Are you searching for a hiring software for small businesses? Then you know how tricky the hiring process is. But, you are in the right place. Here, we will give you some useful information to hire talented candidates.

You can find tons of hiring applications. All of them might look similar to you, but they are unique. Think of such solutions as human fingerprints. They look similar but bear significant differences.

Let’s discuss some top-rated recruiting software for small businesses to understand them better. You can check all the solutions, compare their features, and try something that can help you make some meaningful hires.

Benefits of Staffing Software for Small Business

Hiring is an important part of all businesses, especially if you own a small organization. Small companies need talented candidates who can grow and develop with them. Plus, startups and small to medium-sized brands seek staff who possess multiple skills. Therefore, finding the right candidate for a particular profile could be challenging sometimes.

You can simplify the hiring process and minimize the number of hours you spend on the applicants by selecting one of the best staffing software for small businesses. You can enjoy the following benefits if you choose the right one.

Multichannel job posting

A hiring solution for small businesses lets you post your jobs on multiple platforms, including career pages, job portals, social media handles, and agencies without significant manual work. Hence, your organization gets more exposure, and your applicant inflow increases.

Easy collaboration and communication

Most hiring software for small businesses lets you & your colleagues collaborate and share feedback about the applicants. Hence, such solutions make your hiring process effective.


The hiring and onboarding solutions automate a lot of processes. For instance, they notify you when candidates send their resumes and reply to them with automated messages. It also schedules the interviews automatically and shares the timings with your HR team.

High productivity

High-grade recruitment applications like BreezyHR come with an easy-to-use interface. So, you can complete all the tasks without wasting a lot of time. Moreover, there are several features to perform all the tasks faster. Hence, such solutions increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization.

Top 10 Affordable Hiring Software for Small Business in 2023


BreezyHR is one of the best staffing software for small businesses. It saves your time by advertising open positions to over 50 websites with one click. Moreover, this solution automates a lot of tasks including pre-screening of candidates, scheduling interviews, collecting feedback, and sending emails from the early and final stages of the hiring process.

With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Breezy removes all the pain from the hiring process. Also, it has job-specific recommendations and Boolean search to help you engage with active candidates. After you select the potential candidates, this application helps you to qualify those using customized pipelines.

Once you are on the BreezyHR dashboard you can schedule an interview, send emails, arrange a background check, and review scorecards. You can also send the offers using this software. You can check all the features using its free trial.

The Bootstrap version is free forever and lets you connect unlimited users. It can also distribute jobs on over 50 job boards. However, advanced features like background screening, live video meetings, and interview self-scheduling are only available in the premium editions.

Try BreezyHR if you want to streamline the hiring process of your business. This solution comes with a free plan and fully featured free trials on all the paid packs. It integrates with a wide range of third-party platforms like Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, GoodHire, Slack, LinkedIn, and more. So, ReezyHR is the best recruitment software for startups.

This solution is also ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, fast-growing organizations, and companies that are always busy with recruitment via emailing and interview scheduling.

Key features

  • Creates career sites
  • Posts job everywhere
  • Automated background checks
  • Streamline your offer process
  • HRIS partnerships


  • Full Feature 30-Day Trial without credit card
  • Free forever Bootstrap edition
  • Automates a lot of tasks and saves your time
  • A wide range of integrations
  • Over 800 HR and recruiting templates
  • Mobile application
  • World-class support


  • No phone line to contact the support system


Starts from $157 per month

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a highly customizable hiring software for small businesses and agencies. It has powerful CRM and ATS in one platform. Moreover, this solution is scalable and comes with remote hiring tools to find you the right candidate. You can sign up and try the free plan of Zoho Recruit.

The Forever Free plan is only suitable for one active job. You can upgrade to one of the premium plans for more active jobs and advanced features like candidate sourcing, resume management, social recruiting, and more. The premium packs are affordable, which is perfect for startups, small agencies, budget-restricted HR teams, and businesses.

Zoho Recruit has an automated hiring software that helps you to find, and communicate with the candidates and analyze them. Such efficient hiring ensures you get high-value employees for your organization. Moreover, it posts your jobs on over 75 boards with a single click. You can also share the listings using your social media handles.

The Recruit keeps track of the candidates at all their hiring stages. Furthermore, its advanced analytics help you to improve your hiring process. In addition, this staffing software for small business has custom automation features to expedite the recruitment stages.

Zoho Recruit has a unique feature called Temp job search. It finds the candidates as per your requirements, handles the projects you assign them, tracks the working hours, and generates the invoices accordingly. You might not find such functions in any other hiring application.

