Consider investing in open source ERP software for management if you want to run your educational institution efficiently. Such an application helps you manage all the school processes, including the maintenance of student information and communication between parents, teachers, and kids. Take a look at some of the best management applications for educational institutes and try sometime that suits your curriculum. 

Odoo Education Management System

  • Price: Free
  • Trial version: Not available

Managing the operations of a school or college is challenging because such institutions have multiple tasks to control. Odoo ERP is one of the best tools to govern such setups. It has plenty of features and functions to take charge of an educational establishment. 

Odoo educational ERP helps you to manage the payroll, leaves, educational qualifications, employment history, licenses, and all other attributes of the teachers. It also lets the administrator assign tasks to the faculties. This application offers complete transparency. So you will be aware of all its actions. 

Try the Odoo education management system if you want to boost the productivity of your establishment. Everything becomes easy once you implement this ERP software in your school, institute, or university. Not only can you manage employees and students, but also track the library books. There are many more functions to make your life easy. 


  • Price

Open source, free forever plan is available

Cloud-managed hosting starts from 750 INR/ site per month

  • Free trial: Available 

Providing education and degrees to students is a complex process, but the ERPNext education erp system allows you to manage students and teachers with a user-friendly portal. It supervises everything, including expenses, admissions, courses, attendance, student fees, assessment plans, a learning management system, and more, so you can focus on academics. In addition, this open source ERP software maintains all the student details, including their address, date of birth, emergency contacts, and other basic information.

Access to all the important documents is crucial in an educational institution. So, ERPNext comes with document storage, which lets you upload and share images and videos. You can use a link to upload the multimedia files using a link or store them directly. 

Megam Education

  • Price: 14 INR/student per month
  • Trial version: Not available 

Megam Education is an open source ERP software to improve the productivity of your school. It’s helpful for traditional classrooms and remote learning institutes. This application helps the teachers know more about the students to prepare the kids for their studies and exams effectively. Moreover, it allows the faculties to create detailed reports about the students for their assessments. 

Magam Education software manages all the professional activities in your school, including admissions, timetable, fee structure, attendance, and scheduling of classrooms. It also allows the school management to conduct online sessions with the students and teachers. 

Fedena School ERP 

  • Price: Customized pricing
  • Trial version: Available for 14 days

Foradian Technologies owns Fedena, a reputable management software for universities. This education software displays information on students, timetables, calendars, holidays, and much more. It’s simple yet diverse to offer multiple management functions, including admissions, finances, hostel operations, transportation, and inventory.

This education management software automates the daily operations of your establishment, which helps you to make fast and intelligent decisions. In addition, it provides 360-degree tracking for the administrators. You can purchase extra modules for this ERP as per the requirements.  


  • Price: Customized pricing
  • Free trial: No, only demo available

Classter Student & Learning Management is a cloud-based platform suitable for all sizes of educational establishments. It’s because this open source ERP software combines the functionalities of five different components, SIS (student information system), LMS (learning management system), SMS, CRM, and ERP in 12 modules. Hence, this application helps you to streamline all the operations in your academic setup. 

Classter comes with a smartphone application for teachers, students, and their parents. It creates a sync between all of them, which fills the communication gaps and ensures adequate development of the kids. Check the free demo on Classter for more details. However, you need to talk to the sales team to get the quote as per your needs. 


  • Price

Core/Startup is free. 

Core+ is available at $8/ staff per month. 

Enterprise has a custom price. 

  • Free trial: Available for 15 days

OpenSIS management application helps school administrators to manage almost all internal processes. It’s cloud-hosted. So you do not have to download and install anything. Signup and start enjoying OpenSIS. It’s hosted on Microsoft Azure. Therefore, 99.99 percent uptime is guaranteed.

