Do you know that around 50 percent of consumers make their buying decisions based on influencer recommendations? If they believe the influencers, they purchase the product or services. So, influencer marketing has incredible power to help your business grow. It helps you to reach more prospects and hence, increase the conversion rate.

But, do you what is the problem? Most of the brands are unable to find the right influencer. If you are not sure where to find the right trendsetters, we are here to help. We are going to discuss some of the best tools for influencer marketing that help you find relevant influencers for your brand. Let’s start.

What is an Influencer Marketing Management Tool?

An influencer marketing management tool is a platform where brand and content creators can find and talk to each other. You can call it a match-making service for organizations and influencers. These applications are beneficial for both of them.  

The influencers get more exposure and the brands can easily find a relevant creator on influencer marketing management applications. You can conveniently search for the creators because most of them come with multiple filters.

In addition, this software offers influencer management services, features to track their performance, analysis, content scheduling, and more. Overall, the creator management software makes the whole process of influencer discovery and campaign management smooth & fast.

12 Best Tools for Influencer Marketing Management

1. Favikon

Favikon is a top-class influencer marketing management tool, which helps you to find the perfect trendsetter for your business. It has a huge database of more than 8 million influencers from around 168 countries and 54000 cities. Moreover, you can select an influencer from 95 different languages.

Over 20 filters help you to find the best trendsetter as per your requirements. You can refine them based on your language, city, country, number of followers, and more. Such an arrangement makes the selection process transparent. So, you never pick a low-profile creator for your products or services.

Here comes the good news. Favikon has the fastest search engine. Hence, you can find influencers for your brand within a few seconds. Moreover, it has a unique feature called Favikon score, which defines the overall quality of a trendsetter.

Favikon also allows you to create a list of the influencers you like and export them to CSV. Then you can contact them via email. You can also reach them via this tool. But, it’s not the end.

Apart from discovering the trendsetters, Favikon helps you to track the marketing campaign and evaluate their performance. So, try it if you need a high-quality application to find influencers who can promote your brand.

Key features

  • AI-powered influencer marketing management tool
  • Keeps you ahead of your competitors on social media
  • Finds thousands of influencers within a few seconds
  • Gives helpful insights
  • Free trial and demo available

Pricing: Starts from 49 € if you buy the yearly plan. A free trial is available with all the premium plans.

2. trendHERO

TrendHero is a creator listening platform for Instagram. It has a database of over 110 million influencers. This application also has a fake follower check. So, the authenticity of the trendsetters is guaranteed.

TrendHero finds the influencers and analyzes them using advanced search filters & in-depth reports. You can export the contacts to Excel if needed. It also gets all the information about your competitors including follower growth history, ad buys, and content engagement.

Audience analytics is a high-grade feature of TrendHero. With its help, you can check the demographics of the followers who like the influencers. You can also compare your audience’s interest with the creators you want to hire. Apart from that, this tool shows the followers growth of the influencers.

Comment checking is also excellent if you want to see the engagement of the influencers. It shows the replies of the creators and how they connect with their audiences. Similarly, this application shows inflated likes and comments. Also, this feature finds out the number of likes the influencers get from their followers.

Key features

  • Influencer search based on different filters
  • Over 110 million trendsetters
  • The most up-to-date Instagram account database
  • Mentions analysis
  • Shows similar accounts based on Instagram suggestions

Pricing: Starts from $9.99

3. Awario

Awario is one of the best social listening tools that helps you to find influencers for your brand by searching all the social media platforms, forums, blogs, and news websites. It looks for relevant mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, and multiple other places. So, this application can get you what you need without wasting a lot of time.

You do not have to spend money on PR agencies or reporting tools if you use Awario. It helps you to use media monitoring to reach famous journalists and start a campaign for the promotion of your company.

Apart from that, you can also spread the word about your products once you find a considerable discussion on social networks. Hence, you can reach new audiences with the help of this tool.

Key features

  • Real-time social insights
  • Non-stop monitoring of keywords
  • Powerful analytics
  • Tracks the mentions in all the languages
  • Gives opportunities for social selling

Pricing: Awario has three premium plans starting from $29 per month if billed annually. You can start for free.

4. Promoty

Promoty is one of the best tools for influencer marketing that helps you to search trendsetters depending on several criteria, analyze the campaign performance, and manage all your collaborations in one dashboard. It’s a CRM for influencer management, which organizes your influencers into boards and columns. Moreover, you can add labels to them.