Key features

  • End-to-end recruitment software
  • More than 50 integrations
  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android


  • Forever free plan to understand the basics
  • Workflow automation
  • Reasonable subscription fees


  • Job posting on popular job boards costs extra


Starts from $15 (1250 INR) per month/user if billed annually


Manatal is an AI-based hiring software for small businesses. It helps you to source and hire meaningful candidates without any challenges. This application is easy to use because of its drag-and-drop interface. So, you can conveniently customize recruitment pipelines. Also, you can see the overview of the hiring process in a Kanban single-board view.

Here comes the good news. Manatal posts your job openings to over 2500 free and premium job portals. It has all the popular platforms including Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Flexjobs, and many more. You can manage all the job campaigns from a single dashboard.

The artificial intelligence engine of Manatal filters all the candidates and suggests the best ones according to your job requirements. It also automates repetitive tasks. Moreover, the AI adds LinkedIn and other social media links & data with the profiles of the aligned candidates. It searches more than 20 social and public websites to enrich the profiles.

You can showcase your company values and culture by creating a Career Page. You do not need technical resources for this step. The page is compatible with almost all the web platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

Manatal comes with a smartphone application. So, you can enjoy its features on the move. As you can use this recruitment software for startups on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, you never miss any activity about your recruitment process.

Key features

  • Modern all-in-one recruitment software
  • Candidate onboarding & placement management
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate enrichment using social media profiles


  • AI recommendations for candidates for efficient hiring
  • Excellent candidate management
  • Customizable templates
  • 14-day trial on all the premium editions


  • There are no ways to save the filters


Starts from $15 per user/month


Homerun is the best platform to hire employees, especially if you own a small business. It deserves your attention because of several reasons. First, this solution streamlines your hiring process. Second, it lets you collaborate with your colleagues so that you can keep everyone on the same page. Third, this application helps you reach meaningful candidates.

In addition, it has the following qualities:

  • Stores everything related to the hiring process in one place
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop editor
  • Produces visually attractive job post pages
  • Stores note about the candidates, & their interviews and help you in feedback sharing
  • Sets reminders, to-dos, roles, and permissions
  • Showcases candidates in a Kanban-style overview including all the hiring stages

There are many more useful features to make things easy for you. For instance, Homerun keeps track of all your jobs in one dashboard. So, you can plan interviews, send emails, create hiring pipelines, and do much more without using multiple applications.

Apart from that, Homerun comes with pre-designed job posts, templates for job descriptions, and customizable interview forms. Hence, you can start hiring within a few minutes after signing up with Homerun. Signing up with Homerun is also quick and easy.

All Homerun premium plans come with a free trial of 15 days without asking for your credit card details. Hence, you can check all the features and upgrade if you find them useful for your business or agency.

Try Homerun if you want to create a positive experience for the candidates and attract the right individuals. It makes the recruitment activities smooth and saves a lot of your time. Moreover, this staffing software for small businesses is intuitive. So, you can comfortably use it even if you are not tech-savvy.

Key features

  • Easy no-code builder
  • Dashboard for all your jobs
  • Gets ready within a few minutes
  • Online resources to help you learn


  • Easy to use
  • Collaboration features to review the candidates
  • Excellent candidate tracking
  • Superb customer support
  • Value for money


  • More integrations are needed, especially in the categories of chatbot, assessment, job boards, and HRIS


Starts from $30 (€25) per month, if paid annually


BambooHR is an all-in-one recruitment software for startups and small to medium businesses. It’s a complete HR solution that includes hiring, onboarding, payroll, reporting, and more. So, it could be a perfect choice if you need something more than a hiring tool.

BambooHR helps you to

  • Find, track, hire, and bring on board talented staff
  • Analyze advanced reports on the candidates
  • Access HR management tools
  • Track working hours
  • Run payroll and manage benefits

BambooHR is intuitive, easy to use, and clear to understand. You and your team members can get its options without spending a lot of time. Hence, they will respect you for choosing a high-quality, yet user-friendly hiring software for small businesses.

Listening to your employees is crucial for the development of your business. BmabooHr has several tools to help you collect the feedback of your staff. Such an activity improves the satisfaction level of your staff.

BambooHR gives you an implementation team to set up your account. This team also trains you in its key functions. Moreover, you get ready-made slides and email templates to introduce this solution in your organization. These are some of the reasons why over 30,000 big and small companies trust BambooHR.

