Are you struggling to manage your social media platforms? You can try a social media management tool to boost your productivity and efficiency. SocialBee is one of the best media publishing programs and it has gained a lot of popularity in the recent year. How SocialBee is the best among all other alternatives? Are there any SocialBee alternative? We will answer all the questions here.

What is SocialBee?

SocialBee is a post-scheduling application for your social media platforms. It’s built to make your social media marketing strategies effortless. This social media management tool also gives you a calendar to schedule the posts. Moreover, it reduces a lot of your time by integrating Canva and artificial intelligence in its dashboard.

SocialBee helps you to design and post content to multiple social media platforms including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google My Business. You can design the posts using Canva, generate captions with the help of AI, and customize the content for each profile. Once done, you can save the post and either publish it or schedule it for later.

SocialBee has everything to manage your social media accounts in one place. It even comes with an analytics section to give you important insights. So, you can try this tool and keep your business in the audience’s mind. Let’s check some of the considerable SocialBee features.

SocialBee Features

SocialBee has several useful features to help you manage the content of your social media profiles. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Social media management

SocialBee shows all your social media account on one dashboard. Plus, it helps you to post content on each one of them, which is time-saving. So, you get a lot of time to complete other tasks of your business.

Moreover, SocialBee comes with a scheduling calendar that lets you know all the details about your future posts. Hence, you can easily understand when you should create and line up new content. Furthermore, this application sends you notifications to keep you in sync with all your social media accounts.

Content creation

Developing unique, informative, and attractive content is a challenging task. But, SocialBee helps you to create high-quality posts for your social media profiles. It comes integrated with Canva, which helps you to produce amazing graphics.

In addition, SocialBee generates automatic hashtags as per your content and the hashtags you have already used. Hence, the chances of missing any new opportunities are minimal. What’s more? You can also import feeds from your blogs with the help of a RSS feed function.

Here comes some incredible news. The SocialBee RSS feed function can create social media content whenever you publish a new post. Artificial intelligence is another exciting SocialBee feature. It generates engaging captions without you doing the hard work.

Content Scheduling

Do you know how you can run a successful social media marketing campaign? First, you have to post high-grade content. Second, you should adjust your strategy as per the demands or conditions. It’s where SocialBee features are helpful.

SocialBee content scheduling is an incredible assistance if you want to curate content for your social media accounts. It saves you from posting low-quality content, which you might produce in case you are rushing.

The content scheduler acts as an incredible lift if you want to pause or stop a campaign. For instance, any news is not relevant after a couple of days. Or, you are running a promotional offer that you will pause after a few days. In addition, this feature helps you to reuse your content. But, you have to do it smartly.


You can create a marketing campaign with your experience, but it can only grow if you analyze the results and act accordingly. SocialBee gives you access to almost all the insights you need to keep your content management error-free. So, you can easily tweak your strategies for content creation with its help.

Team collaboration

If you are into digital marketing, you might know that running a social media marketing campaign is not the job of one person. You might need additional team members for effective results. One of the SocialBee features gives you different workspaces for separate clients. So, it also streamlines your workflow.

Similar to Google Workspace, team collaboration also lets you add different users, and give them access as per their needs. They can also provide feedback. In other words, it keeps everyone on the same page.


SocialBee is one of the best social media management tools in terms of integrations. It integrates with a lot of third-party platforms to get your content creation done. You can use this application with Unsplash, Giphy, Switchy, RocketLink, Bitly, and Hootsuite.

SocialBee Pricing

SocialBee has six different subscription plans, which means you can try one of them as per your requirements. All the packages have a 14-day trial period. So, you can start for free. Moreover, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the packs.

  • Bootstrap: Best for solopreneurs because Bootstrap helps you to manage five social profiles and create one workspace. Analytics provides up to three months of data. Its monthly subscription fee is $24 per month if you take the annual plan.
  • Accelerate: The SocialBee Accelerate is suitable if you own a small business. It lets you manage 10 social media profiles and create one workspace. You can see analytics for up to 2 years of data. The monthly subscription fee of this plan is $40 if you pay annually.
  • Pro: Try the SocialBee Pro if you have a social media marketing or digital marketing agency. It allows you to manage 25 social media profiles and create up to five workspaces with three users in each of them. The analytics shows you the data for up to 2 years.