Promoty gives detailed analytics about all the influencers, including their followers, growth of followers every month, notable followers, demographics of the audience, popular posts, and more. This detailed insight helps you in the selection process. You can also monitor the content posts by the trendsetters. Promoty shows the statistics of each post and the entire campaign.

Promoty allows you to add relevant details to the profile of each influencer. The birthday, contact details, shipping address, and previous performances of trendsetters help you to make good relationships with them.

Try Promoty if you need an all-in-one creator listening platform. It comes with an influencer CRM, search & analytics tool, and monitoring features. This tool is used by more than 10, 000 companies across the globe. Brands like Samsung, Huawei, Coca-Cola, and Skechers are trusts Promoty, So, you can try it and enjoy the benefits.

Key features

  • Influencer search and analytics
  • Influencer CRM
  • Monitoring features to track the trendsetters

Pricing: Starts from $87 per month if billed annually. You can start for free.

5. Grin

Grin believes that if the influencers trust your brand, everything else can be taken care of. It is one of the best influencer marketing management tools for e-commerce businesses. So, this application integrates with almost all the major online shopping platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

In addition, you can integrate email clients like Outlook and Gmail with Grin. What’s more? You can also use real-time communications like SMS to contact the influencers. Moreover, Grin lets you import existing contacts and all your previous conversations with them.

Grin helps you to build long-lasting relationships with the influencers. It helps you to create and share promotions, contracts, deliverable tracking, product management, and more. Furthermore, this tool helps you to work with multiple trendsetters at once without any confusion. Also, it lets you manage several campaigns, influencer programs, and brands in one place.

Grin has numerous tools to develop a marketing strategy for creator listening. For instance, it has an Influencer Lookalike Tool that finds more trendsetters that match your high-profile creators. Then, there is an Influencer Comparison tool to compare two trendsetters and pick the best as per your style.

Key features

  • Chrome extension to find the creators
  • Influencer Credibility check tool
  • Influencer analysis
  • Engagement rate calculator
  • Metric analysis
  • Helps you nurture relationships with the creators

Pricing: You have to book a demo with Grin team members to determine the right plan and pricing according to your requirements.

6. Brandwatch

You have to understand today’s market if you want to develop in the future. Social media platforms and influencer marketing are some of the popular methods to increase your customer database. Brandwatch know this and helps you cope with the fast-changing marketing world.

Brandwatch creator listening platform believes you can deploy a successful influencer marketing campaign with effective relationship management. It is an expert creator management. So, this tool comes with a unified dashboard to securely manage all the influencers, their performance, and campaign details.

Brandwatch integrates with all the major social media platforms. So, you can enjoy smooth connectivity. Apart from that, you can also import contacts and keep all your interactions with the trendsetters.

No matter how many influencers you hire. Brandwatch helps you to manage them all. It also tracks the payment information.

The social media calendar is another useful feature of Brandwatch. It helps you plan and manage your content across different platforms. A lot of big and reputable brands like Toyota, Carlsberg, Nestle, and Unilever trust Brandwatch for its suits of specialized tools. So, you can also try it.

Key features

  • Helps you engage with customers
  • Monitors your brand progress
  • Discovers new trends
  • Social media calendar
  • Protects your brand from threats

Pricing: You have to book a meeting with Brandwatch to know its pricing plans.

7. Klear          

Klear is one of the best tools for influencer marketing because it is specially designed to search content creators for you. It finds the right trendsetter for your brands so that you can make more business. This tool helps you discover the creators without any limits.

You can access the profiles of more than 30 million influencers across the globe. Moreover, Klear helps you to filter your searches with the help of smart AI. So, finding and connecting with creators is easy and less time-consuming with this application.

Once you find the influencers, Klear analyzes them using multiple tools. It collects trendsetters from multiple websites including Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and several blogs. Therefore, you can find the best creator as per your requirements.

Klear has all the communication channels to connect you to the selected influencers. You can talk to them via messages, collaborate, and sign the contract. Managing the creators is also easy with this influencer marketing management tool. Hence, you can build long-lasting relationships with the creators.

Key features

  • Lot of free tools
  • Suitable for all the business types
  • Covers most of the networks while searching for influencers

Pricing: Klear has three premium plans. Fill out its online contact form or request a demo on the Klear website to know the prices.

8. Upfluence

Upfluence is another high-grade creator listening platform that helps you to discover and reach the influencers. It searches the trendsetters based on several filters like engagement level, reach, niche, and more. This tool looks for the creators on several websites including Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogs. Moreover, it also manages your relationships with the creators.

