Artificial intelligence is making our lives a lot easier. And we knew it when this technology was under development. AI can complete a wide range of tasks on your behalf, but here we will talk about AI project management tools.

Project management is a challenging task. You need to think about the project planning within a provided budget, resources, and many more factors. A project management application based on artificial intelligence can limit the amount of time and effort you invest in all these tasks. Therefore, you can focus more on other aspects of business management and growth.

Let’s know some of the best AI-based project management software. First, we will discuss some basics.

What is an AI Project Management Tool?

An AI project management software is integrated with artificial intelligence to improve your efficiency by streamlining projects. Such a tool mimics the decision-making power of humans and analyses data using algorithms to deliver the projects on time. In addition, AI task management applications predict your outcome, make classifications, and improve communication & collaboration to keep all your teammates on the same page. Hence, these applications can do wonders for your business.

Features of AI Project Management Tools

  • Natural language interaction: The generative AI tools for project management allow the users to interact in their natural language. So, creating assignments, task updates, progress tracking, and all other activities is easy with such applications. Your teammates can do all the provided tasks without mastering any programming language. NLI will develop further with the evolution of AI and in the future it could be an integral part of project management.
  • Text and image recognition: AI has the power to understand text and images. Traditional project management solutions can only respond over data because they cannot process visual or unstructured content. However, AI project management collaboration tools enrich the management process by deciphering textual descriptions, scanned documents, diagrams, and images.
  • Automation: Traditional management applications want you to perform a wide range of administrative tasks, data entry, and status updates. But, AI algorithms can automate repetitive tasks. Automation frees your resources from routine activities. Hence, they can engage themselves in more strategic and creative planning.
  • Resource optimization: Smart allocation of resources is crucial for your business growth. Time, materials, and human capital are required to achieve the required outcome. Traditional project management applications rely on subjective inputs and manual estimation. However, AI project management software uses data to ensure the optimum allocation of resources and ensure they give the best possible output.
  • Smart scheduling: AI boosts the productivity of your business by minimizing delays and optimizing the resource allocation process. In addition, it facilitates intelligent scheduling according to the project. Hence, AI project management tools ensure the project is aligned with its objectives. So, artificial intelligence schedules tasks and assigns them to competent individuals to maximize project outcomes.
  • Data visualization: AI project management tools translate data into interactive dashboards that show graphs and intuitive charts. It also allows you to drill down the data, gain deep insights, explore different dimensions, and make informed choices.
  • Real-time notifications and updates: AI task management applications monitor project progress continuously and send instant alerts about critical events. Hence, all the related individuals stay on the same page and know everything as the project unfolds.

How to Pick One of the Best AI Project Management Tools?

AI project management tools do not have a big market right now because a lot of companies are hesitating to try them. Still, a lot of makers have included AI in their project management software. So, you have to consider the following actors before you opt for such an application.

  • AI features: What are the AI features available in the tool? You want to make your business efficient and more productive with the application, so it’s important to check the limitations of artificial intelligence in an AI project management application.
  • Stage: Do you know why organizations are reluctant to include AI-based project management solutions in their infrastructure? Because this technology is still under development. Most of the project management tool makers market their AI features, but they are working on them.

So, you should prefer a tool that has a proven record of performance. Something that can give you better results without taking a lot of time. ClickUp is one of the most reputable generative AI tools for project management. So, you can try it.

  • Budget: Subscription is one of the most important factors when you adopt a new solution for your business. Compare all the tools and see what you get in return for your monthly or annual payment. Keep in mind that expensive software cannot be the best.

Similarly, you should not look for the cheapest application. Be reasonable while comparing. Plus, most of the options come with free trial periods, which helps you to understand the features without any trouble. So, sign up for the trial plan if you want to check the performance of management solutions based on AI.

  • Usability: Critical thinking and decision-making powers are unique to humans. So, an AI task management solution can be successful only if it’s trained to deal with all the tasks. Try to avoid programs that need additional training because they might accidentally learn something that you never wanted them to teach. In addition, make sure the application is user-friendly so that all your teammates can use it.

Investment Required to use AI Project Management Tools

The required budget to enjoy the features of AI is not high. It’s because AI project management applications are not very popular yet. Companies are not ready to use this software because they are still under development. However, the price will grow high in the future because these tools are valuable.

You can get an AI task management tool for free with ClickUp. The starting price is only $5 per month. The investment can go up to $1660 per month, but only if you are an Enterprise. There are no hidden fees. Pay the subscription fee per month or year and enjoy the AI automation. Keep in mind that the annual subscriptions are always cheaper than the monthly payments.

8 Best AI Project Management Tools Essential to Upgrade Your Business in 2023

1. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the best AI project management tools because it helps you to plan projects without any challenges. It keeps all the information in one place and ensures your teammates are on the same page throughout the process. This software has a wide range of features that make it a perfect choice for almost any business.