Try BambooHR if you own a growing small or medium-sized business. It has the features you need to grow. You can sign up for this application and use it for free. Once the trial period is over, you can upgrade if you like the features.

Key features

  • All-in-one HR software
  • HR data & reporting
  • More than 125 integrations


  • User-friendly interface
  • Saves your cost and time
  • Time tracking feature
  • Over 30, 000 users prefer BambooHR
  • Free trial available


  • Reporting features and tools need some improvement. They are not user-friendly.


The prices of BambooHR are only available once you request a quote from its website.


TalentReef is a recruitment and hiring software for small businesses that also has features to boost the engagement levels of employees. Moreover, it can track the performance of your staff. If we talk about recruitment, this solution covers all its stages.

TalenReef shows you the performance reviews of your staff, shares their feedback, and sets goals for them. You can give them recognition based on their performance and target-achieving skills. This tool is also effective for hourly staff as it keeps track of working hours.

You can post jobs, screen candidates, schedule interviews, and perform many other tasks to get talented staff for your company. Moreover, TaentReef helps you automate a lot of workflows to smoothen the hiring activities. In addition, it has retention tools. So, you can retain the experienced and talented staff of your company.

Chat Apply is a unique feature of TalentReef. This feature uses a conversational AI chatbot to engage with applicants and help them fill out the required details. The AI follows structured conversations, which ensures the candidates can complete the applications and get the interview schedule within a few minutes. The recruiters and HR receive calendar invites for the interviews automatically.

TalentReef also helps you reach potential candidates over their phone. It texts a keyword or short code to receive the jobs available at an applicant’s region. Once the candidates get their interview schedule, they can change the timings via text.

Key features

  • Automated Interview Scheduling
  • Text Communications
  • Tracking of the applicants
  • Employee self-service
  • Goal-based performance management


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Talent management and recruitment at one dashboard
  • Fulfills all the needs of hourly workers
  • Customizable templates and workflows


  • Pricing is not transparent, you have to select the services to know the cost details


Select the functionalities on the TalentReef website to get the best price.


Teamtailor is a perfect recruitment software for startups, small to medium businesses, and enterprises. In other words, it fulfills the needs of all sizes of companies. You can book a demo to see this application in action or you can sign up for a free trial plan.

Job management is easy with Teamtailor. You can edit, archive, change the status of your job posts, or delete them whenever you want. Then, it has a Smart Schedule that automatically selects the interview time when you and your team are available.

Teamtailer is an all-in-one recruitment solution. So, it lets you collaborate efficiently and save a lot of time. In addition, the automated triggers and customizable recruitment workflows make everything easy. What’s more? This software has optimized SEO for job ads. Hence, you can improve your ranking in the search results with the help of SEO optimization.

An analytics dashboard by Teamtailor helps you to make data-driven decisions and improve your recruitment process. It also helps you in internal recruitment. So, if you are a startup, planning to be an enterprise someday, then Teamtailer could be the best platform to hire employees.

Give your applicants a smooth experience throughout your hiring process using Teamtailor. This solution lets you create a career site to showcase the values of your brand and attract the right candidates. Moreover, it also helps you to nurture relationships with talents and engage them.

Key features

  • All-in-one recruitment software
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Transparent recruitment
  • Powerful integrations
  • Free demo within 30 seconds on the Teamtailor website


  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent applicant tracking system
  • Perfect for growing businesses        
  • Email and Live chat support
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Free trial available


  • No free plan


Request the price on the Teamtailor website to get the estimated idea.


Are you always busy hiring through premium job boards? Then, ApplicantPro could be the best platform to hire employees for you because of its time-saving features. This application automatically identifies the suitable job boards to post your jobs.

ApplicantPro increases the flow of applicants, minimizes your workload, and improves the hiring quality. It posts jobs to more than 4000 job boards. Then, this solution also evaluates the candidates to reduce turnover. After screening, it engages them quickly to get the best ones for your business.

With the help of powerful job posting and sourcing, ApplicantPro ensures your job posts are seen by top talents. Plus, it has high conversion online applications, which boosts your applicant flow. Apart from that, this platform also lets you create fully branded career pages where job seekers can apply for your open positions.

Attracting and recruiting meaningful candidates is challenging in today’s chaos. However, you can feel comfortable with the help of ApplicantPro because it meets all your hiring needs. So, try this solution if you are a small business owner, a recruitment marketing agency, or you are an HR.