Here comes the good news. Upfluence can easily integrate with multiple other tools like email clients, analytic applications, affiliate channels, and CMS. So, you can create a fully integrated system to manage the influencers.

Upfluence is a rare influencer marketing platform with an AI-powered ChatGPT assistant. It enhances your communications with the trendsetters using optimized emails. This feature can also automate the emails to provide you with a seamless experience.

Try Upfluence if you want to turn influencers into revenue generators. It builds valuable partnerships with high-quality content creators and grows your business. Several reputable brands like Amazon, Basics, Universal, Verizon, and Marriott are already using this influencer marketing management tool.

Key features

  • Find the right influencer
  • Saves time on influencer management
  • Data-driven tracking
  • Powerful creator workflow
  • Generate unique promo codes automatically

Pricing: Upfluence has three premium plans. You have to contact the sales team of Upfluence to know the prices of these editions.

9. Aspire

Aspire is a top-notch discovery tool that helps you to find influencers for your brand. Apart from finding high-performing trendsetters, it also gives you the tools to maintain long-lasting relationships with them. So, you can find creators, manage your marketing campaigns, create ads, and increase your conversion rate from one dashboard.

Aspire helps you drive up to 4x more sales through affiliates and drive over 20% brand lift. It generates more ROI from your user-generated content. Apart from that, you can use Aspire’s flexible workflows to automate business processes for any strategy. You can also automate the marketing tasks with its integrations.

Contact the Aspire support team if you need any help. As it is an influencer marketing agency, you will get guidance at all stages. The experts can also build a custom strategy for you free of cost.

Key features

  • Increases the ROI up to 300%                      
  • Creates new channels of revenue
  • Relationship management features
  • World-class support

Pricing: Request a demo to know the pricing of Aspire premium packages.

10. Modash

Modash collects and shows all the influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Plus, it shows details about the trendsetters’ including their recent performance and followers. So, you can find influencers for your brand with confidence.

Modash has several filters to refine the influencers. It shows more than 250 million profiles. So, you can use these filters to find the right influencer.

Once you start a marketing campaign, Modash tracks the performance of the creators. It also shows the engagement level for each trendsetter before you select them. Do not worry about accuracy because Modash crawls publicly available data twice every week. So, there is no chance that you pick the wrong creator.

Modash helps you to start influencer marketing for free with its trial plan. You can test the features of this influencer marketing management tool without any risks and understand what benefits it can offer to your business. If you are already into influencer marketing, then Modash is helpful to give more choices and data to your marketing team. Also, it has a flexible and versatile influencer API for more control.

Key features

  • Fids over 250 million profiles
  • Influencer search and analytics
  • Content Monitoring
  • Trusted by Google
  • Trial period without credit card details

Pricing: Starts from $99 per month if billed yearly. You also get a month’s free subscription in the annual plan. All the premium editions of Modash come with a 14-day trial period.

11. Influencity

Influencity is an influencer marketing management tool that comes with a variety of features to help you find a relevant content creator. Plus, it also tracks the performance of the hired trendsetters. Hence, this tool helps you with both steps of your marketing campaign.

First, Influencity finds the influencers with a huge number of followers, with the most comments and attractive videos. Your audience might follow many micro-creators that you might not even be aware of. So, you can use them to extend your customer database.

Influencity only shows you profiles with genuine. Moreover, you can manage all the activities on its dashboard. No need to use any other application to handle your influencers.

Second, Influencity shows the campaign analysis and how your business is growing. So, if used correctly you can boost the conversion rate of your company. It gives you clear insights about your campaign. Hence, you can easily learn how to optimize your marketing strategy for creator listening.

Key features

  • Pinpoints ideal Influencers
  • Organizes and manages the creators
  • Campaign workflow optimization
  • Campaign yield analysis
  • Brands like Samsung, Air France, and Kellogg’s use Influencity

Pricing: Starts from $168 per month. A free trial of 7 days is available on all the premium editions.


Creator is one of the best tools for influencer marketing because it’s designed for brands and trendsetters. Brands can connect with new influencers to drive awareness, trust, and traffic on their websites, and increase sales. A lot of big brands like Colgate and Walmart are already using this application.

Recruiting influencers is easy with the help of Creator. It showcases 300 million profiles across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitch. Thanks to advanced analytics, you can check all the details about the creators including their followers, post reactions, engagement rate, and more.