SocialBee Pricing for its agency plans is high. It has three packages starting from $179 to $449 per month. So, you can try one of them depending on the number of social profiles you wish to handle.

SocialBee Pros and Cons


  • A single application to manage all your social media profiles
  • Trial period of 14-days without any card details
  • Affordable premium plans
  • Built-in AI features
  • Smartphone application available
  • Excellent analytics


  • The loading time is slow sometimes

SocialBee Alternatives

After checking all the SocialBee features, now we hope you know whether it’s the right tool for your business or you will check some alternatives. If you want to check other options, then you might be interested in the information given below.


Hootsuite is one of the alternatives to SocialBee because of its comprehensive features. Automated post-scheduling and showcasing key performance metrics are some of the most considerable ones. Also, it can automate entire conversations with the help of AI and chatbot. So, this social media management tool is a perfect option for entrepreneurs, startups, small to medium businesses, and any company looking for growth using social networks.

Hootsuite vs SocialBee

  • Both SocialBee and Hootsuite give you the features to create, publish and schedule the content.
  • Integration features are also similar in both social media management tools.
  • The SocialBee pricing is comparatively complicated with six different plans. On the other hand, Hootsuite has four simple packages, which start from 1915 INR ($23) per month. This Professional pack gives you to manage 10 social accounts. However, SocialBee starts at $29 per month and it assists you to only handle 5 social profiles. But, the price reduces to $23 if you go for the annual plan.
  • Hootsuite does not have an annual plan. You have to buy a monthly subscription.
  • Hootsuite has detailed analytics, which could be good for large businesses. SocialBee also offers effective analysis.
  • All the premium plans of SocialBee are available with a trial period of 14 days whereas Hootsuite lets you use the trial plan for 30 days.

Bottom line

The main difference between HootSuite and SocialBee is their trial period durations. Also, the number of social media accounts provided in the basic plans of these two social media management tools is a considerable difference. SocialBee is more focused on the quality of social media posts and their scheduling. However, Hootsuite has more features to cater to a wide range of users. This makes Socialbee a better alternative than Hootsuite.


MeetEdgar increases the traffic you are getting from your social media platforms and saves a lot of your time. With its content scheduling and tracking features you can grow your audience like never before.

MeetEdgar vs SocialBee

  • SocialBee and MeetEdgarstore all your posts even after you have posted them. So, you can share old posts by restyling.
  • Content scheduling is also available with both social media management tools.
  • Both applications have a user-friendly interface. But, SocialBee could be better for new users.
  • MeetEdgar lacks in terms of content creation. But it suggests variations. On the other hand, SocialBee is perfect for content development with its Canva integration and AI.
  • MeetEdgar does not have any integrations apart from Zapier. But, SocialBee is integrated with Canva, and you can also use it with Unsplash, Giphy, Pcket, Pabbly, and Zapier.
  • The starting price of MeetEdgar and SocialBee is around the same at $29.99 and $29 respectively. However, MeetEDgar gives you a trial period of only 7 days. On the contrary, SocialBee comes with a 14-day trial period for all its premium plans.
  • Only email support is available in MeetEdgar. SocialBee has live chat, calls, and emails for your assistance.

Bottom line

MeetEdgar could be a perfect choice if you want fresh feeds because it fills our content queue fast. Plus, it also gives you access to a live onboarding coach. This tool is also perfect for newcomers because of its simple interface. SocialBee might be the right choice if you have some time to create manual content and you want them to post directly on social media platforms.


Later is also a social media management tools if you want to create content and post them directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It also has a content creator, scheduler, daily task automation, and analytics. So, this tool not only helps to create high-quality content for your social profiles but also helps you to convert your followers into customers.