Here comes a surprise. ApplicantPro is a platinum partner of Indeed. Plus, more than 9000 companies are enjoying its benefits. You can also try this fantastic hiring software using its free trial. If not, then check the demo to understand more about ApplicantPRo functions.

Key features

  • Automated applicant screening
  • Streamlined scheduling of interviews
  • Pricing is based on the number of employees
  • More than 17 years in this business


  • Posts jobs to over 4000 job boards
  • Easy collaboration with your hiring team       
  • Hires and retains top talent
  • Generates instant ROI


  • Does not have a free plan


The price depends upon the number of employees in your organization. Visit the ApplicantPro website to learn more about the cost.


VIVAHR is a top-notch recruitment software for startups and small businesses, especially if you have up to 100 employees. It’s a cloud-based application that streamlines your hiring process. Hence, you can use this solution to find and hire top talents as per your requirements without wasting a lot of time.

We recommend VIVAHR because it has all the features to manage your recruitment activities at a reasonable monthly subscription fee. You can create job posts and post them to more than 50 job boards. It also gives you templates to create the perfect positions.

Moreover, VIVAHR keeps track of all the applicants throughout the hiring process. It is specially designed to serve small businesses. So, this solution understands the problems you are facing and has options to solve them.

With the help of VIVAHR, you can collaborate with the hiring team to screen the applicants. Also, it creates candidate profiles or rapid assessments. In addition, this hiring software for small businesses detects red flags early in the process, which keeps you safe from wasting time on bad hires.

VIVAHR integrates with over 860 apps, including CRMs like Salesforce, HubsSpot, Pipedrive, Streak, and more. You can also integrate it with several HR apps like BambooHR, Willo, Starred, GoCo, Engage, etc. If you want to check all the features of VIVAHR, sign up for its free trial plan.

Key features

  • An all-in-one applicant tracking system
  • Automation of the hiring process
  • Posts jobs on more than 50 boards
  • Collaboration features


  • Perfect for healthcare, hospitality, and trade industry
  • Suitable for small businesses with offices at different locations
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Free trial on all the premium editions


  • The number of job boards is less


Starts from $89 per month (1 location)


Workable takes a lot of stuff out of your plate with its self-scheduling features and automation. Moreover, it comes with over 1000 templates to create visually attractive job applications. This solution also has background checks.

Collaboration and evaluation with your hiring team are crucial for screening candidates. Workable is the best platform to hire employees when we talk about collaboration. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface. So, you and your colleagues can easily learn to use this application.

You can create attractive career pages with workable. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor. So, you get impressive pages without consulting technical experts. Apart from that, this platform lets you post your jobs on more than 200 sites. You can also share the job postings using your social media handles.

Workable has AI Recruiter technology, which offers you a list of top passive candidates for your job profile. You get this list each time you post a job. Moreover, AI helps you to select the best candidates or candidate, especially when you are torn between two of them.

Workable comes with a smartphone application for both iOS and Android. So, you can access the resources and manage the recruitment process regardless of your location. You can try all the features of this staffing software for small businesses by starting its free version of 15 days.

Key features

  • Hiring, onboarding, and management of employees
  • Self-interview scheduling
  • Supports e-signing of the documents
  • Mobile applications


  • Extremely easy to use
  • More than 700 interview templates
  • One-click job posting to over 200 sites
  • Automates hiring processes
  • Top-notch collaboration tools
  • Free trial of 15 days


  • No free plan, only a free trial of 15 days is available


Starts from $149 per month

How to Select the Best Platform to Hire Employees for Small Businesses?

If you want to streamline your hiring process, then the first step is to pick high-quality hiring software for small businesses. Such solutions come with a wide range of features to enhance your hiring experience. So, picking the right application is crucial. To get a suitable option, we suggest you consider the following factors:

  • Free trial: We suggest you try an option that has a free trial without credit card details. This test drive is essential to understand the features of a hiring tool and ensure they match your requirements.
  • Interface: Make sure you pick a solution with an easy-to-understand interface so that everyone in your company loves it. Do not try something with a steep learning curve. Otherwise, you and your teammates might lose a lot of hours understanding its functions.
  • Features: Recruitment software for startups and small businesses comes with a useful set of features. Try something that has all the features and functions you need, including job posting on various job boards, interview scheduling, automation collaboration, and more.
  • Pricing: Try hiring software as per the budget limitations of your business. Compare the selected options to see which one gives you the best value for money.
  • Integrations: If you want to improve the efficiency of your business, look for an HR solution that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of third-party platforms.
  • Scalability: Prefer a recruitment solution that can adjust itself according to the needs of your business. Try something that comes with multiple premium plans, so that you can upgrade as per your needs.
  • Customer support: A fast, knowledgeable, and efficient customer support function is crucial if you want quick resolution of any issues you face. A high-quality backup team ensures a trouble-free experience.
  • Security: Prefer staffing software for small businesses with robust security features and follow data protection regulations. Your hiring activities might involve a lot of sensitive information that could not be suitable for public view.

