Notion is a safe and secure application in comparison to its competitors. There are no red flags if we talk about your data. However, the safety standards of this software are average. Do not expect any award-winning innovations. If you want to know more about the privacy and data protection measures of Notion, you are on the right page. 

Notion – What is it?

We know you are here to understand the safety and privacy policies of Notion. However, we cannot discuss any point if you are unaware of the basics. Scroll down and read the next section if you already know about Notion. Stay with us if you are unfamiliar with this name.

Notion is an online workspace that assists you in project management, task management, documentation, and organization. Therefore, it boosts your productivity. Notion provides subscription-based services and has one free plan & three premium versions. 

The freemium web application stores all your information in its cloud. Hence, you can access it on all devices including your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. What’s more? This software is available for almost all the major operating systems (Android. Windows, iOS, and Mac).

Is Notion safe to use?

An application is safe to use until and unless it harms other software and device services. So, Notion is safe because it never compromises the safety of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This application does not have any virus and it’s not a scam program to steal your data or information. Moreover, Notion does not have any negative impacts on your mental well-being. 

Notion is developed by Notion Labs, a legitimate startup headquartered in San Francisco. So, this application is far from a scam. Plus, there are no reports of fraud associated with this brand. Overall, your device and hardware stay safe with Notion. 

Is Notion secure?

Notion is safe to use. But, what about the security features of Notion? Can it expose your personal or business-related data? Can someone else hack Notion to steal your financial information? All these questions are common before you pick a project management or note-taking application. 

Notion is a web-based software, and none of the online programs are perfect in terms of security. Still, Notion does well in this department. Your data is secure. However, you don’t get additional security measures. Let’s see how secure this project management application is.

Data protection

Notion has multiple approaches to keep your data secure. Check the list for a better understanding.

  • Notion has completed SOC Type 1 and Type 2 reports, which means it has the highest standards of security policies and controls. 
  • The application depends upon TLS. Therefore, your data is encrypted.
  • Notion also uses AES-256-bit encryption to keep your database connection credentials safe. 
  • Works entirely on AWS. Therefore, your documents cannot be accessed via the internet. AWS data centers have 24-by-7 security, video surveillance, biometric scanning, and many more security measures to keep your data secure. 
  • Established security firms perform quarterly audits of Notion’s reliability. 
  • You get a notification of data breaches within 72 hours.
  • Notion employees get regular training on security and data protection.

Access & Controls

Notion uses high-grade user management tools to ensure only you can access your documents. It keeps information secure using SSO (single sign-on). Apart from that, this application provides users and groups with its SCIM API, which is only applicable to Enterprise customers. 

The administrators of the Enterprise plan can set rules at workplaces, including whether the employees can share the pages externally or not. They can also set privileges for guests. So, everything remains in your control. 

Is Notion end-to-end encrypted?

Notion is not end-to-end encrypted. Most productivity and project management applications are not developed with this security feature. So, Evernote, Google Workspace, Bear Notes, Roam, and a lot of note-takers do not have E2EE. The data in all these software is stored with basic levels of symmetric encryption. Therefore, the employees of Notion and other project management software can access your files. 

End-to-end encrypted Notion alternatives

Consider the following products if you are looking for project management, note-taking, or productivity software with E2EE. 

Standard Notes

If you want end-to-end encryption and unmatched privacy controls, try Standard Notes. It’s one of the best alternatives to Notion, Evernote, Apple Notes, and Google Keep. Apart from the web-based version, this software also has a top-notch application for iOS and Android.


You can configure Joplin for end-to-end encryption because this security feature is turned off by default. The open-source note-taking software also lets you collaborate. It has an Android and iOS application. So, you can access your files anywhere.


Try Skiff if privacy is your priority because it’s an end-to-end encrypted application for notes, storage, email, and file sharing. This software works on Mac and has apps for iOS & Android. In addition, you get online storage of 10 GB. 

How does Notion compare to other applications?

Notion is not end-to-end encrypted. However, it’s not the only productivity software without this security measure.

  • Evernote does not offer E2EE by default. However, you can use its Windows or Mac OS app to select the text manually and encrypt them.
  • Google Drive does not have E2EE. Most of the users prefer BoxCryptor to deploy E2EE in this application. The drive has 128-bit AES for your files at rest and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption for the documents in transit.
  • Apple Notes also lacks E2EE. However, you can use its Secure Notes Function to enjoy encryption.
  • Craft app does not offer end-to-end encryption. But, it lets you store the notes locally.
  • Roam Research does not have E2EE. However, you can encrypt specific text or blocks. 

Privacy concerns

You cannot hide the email addresses of members and guests invited to your Notion workplace. It’s possible to manage who you invite to your space. However, all of them can see each other’s email IDs. They have to open “Settings & Members” to check this information. So, be careful who you invite to your workplaces.

The loophole makes client management a bit challenging. For instance, suppose you are a digital marketing agency working with several clients simultaneously. Well, there are chances that these customers might compete with each other. You might not want to disclose these details to your consumers. 


Can I store passwords in Notion?

No, we don’t recommend you store passwords in Notion. Instead, try LastPass or 1Password. Notion is not created to store sensitive information like bank statements, passwords, and financial details. The brand is serious about the safety and security of your data. Still, you should try the platforms that are specially designed to hold delicate information. 

What is end-to-end encryption?

A level of encoding wherein only the communicating devices can decrypt the data and show the details. Each party generates a private key and a set of user keys. The former is a secret and is used to decrypt the data while the latter is shared to encrypt the messages, texts, files, or any other detail. In an end-to-end encrypted environment, only users can access their data. No one else can know what you have, not even the providers. 

Why does Notion lack end-to-end encryption?

Deployment of E2EE is challenging in a collaborative application. Participation of multiple members can make the encryption slower and it might not work well. Therefore, try Standard Notes and Obsidian if you need end-to-end encryption. However, these applications are only suitable for single users. You can use them to organize your personal or professional life. 

Does Notion have access to the content of my notes?

Notion employees can access your data only after your written consent. They might do it to improve your experience in the future. The brand is working to make this clear on its Privacy page. However, Notion Labs staff is already practicing this rule internally. 

Should I stop using Notion for task management because it’s unsafe?

The team of Notion is legally bound to keep your data safe. So, you can continue using it. However, be careful about the information and details you store on such an application. Keeping all your files and data in one place is a bright idea, but make an exception for sensitive details including your banking passwords. Do not store anything that can cause financial or personal loss. 

Final thoughts

Your Notion account is safe because it’s password-protected. In other words, no one can see or steal your data. Hence, your documents, project details, and to-do tasks are also secure on Notion cloud storage. 

However, Notion does not have two-factor authentication, which is an industry standard nowadays because a lot of workplaces and productivity applications offer this additional security layer. Notion gives you the dashboard once you enter your ID and password. But, two-factor authentication sends an OTP to your registered mobile number or email address for your verification. The second step is crucial if someone else has your identity and authentication password. 

Talking about the positive sides, Notion has industry-standard encryption for data protection. The brand can improve by offering end-to-end encryption that’s uncommon in the world of productivity applications. Hence, it can stay ahead of its competitors by offering higher levels of privacy and security measures. 

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