Odoo marketing automation is a powerful application to boost marketing efficiency. It’s simple to configure. Once ready, this tool allows you to manage all the marketing processes. Most importantly, it helps you to convert active leads into clients. Moreover, the automation system lets you send promotional programs to the right customer or partner at the right time. Let’s talk more about this program.

Odoo marketing automation – Features

Campaign management: Odoo helps you to create and run email marketing campaigns with effective targeting for better results. It also lets you schedule the campaign. This application has a wide range of attractive email templates to generate leads. Creating an email is easy. Choose a template, pick a layout, add the message or images, and you are done. 

Odoo lets you run the campaign in test mode to see the chain of events. Once you run it in live mode, the application showcases advanced statistics, including clicks, deliverability, open rate, and bounce rate. Visitor tracking is another impressive feature. Apart from that, it automatically creates and personalizes workflows using an intuitive interface for better visualization of your client’s journey. 

Segmentation: Odoo lets you segment the clients based on their behavioral and demographic attributes. It improves your marketing strategy and boosts open and click rates.

Lead management: Odoo marketing automation boosts the conversion rate by evaluating leads, which helps you to categorize them as per their activities on social media and blogs. Hence, you can make the most out of your marketing campaigns. 

Automation: As you can guess from its name, Odoo marketing automation automates a lot of sales and marketing processes to boost the productivity of your business. For instance, Oddo email automation automates emails as per the predetermined parameters. Then, this application automates updating of customer records. It also sends automatic SMSs for personal communication. 

Reporting & analysis: Odoo marketing automation provides real-time analytics, conversion rates, and other reports, which helps you to understand your clients better and create effective communication patterns. Plus, the reports and analysis help you to produce intelligent marketing campaigns to target the right audience. 

Integrations: Odoo business applications offer significant support for third-party plugins, and its marketing automation is not an exception. This application easily works with almost all third-party apps, Odoo modules, and plugins. Hence, you can integrate Odoo marketing automation with any other popular CRM, supply chain management, HRM, or eCommerce system. 

Odoo marketing automation – Advantages

Generating sales is one of the top priorities for any business, and Odoo marketing automation runs effective marketing campaigns to maximize revenue. Moreover, it allows you to engage the target audience and filter them through a sales funnel. In addition, this application offers the following benefits.

  • Cost-effective and time-saving: Odoo marketing automation enhances the quality and quantity of processes but never asks your staff to work extra. Instead, it automates the activities to save time and energy. Moreover, this automation software makes everything easy. It creates the marketing campaign and allows better management, which leads to high productivity and revenue. 
  • Streamlines the marketing: You can easily manage all the marketing activities via Odoo marketing automation. It also serves the client’s requirements at the various stages of relationships. Moreover, this application lets you control all the marketing campaigns from a single interface. 
  • Offers better results: The information gained from marketing campaign analysis and reports helps you to determine the effectiveness of your hard work. These data metrics show how successful your current campaign is and how you can improve. You can check the performance and conversion rates to reorganize your strategies. 
  • Personalized messages: Odoo marketing automation tool automates a lot of marketing functions. Still, it lets you personalize the campaigns. The application generates codes, which helps you to write personalized emails to all your clients without typing separate messages for all of them. People communicate more when they notice a personal touch in the conversion or written media. So, you will see positive impacts on your conversion rates.
  • High conversion and revenue: If you know the clients and you have optimized content, the conversion rate automatically climbs up. The leads are the result of several efforts and initiatives. But, things become easy with Odoo marketing automation because it helps you to make these attempts. 
  • Retention of existing clients: Strategically planned marketing initiatives results in a high customer retention rate. Your existing clients might purchase your services or products again if you attract them with new releases, discounts, festive offers, and promotions. They will visit your website if your products are relevant to their searches. Repeat clients result in long-term relationships, which ensures stable revenue for your business. 

Tips to boost sales with Odoo marketing automation software

Let’s talk about some tips that help you to design effective marketing campaigns.

  • Sending cold emails: Do you know what cold email is? It’s sending a message to a cold contact, someone who does not know about your whereabouts. However, you have to make sure the person opens your email. The subject line is one of the factors that determine whether an individual reads an email or leaves it intact. So, write attractive subject lines to entice the readers so that they read your message. 
  • Target proper audience: Do you sell B2B services or products? Then you must know how to target the right companies. Startups and small to medium-sized organizations need a different approach when compared to enterprises.

The next step is to find the correct readers interested in your services or items. For instance, employees at the lower ladder of a hierarchy cannot decide to purchase business-related objects. These people ignore your email even if you target the right brand. Your emails are respected only if they reach someone with decision-making power. 

  • Time of emails: As per a survey by YesWare, if the receiver does not open an email within 24 hours, then it might remain intact forever. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best to send emails because people are feeling psychologically comfortable these days. Most people are highly active in the morning (8 to 10 AM) and the afternoon (1 to 3 pm). So, these durations are better for email campaigns. If you handle international clients, then keep a check on regional time zones and holidays. 
  • Do not try to sell: Do you know the best way to build an unbreakable relationship with clients or customers? Listen to them, understand what they need and respond accordingly. Do not put pressure on selling your products or services. Instead, demonstrate your previous works, take their suggestions, and show a problem-solving attitude. Figure out your responses according to the communication of a client. 
  • Do not forget to take notes: None of us should overlook the basics. Performance statistics are crucial in marketing campaigns. So, check their performance, analyze and make improvements. Note down the steps you followed. In addition, collect data according to the user activities and provide them with potential solutions to boost conversion rates. 


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the technologies and applications designed to help marketing teams and businesses to promote their product or services effectively across all online channels, including websites, social media, and email. Moreover, it automates repetitive activities to save time and resources. Hence, such software increases productivity and reduces human error. 

How to write an effective subject line for a cold email?

Check the given points to create an attractive subject line.

  • Keep it crisp: Do not cross the limit of 60 characters, including spaces. Lengthy subject lines are not showcased entirely. What could be the result? Most receivers might ignore your emails.
  • Create personal messages: Include the real name of the person or company in the recipient’s name. You should also use a simple and easy-to-remember business name. Your message should look like it’s created especially for the client. Use their name and show them your research about your requirements.
  • Make it relevant: Show the reader that the new message can solve one of their problems or enhance their lifestyle or something fascinating and relevant to them. Make the users think that you went out of the way to assist them. 
  • Show a bit of urgency: Try to use prompting phrases, which can compel the recipient to open the email as soon as possible. If the email stays in  the inbox for a long time, the user might never touch it again. 
  • Send authentic messages: As stated earlier, your goal should be to understand the clients and provide solutions accordingly. Hence, show the willingness and content that can give them what they need. People like brands and individuals who listen to them and solve their concerns.


Odoo marketing automation is an advanced business application that optimizes your email campaigns, tracks potential customers, runs automated email campaigns, and plans outreach campaigns. So, consider this application if you plan to boost the number of visitors to your site and improve your conversion rates. This software is free. Try or use it without any risks. 

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