ClickUp has multiple views, which lets you pick a dashboard that suits your eyes. It has ten customizable views that ensure you can enjoy a personalized working experience. Furthermore, this management application allows your colleagues to leave comments under any file or task.

Time tracking and team alignment are other helpful functions. These features help you in goal tracking, workload management, setting priorities, and more. Apart from that, it syncs with many third-party apps that you want to use.

Overall, ClickUp could be a perfect choice if you need high-grade project management collaboration tools. Its pricing is simple and you do not have to commit anything. Start with the free plan and upgrade if you feel it can help you manage projects in a better way. Samsung and are some of the brands using ClickUp. So, you can also try it.

Key features

  • Hundreds of AI tools
  • Works faster, does the work within seconds
  • Creates content for consistent communication
  • Helps in brainstorming
  • Task & Subtask creation

Pricing: $ 5 per month. A free trial is also available.

2. Ayanza

Ayanza is one of the newest AI project management tools, which comes with an incredible task management system and many project management templates. Its Facebook-like media feed is attractive. In addition, there is a chat feature to keep you connected with your colleagues, even if they are working remotely.

Ayanza is an excellent brainstorming companion. It understands your thoughts and your workflow as you brainstorm frequently. Apart from that, this software has an AI writer that generates the content you need. Give instructions and get what you need.

Ayanza has a clean and distraction-free interface. So, even beginners can use it without severe challenges. Try this tool if you want to increase collaboration and boost the performance of your team.

Key features

  • Ayanza Projects for better project organization
  • AI writer to generate content by giving instructions
  • Newsfeed to keep everyone in sync
  • Instant messaging platform

Pricing: Ayanza has three plans

  • Free – Up to 5 users and 200 docs
  • Premium – Unlimited users and docs at $6 per user per month
  • Enterprise – Pricing available with the sales team of Ayanza

3. Notion

Notion comes with a wide range of generative AI tools for project management. It has a sleek and simple interface, which you can easily use. Moreover, this project management software has a free plan, which helps you understand all its features before you upgrade.

Notion comprises an AI writer that helps you write high-quality content. You can even create the content yourself and use AI to improve it. This feature also helps you to extract the summary from a particular text.

Notion can integrate with several third-party platforms like Slack and Github. So, you can bring all your together and increase your efficiency. You can request a demo on the Notion website or try its free plan to understand all its features in a better way.

Key features

  • Manages projects from beginning to end
  • Social media calendar
  • Automation of your team workflows
  • Tasks, sub-tasks, and dependencies

Pricing: Apart from the free plan, Notion has three premium packages.

  • Plus – $8 per user per month
  • Business – $15 per user per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing available with the Notion sales team

4. Tara.AI

Tara is one of the best AI project management tools for software engineering teams because it has excellent engineering management tools. This software streamlines your product delivery. It keeps your team on track to accomplish what your clients need.

Tara helps you to gain visibility by connecting issue tracking and Git source control. It sends you real-time notifications to let you know about the blockers in engineering operations. You can request a demo on the Tara.AI website to see how it works. Plus, there is a free plan for individuals and small teams. It is a perfect package to learn more about this project management tool.

Key features

  • A lot of integrations
  • Helps in scaling product delivery
  • Keeps your team on track

Pricing: Apart from the free plan, Tara has three premium editions.

  • Co-Pilot – $8 per contributor per month
  • Insights – $35 per contributor per month
  • Enterprise – Talk to the Tara sales team to know the subscription fee

5. Zenhub

If you are looking for AI project management tools to save time, Zenhub could be a perfect choice. It saves 2.5 hours on average every week. This software has recently introduced Zenhub AI which does more within a few clicks.

The artificial intelligence gives you a digestible feed about your team’s performance on what’s stopping them from achieving their goals. Apart from that, it can prioritize issues against other works automatically. So, you do not have to waste time on this.

Zenhub AI performs simple tasks automatically, which means you can use this time on other business activities. Moreover, it helps you to make smart decisions based on the latest and most accurate data. So, this tool simplifies your daily operations and also improves the productivity of your business.

Key features

  • High accuracy
  • Simplifies project management
  • Easy issue categorization
  • AI-powered sprint demos

Pricing: Zenhb has two plans.

  • For Teams – $8.33, get 4 months free with annual billing. A 14-day trial period is also available
  • For Enterprise – Get in touch with the Zenhub sales team to know the pricing

6. BeforeSunset         

Are you looking for one of the best AI project management tools that can help you make the best out of your working hours? Try BeforeSunset because of its excellent scheduling and task-planning features. This software has an AI-based assistant to plan your daily activities.