Later vs SocialBee

  • SoiclaBee helps you to publish content directly on more sites when compared to Later, which is only focused only on a few social media pages.
  • The cost of a SocialBee monthly subscription is lower, in both monthly and annual payment plans. Plus, it gives you five social media accounts in the basic plan. However, Later comes with only three social media profiles. But, it comes with 2 extra months free if you go for the yearly subscription.
  • Both applications give you a trial period of 14 days on all their plans.
  • Email and chat support are available with Later and SocialBee. However, SocialBee also provides chat support.
  • Later lacks AI intelligence, RSS feeds, and analytics. Moreover, it also cannot create workspaces. On the contrary, SocialBee has all these features.

Bottom line

Later is perfect for content planning and scheduling. But, SocialBee has a wide range of tools to build and maintain prominent social media coverage. If you need automation, AI content generation, multiple integrations, and analytics at affordable prices, try SocialBee. Prefer Later if you only looking to create and schedule your content.

Promo Republic

If you need a social media management tool to save your precious time, try Promo Republic. It’s also a perfect choice if you want to schedule your content for several social media platforms. Moreover, this application helps you to publish content directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Promo Republic vs SocialBee

  • SocialBee has a few more sites when compared to Promo Republic.
  • Promo Republic lacks hashtag collection, concierge services, audience tools, and onboarding. But, SocialBee has all of them.
  • The Promo Republic is expensive regardless of the plan you pick. However, by paying extra it gives you more social accounts to manage. But, SocialBee is affordable.
  • Promo Republic has a 14-day trial plan only on its entry-level plan, Small Business. The other two packs, Agency and Multi-Location only have an option to book a demo. They do not have a trial plan. On the other hand. SocialBee offers a 14-day trial plan on all its premium packages.

Content Studio

Content Studio is one of the best social management applications for digital marketers, agencies, entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium businesses who want to get the best out of their social media marketing strategies. It keeps you organized and helps you to manage content. Moreover, this tool automates a lot of tasks to reduce your efforts and save you time.

Content Studio vs SocialBee

  • Content Studio has more platforms where you can publish your content directly. However, SocialBee is only focused on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a few more.
  • Content Studio has a starting price of $20 per month if you buy its annual plan. So, SocialBee pricing is a little expensive as its entry-level plan starts from $24 per month per user. Both of them come with 5 social media profiles.


Sendible is a social media management tools if you want to grow your audience by attracting new clients. It helps you to create and manage high-quality content. Moreover, this tool schedules your content and saves you time.

Sendible vs SocialBee

  • Sendible and SocialBee are affordable. Their subscription fees are more or less similar.
  • SocialBee publishes your content to more platforms as compared to Sendible.
  • Sendible gives you a free trial period of 14 days only on its two premium plans while SocialBee has a trial period of 14 days on all its paid packs.
  • Money-back guarantee is only available with SocialBee.
  • Sendible is developed only for social media marketers and agencies. But, SocialBee serves a wide range of users including content creators, authors, coaches, freelancers, small & medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups.


Is SocialBee an easy-to-use social media management tool?

You might take time to learn any new application. However, SocialBee is an easy-to-use tool. Its dashboard is designed for everyone. You can find all the options, understand the analytics, and also take the help of your team members if needed using the team collaboration feature. Moreover, you can SocialBee in action on its website. So, it’s one of the best social media management tools for beginners.

What are the budget-friendly alternatives of SocialBee?

Hootsuite and Content Studio are the best alternative social management tools of SocialBee. Hootsuite and SocialBee are available at almost the same prices. But, you can save a little if you prefer Content Studio. But you should also keep in mind that SocialBee provides the best service compared to other alternatives in terms of quality as well as integration. Hootsuite has a starting price of 1915 INR ($23), Content Studio starts at $20 and SocialBee gives you a basic plan at $24 per month per user. These prices are for the annual plan.


SocialBee is one of the best social media management tools if you need an affordable and efficient application to handle your social marketing strategies. It’s content creation, AI integration, content scheduling, and analytics power your business to reach the top. Plus, you can post your content over all the platforms at once. So, you can try SocialBee for its cost-effective prices, features, time-saving abilities, and user-friendly interface.

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