How Hiring Software for Small Businesses is Used?

Do you own a small business? Then you know a full-fledged HR team is not possible in such a setup. It’s where recruitment software comes into the picture. Such applications make the hiring process effortless, and fast.

The recruitment process is lengthy, time-consuming, and tiring if you do not have hiring software for small businesses. Generally, most of the small businesses use such applications for the following tasks:

  • Job posting

All the hiring applications can post job openings on several job boards like Monster, Indeed, Flexjobs, and more. A lot of them provide templates to create the job postings. Candidates see these postings and then contact your HR team for an interview.

  • Candidate tracking

HR or hiring managers use recruitment solutions to track all the applicants during the hiring stages. You can also filter, select, interview, and evaluate the candidates. You can also provide feedback after each recruitment stage.

  • Performance management

The HR team is responsible for building an environment wherein all your employees can work efficiently. They also need to manage the performance of the staff to boost their leadership qualities, strengthen interpersonal skills, and make them a better professional. Most recruitment software for startups or small businesses has the option to check the performance of your workforce.

Tips on Low-Cost Hiring for Small Businesses

Hiring is not an easy task. People are craving for good positions. Still, US companies spent around $4000 to recruit new staff. Also, it takes 52 days on average to hire a candidate for an open position.

To reduce costs, you can use high-quality hiring software for small businesses like BreezyHR, Zoho Recruit, or Manatal. But, you should know how to get the best out of such an application. Otherwise, you might not get the expected results even if you use powerful hiring software. Also, you can use many other tools to expedite the process and reduce the investment. Follow the given steps to hire meaningful candidates for your small business.

Know what you need

The small business hires are generally divided into three categories. There could be more, but the basic perspective stays the same.

  • Recruitment for expertise: You cannot do well in all the tasks and projects. If you are hiring someone for jobs that you cannot accomplish, then consult some experienced professionals. They can give you multiple tips and suggestions to review the applicants. You can also get some questions for better evaluation.
  • Recruitment for capacity: You cannot accomplish everything in a business, but you do a lot. But, you need a hire to do the same things as your business grows. This hiring does not pose a challenge because you already know what you need. Still, try to be creative and see if the applicants can handle an entire project. Or what types of projects they can handle.
  • Recruitment for hate: Yes, you read right. People hire employees to do the tasks they hate. You can do that, but hire someone who loves the jobs you do not want on your plate.

Create a winning job description

If you know what type of candidates you need, the next step is to write a job description. Here, you are getting a chance to stand out in the jungle of known corporates. So, do not take hints from boring job postings that contain a monotonous paragraph followed by some bullet points.

Instead, spend some time talking about your business, who you are, and why a job seeker should work with you. We suggest you follow the given format.

  • Wanted: Start with a paragraph to describe your business and the job profile in brief.
  • Who you are: Tell more about your business in simple words. Also, state the working culture of your company. Imagine if you are creating a dating profile for your organization. In other words, add some charm and passion to your statements.
  • What you need: Describe the type of candidates you need. Talk about the personality traits and skill sets.
  • What will you do: Add specific details about the jobs. Explain what the working hour looks like if someone joins your company. In addition, add bullet points for the key responsibilities.
  • How to apply: You will ask for the resume, which is obvious. But, also seek the cover letter with the reason why the applicant is interested in working for your business. Also, ask them to add relevant experiences and skillsets.

A resume tells you about the career path of the candidates and a cover letter exposes how they are prepared for your job posting. It also shows you the communication level of the applicants. So, you can reject or select them right after reading the cover letter.

  • Optional details: You can add some more points to know the candidates better. For instance, you can add questions like, how do you prefer to get things done? How do you manage your time every day? Or you can ask about opinions, which could be anything related to your business or something else that helps you to evaluate the candidates.

Do not worry if the job posting becomes long. If the candidates are serious and interested in your job post, they will read till the end. You can take the help of BreezyHR to create the job postings. It has a lot of templates to design visually attractive postings.