The AI assistant can also divide a big project into small tasks, suggest convenient meeting for your colleagues, and keeps your schedule up to date. Visual proofing, note-taking, time tracking, and personal analytics are some of its other useful features.

BeforeSunset is different from other AI project management applications because it does not only automate but works with you to create a perfect schedule every day. You can personalize it as per your needs. Try it if you are fed up with the daily chaos due to project management tasks.

Key features        

  • AI assistant for multiple tasks
  • Personal analytics
  • Sunrise & Sunset Routine
  • Time Tracking

Pricing: BeforeSunset has two plans. One is free and the premium pack has a subscription fee of $9.99 per month

7. Asana

Asana is popular because of its AI task management tools, project tracking, and team collaboration functions. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features that can fulfill the needs of almost all industries. Try this software if you want to make better decisions and maximize your impact as a brand.

The health check of Asana deserves your attention. It identifies blind spots, eliminates roadblocks, and opens questions to find a way toward your goal. Moreover, Asana optimizes your workflow and boosts the productivity of your business.

Asana is suitable for all sizes of businesses, especially if you prefer streamlined workflow and collaborative task management. It’s also a great platform if you need to manage complex projects. Moreover, this management tool is perfect for automation. These are the reasons why software development, design, and marketing teams generally use Asana.

Key features

  • Writing assistant
  • Instant summaries from meetings
  • Work coach to remove distractions
  • Get answers to all your questions
  • Work organizer

Price: Asana has three different plans.

  • Basic – Free forever
  • Premium – $10.99
  • Business – $24.99                           


Process. st is a set of process and project management collaboration tools that are designed to streamline operations and manage workflows. Moreover, it has ChatGPT-powered technology to automate project-related tasks and improve the productivity of your business. Apart from that, this software has multiple integrations including Trello, Zapier, and Slack.

Process. st also works as a task management tool. It does everything on your behalf including project tracking, management of deliverables, data analytics improvement, automation of check-ins, and other repetitive tasks. Hence, project and process management becomes simple with this software.

Key features

  • Builds workflows
  • Automates task creation
  • Generates policy documents and SOPs
  • Collaboration for real-time task discussion

Pricing: Process. st is available in three different packages. You can enjoy the trial period of two plans without using your credit card details.

  • StartUp – $100 per month (14-day trial period available)
  • Pro – $415 per month (14-day trial period available)
  • Enterprise – $1660 per month

Benefits of Using AI Project Management Tools

As we discussed, AI is under development and so are the project management tools dependent on this technology. So, such applications will offer a wide range of benefits in the future. But, here are some of the benefits that you get right away with most of the AI project management tools.

  • Better estimations of projects: Do you know around 70 percent of the project fails even before they start? It happens because of incorrect estimations. Humans cannot calculate complex numbers or scenarios and make the right decisions while planning tasks.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence has significant processing power. It can use historical and current data to analyze a situation or project to tell you the correct estimates. Hence, the success rate of projects is higher.

  • Improved scheduling and planning: AI analyzes the data to give you helpful suggestions. It helps you to assign team members with all the required information, which guides them to take the right action. This technology also handles your day-to-day activities and keeps everything organized.
  • Estimate for cost and time: Budget and estimated time are interlinked in project management. AI project management tools give you accurate estimates about the investment and time, which helps you define the scope of the projects. Hence, you can create realistic proposals for your clients.

Moreover, precise predictions about time help you to set the right expectations and define the roadmaps efficiently. Therefore, resource scheduling becomes easy. Your clients know the delivery date and your teammates know what the work is, and how much time they have to complete it.

  • Smart decisions: AI gives accurate predictions to your business, which increases your confidence and decision-making power. AI stores all the previous data and outcomes. Plus, it continuously improves the estimations with the help of data collected from previous organizations, team performances, and projects. So, the estimate is calculated based on the historical data and current scenario, which gives you an edge over your competitors.


How AI project management tools can revolutionize the field of project management?

Automation by AI is the first way of changing the project management world. The automation tools free up a significant amount of your time. So, you can spend time planning other activities and achieving other goals.

Can AI project management tools replace project managers in the future?

Well, it’s not possible for the AI project management tools to replace the project managers. But, this software can help them increase their efficiency and productivity. Human interference is crucial in project management. But, the project managers have to understand the AI-based tools if they want to enjoy their assistance and survive in the future.

Final Thoughts – Use AI to Work Smarter

Now you know some of the best AI project management tools to upgrade your business in 2023. With the help of these tools, you can easily manage your projects and there are no limits to the automation. Try one of the recommendations and streamline your business processes today.

ClickUp is the perfect AI project management tool because it transforms your workflow. Its personal AI assistant does the work faster and has tools for all your tasks. This AI tool saves your time and increases the efficiency of your business. Try it if you need the assistance of AI at a reasonable subscription fee.

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