheduler that assists you in task planning. Then, there is a formatter to manipulate the functions of MS Excel. What’s more? This tool comes with a free plan and its premium editions are also pocket-friendly.

Why should you try Pabbly Connect?

  • Supports over 1000 integrations
  • Secure and reliable
  • No technical knowledge is required to use
  • More than three thousand video tutorials or your help
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Trusted by more than 9000 businesses

10. Albato

Workflow automation tools are not the future anymore. They are helping a lot of businesses to thrive at present. Albato is also a high-class zero-code task automation solution, which deserves your attention because of its simplicity, user-centric interface, integrations, and value for money.

You can set up Albato even if you are not technically strong. The automation process is also simple. You can set up ask sequences, individual rules, and more without any difficulties.

Albato is compatible with a wide range of third-party applications. So, data transfer is not a problem. Furthermore, it has an incredible customer support. They are committed to helping you as soon as possible.

Why should you try Albato?                                                                                                                                                      

  • User-friendly interface
  • Handles complex automation processes
  • Trusted by over 60, 000 users
  • 24 by 7 support
  • You can get started for free
  • Affordable pricing

11. Kintone

A lot of businesses prefer customizable workflow automation tools. If you also need something similar, try Kintone because it offers maximum customization. You can customize this application for sales CRM, project management, expense reports, and many more workflows.

Kintone comes with a drag-and-drop interface, which makes everything easy for you. So, the creation of workflows hardly takes a few minutes. Moreover, you can automate repetitive tasks for maximum efficiency.

This application lets you create a wide range of apps from scratch with the help of existing spreadsheets and templates. You can also track task and project deadlines on this software. Your teammates get real-time notifications about the deadlines. Hence, they can do the needful and keep your business on the track.

Why should you try Kintone?

  • Smartphone-friendly, accessible from all devices
  • Let’s you set appropriate permissions for safety
  • Integrates with a lot of third-party platforms
  • Organizes your business
  • Highly customizable
  • Free trial available

12. Jotform

All businesses prefer easy-to-use task automation tools, so none of the employees face any challenges while using one of these applications. This is the reason you should take a close look at Jotform, which is a suitable workflow automation solution for companies of all sizes. It’s one of the best options to create efficient automation.

Jotofrm specializes in B2B businesses. But, it’s also adaptable according to all other industries. This tool gives you access to online surveys, product reviews, and collaboration tools. Moreover, this software helps you build complex systems as per your requirements.

Here comes the good news. Jotform comes with a simple-to-understand form builder that lets you create forms for a wide range of purposes. It also has hundreds of customizable templates.

Why should you try Jotform?

  • Powerful analytics tools
  • Integrations with PayPal, Dropbox, Google Drive and more
  • Allows you to accept payments
  • Automates workflows to boost efficiency
  • Mobile applications for access on the go
  • Free version to check the features

13. ProProfs

ProProfs is an online project management application. It’s one of the best task automation tools examples, with several automation features to send real-time alerts on the project cycle. Moreover, this tool has a user-friendly interface, which allows new users to manage everything without any confusion.

You can create custom workflows as per your business requirements. Apart from that, ProProfs provides seamless file sharing to facilitate discussions based on the latest data. In addition, this program promotes team collaboration to improve cross-functionality in your business.

ProProfs has a single dashboard to showcase all the details related to your projects. Take a glance and you can easily understand what is going on inside your organization. Moreover, it helps you with task assignments.

Why should you try ProProfs?

  • Excellent reporting and analytics
  • Sharing and discussion features
  • Collaboration tools
  • 24 by 7 remote access
  • Free trial period of 15 days

14. Kissflow

Are you looking for no code workflow automation tools? Try Kissflow because it’s one of the easiest solutions to streamline your workflow. This application comes with a drag-and-drop interface, which means you can use its features without any coding knowledge.

Kissflow comes with visual workflows that help you to take out the bottlenecks. Moreover, it generates reports to track the performance of your teams. Workflow design is another attraction of Kissflow.

This designer creates a diagram of the information flow and action sequences that take you to a particular outcome. In simple words, it helps you to create editable flowcharts. Another considerable function is the SLA definitions.

What should you try Kissflow?

  • Comes with enterprise-friendly connectors
  • Zero code automation
  • Allows you to build custom integrations
  • Trusted by over 10, 000 customers across the globe
  • Used by brands like Pepsi, Comcast, Michelin, Motorola and Reckitt

15. Decisions

Decisions is one of the most intelligent task automation tools built to simplify your business operations and boost your efficiency. Its workflow management tools, integration abilities, and reporting features help you to get the best out of your resources. Moreover, you can use it to build applications.

You can create rules, flows, dashboards, and more without any coding knowledge. So, all the users can enjoy its features regardless of their technical expertise. Apart from that, this software is versatile. It handles almost all the tasks with ease.

Decisions seamlessly merge with your existing infrastructure. So, data sourcing will not be a problem. In addition, it’s a cloud-based solution. So, you can access all the functions using a web browser on any of your devices.

Why should you try Decisions?

  • No code platform
  • Power of AI
  • Automation to improve speed
  • Accelerates a business process
  • Demo available on the website

Final Thoughts – Utilize the Potential of Automation

The task automation tools we discussed above come with useful features to reduce manual work, ensure a seamless flow of data, and make your business efficient. Most of these solutions are no-code. So, even non-technical users can enjoy the benefits of these applications.

The demand for automation tools is growing every day because they are not a luxury anymore. As your business deal with complex operations, these solutions stands as a guiding light that takes you to innovation and high productivity. So, do not think the task automation software is a future option. But, the future could be yours if you harness the power of these tools and gain unmatched success.

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