OpenSIS can supervise attendance, library, classroom, contacts, grade books, and more. It has unique built-in predictive analytics, which includes machine learning and AI to identify weak students. Hence, you can reduce the dropout percentage. As this open source ERP software has a responsive design, teachers and students can access it on a smartphone without any trouble. 


  • Price

Free plan available for 50 students

Yearly Unlimited is available at $100 per year for 600 students. Set-up charges are $295. 

Monthly Unlimited is available at $39.50 per month for 600 students

  • Free Trial: No. But signup is free on both the premium plans

feKara is free if your institute has equal to or less than 50 students. It can manage all the processes in your educational establishment if the student pool is small. For more than 50 kids, you need the premium version.

feKara manages all the internal activities of a school, including admissions, attendance, examinations, online classes, finances, timetable, administration, library, and transport. It’s developed to grow with your establishment. So, this application is perfect for small to medium-sized institutes. 


  • Price: Free
  • Free trial: No

Gibbon is a cloud-based open-source ERP software for schools. It lets you manage a lot of educational and professional activities including attendance, assessments, finances, administration, and multiple more. As this is an open source application, you can add functionalities according to your requirements. 

Gibbon comprises core modules that are helpful to supervise a wide range of educational institutions. Therefore, it’s perfect for your establishments regardless of the number of students. Plus, this software is web-based. So, you can use it anywhere. 


  • Price: Gaia – $0.99. Apollo- $1.49. Athena – $2.99. The prices are per student per month
  • Free trial: Available for 30 days

QuickSchools is an easy-to-use school management software. It has all the functions you will need to run your school smoothly. As this application is open source, you can customize it as per your needs. Plus, you can download required apps from the App Developer Console. 

QuickSchools has features to access and manage student information, teacher details, attendance, grade book, report card, homework, transcripts, admissions, report creator, and more. In other words, it helps you supervise all the complex and time-consuming activities of your establishment. Apart from that, QuickSchools is also available as an application for Android and iOS smartphones. 


  • Price: Depends upon the features and hosting plan you choose
  • Free trial: No. Only the demo is available

OpenEduCat comes with multiple modules for financial management, admission management, student information system, learning management systems, and classroom management. Plus, it provides access to fee structures for parents and collects all the fees online. 

OpenEduCat streamlines your school management, maximizes revenues, and boosts your students’ experience with its comprehensive solutions. Hence, this open-source software attracts parents and enhances admissions rates. Apart from that, OpenEduCat is easy to integrate with many third-party plugins like data providers or payment gateways. 


  • Price: Customized pricing based on your requirements
  • Free trial: Not available

MyClassCampus is an open source ERP software package to streamline your educational institution’s processes and make them practical. It assists you in almost every activity, including online admissions, finance management, fee management, result generation, human resource management, and more. In addition, this application has integrations for attendance management, GPS bus tracking, SMS gateway, online payments, and profile scan. 

MyClassCampus offers step-by-step action to set the basic infrastructure of your institute. Once ready, it solves almost all the problems related to the management of your educational establishment. Hence, this application is perfect for schools, colleges, and groups of institutes. 

School Aura

  • Price

Basic – 1500 per month for 1000 students

Standard – 2500 INR per month for 4000 students

Premium – 4000 INR per month for 10000 students

  • Free trial: Not available. Only demo video 

If you want to be an intelligent school administrator, try School Aura. It helps you to manage any educational institution at your fingertips and minimizes your stress level. 

Staff and student management are easy with School Aura. Moreover, it can work as a virtual inquiry desk. So, this open source ERP software increases your school’s productivity and provides a high-quality environment for the students and teachers. In addition, it reduces the amount of paperwork. Know the limits and power of School Aura by booking its demo video. 

Final thoughts

Open source ERP software for educational institutions is developed to make administration and monitoring efficient. We suggested some of the best options available in the market. Try one of them to ensure the smooth & productive operation of your establishment. As these applications are open source, you can personalize all the functions and add new ones as per the needs of your teachers, students, and their parents. 

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