Filter the applicants

Here comes the most challenging part of the recruitment process, selecting the interview candidates. You can either reject the applications without a cover letter or if their cover letter does not contain the information you requested. Or you can check all the resumes to see if the candidates without the cover letter have the skills or relevant experience. The latter is a time-consuming process.

You can add a list of questions to make the screening easy. Create a form to get the answers you need. If the candidates apply for your job, they need to answer a set of questions related to experience and skills.

A lot of applicants might not fill out the form and abandon the process. But, those who need a job will answer all the queries. BreezyHR can be helpful in this step as well because this staffing software for small businesses automates the pre-screening of the applicants.

Post the job

Now you are ready with an appealing job description and question form. The next step is to post the position. BreezyHR can automatically post your jobs on over 50 job boards with one click. You can also perform the task manually, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

  • On your company website: Update the full-length version of your job posting on your business website.
  • Social media handles: Post the open position on all the social media profiles your company has, especially Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. We suggest you use your accounts as well. We know hiring your friends might not be possible.

However, there are many more individuals related to one person, which can be a family member, or juniors in professional and educational terms. Do not forget to link your website with the job posts you place on social media platforms. You can also check with your existing employees if they can promote your jobs on their profiles on social media engines.

  • Job boards: Craigslist is one of the best places to post job positions. You can also try industry sites and school or college job boards. If you want to hire people with a particular degree or training certificate, post your jobs on the job boards at universities, colleges, and institutes that offer those degrees or certifications. In addition, you can also try general job sites like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

Screen the candidates

The application forms we discussed in step number three can help you a lot in screening. Still, you might get hundreds of emails. We recommend you set up a different account for HR activities. It should not be your primary business email. Or you can take the help of BreezyHR as this recruitment software for startups and small businesses comes with automated screening of applicants.

Interview the selected candidates

BreezyHR schedules the interviews automatically. You can also do it manually, but you have to spend a lot of time. Once you have a list of 5 to 10 candidates, send them emails regarding a telephone conversation. This conversation ensures you and the applicants are on the same page.

Open a notepad while you talk to them and write down the questions you want to ask. For instance, why do you want to join us? Why do you want to switch to a new company? What types of projects you can manage? Etc.

Hire the best candidate

You have to act fast if you want the cream applicants. Make an offer and make sure the new hire agrees because sending an offer is only part. The candidates have to accept it and reach your office or contact you (in case you are hiring for remote teams) on the day of joining, which is the most important part. So, try to offer the right candidates within a few days. Do not spend a lot of time.


What is hiring software for small businesses?

Hiring or recruitment software automates a lot of administrative tasks such as posting jobs, communicating with candidates, interview scheduling, resume management, and more. Hence, such solutions improve the efficiency of your company, save you time, and reduce your overall investment in the recruitment process. On top of that, these application provides an excellent experience to the candidates and hiring staff.

Which is the best platform to hire employees for small businesses?

BreezyHR is the best platform to hire employees for small businesses because it has a perfect balance of functionality and affordability. It is specially designed to optimize your recruitment efforts. This solution helps you create visually attractive career sites without any coding. Plus, it has over 800 templates to let you design stylish job postings. What’s more? BreezyHR posts your jobs on more than 50 job boards within one click.

BreezyHR has a forever-free plan. Also, its premium comes with a free trial of 30 days without asking for your credit card details. So, you can try this software without any risks and upgrade if you get some benefits. Zoho Recruit, Manatal, and Homerun are its cheap alternatives.

How to get the best out of staffing software for small businesses?

You can enjoy multiple benefits of recruitment software if you choose it carefully, as per your requirements. Then, follow the given four tips.

  • Make sure the solution checks all the boxes before you deploy it.
  • Understand how to use the software, read its documents, and watch the tutorials.
  • Configure the application and customize it as per your usage.
  • Set automation for repetitive tasks.
  • Update the recruitment process as per the data and its analysis

Final Thoughts

Now you know some of the best hiring software for small businesses. All the recommendations come with a unique set of features and pricing. We hope the reviews give you an idea about the new possibilities in your hiring process.

Check all the options, compare their features, and find software that suits your needs. You can try BreezyHR because it’s a simple-to-use staffing software built for small businesses. Sign up for the BreezyHR free trial to understand how it can be helpful for your organization.

You can also check other valuable suggestions and make your choice after comparing them. We trust your thought process and decision. You have made it this far with your hard work and determination. So, you can pick the best platform to hire employees for your company. Happy hiring.


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