Creator is an all-in-one creator management tool, which helps you to perform all the activities related to your marketing strategies in one place. It also has expert account managers to help you build strategy, and hire creators.

Here comes the good news. Creator has the largest community of influencers. So, once your campaign is live, more than 175K trendsetters in its network can apply. Therefore, you might not even have to find influencers for your brand because they will contact you automatically.

Key features

  • Plant one tree for every collaboration
  • All in one creator listening platform
  • Top-notch influencer search and insights
  • Account managers for your help

Pricing: Starts from $391 per month

How You can Build Better Relationships with the Influencers?

A lot of brands across the globe prefer influencer marketing. And there is a reason for that. TikTokers, YouTubers, and Instagram trendsetters can promote your name easily on social media platforms. Their impact is long-lasting. Plus, your clients understand what to expect from your business.

Have you ever worked with influencers? If yes, then we hope the experience was good. If not, then we are here to give you some points to check. Follow the given steps to build better relations with the creators next time you hire them. The given information is also useful if you are new to the world of influencer marketing.

1. Define your campaign

Before you find influencers for your brand, you should define your target audience and your goals. What is your motive? Do you want brand awareness? Or do you need more followers on your social media accounts? Or you might want the users to click on your website and generate some revenue for your business.

Define your goals and tell all your teammates about them. Set performance parameters if you want to grow. For instance, if you need more traffic on your website, then you should track how much time the users spend on your web pages.

The next question is, who is your audience? Where do they reside? Which social media platform do they generally use? Once you have the answers to these questions, only then you can find relevant trendsetters for your company.

2. Find influencers for your brand

The next step is to find influencers for your brand. You should hire them as per your business values and campaign motive. If the creators are a perfect fit for your brand, there are high chance your relationships will stay good with them.

While hiring the influencers, you have to consider several factors. Check the types of content they generally post, listen to their voice, and understand their style. Hire creators whose values are similar to your brand’s mission.

For instance, if you own a digital marketing agency and you want to promote it, find a trendsetter who knows the basics of online advertisements. Do not look for some over-the-top trendsetter who cannot transmit your message in the right way.

In addition, you have to check some metrics related to their performance. Check the number of followers, the growth of the followers over time, and the rate of engagement between the creators and their followers. Also, make sure all the followers are genuine, and no bots are involved.

Above, all, you should match the demographics of your audience with the influencer. You might not have to spend a lot of time to accomplish this step if you use one of the best tools for influencer marketing like Favikon.

3. Understand the expenses

The rates of the influencers vary a lot depending on their number of followers and the type of content they produce. Keep in mind that the creators can be very expensive. So, be ready to negotiate a bit.

Determine the budget of your marketing strategy for creator listening. If you cannot invest a lot, no problem. Try to work with micro-influencers in the starting. They do not charge a high amount. Still, micro-creators can increase the revenue of your business. You can also collaborate with them in return for sample products.

4. The first impression is the last one

Contacting a creator could be challenging for newcomers. So, write an attractive proposal using appealing words. Include some information about your brand and let the influencers know why you think they can be the right choice. Also, highlight their strengths in a friendly and positive way.

Email is the best channel to reach the trendsetters. You can opt for live chat if you do not have the email address. If you are messaging an international influencer, make sure you match the time zone.

Determine how many creators you need for your marketing strategy and double the number of emails or messages you will send. Because everyone might not reply. You might get only around 50 percent of responses.

5. Set the expectations

If you want to build healthy relationships with the influencers, prepare a list of your requirements. The world of influencer marketing is exciting, but it gets better if you know what you need. Regardless of your business size, let the influencer know the plan. For instance, the deadline for content posting, guidelines to be followed, and hashtags or discount codes the creators should include. Send them the points you want to include in the content.

6. Creative freedom is necessary

You should give your requirements to the creators. But, do not try to guide or micro-manage them. You have to give them freedom. It will make them feel that you trust them leading to a long-lasting relationship.

Creators have followers in millions because of their unique style and tone. They know their audience. So, let them transmit your message their way.

7. Understand the concerns, if any

If you hear individuals, it means you are respectful. So, listen to your influencers if they raise a concern about your products or services. Try to understand what they feel, and why they do so, and understand their perspective.

Smart trendsetters might find problems that none of your teammates were able to detect. So, ignoring their input is not a bright idea.

8. Stay in touch and follow up

Your marketing strategy for creator listening might not go as per your plan. You might face multiple barriers. So, you have to avoid any confusion and communication gaps.

For instance, if you have sent a product for review, update the creator. Email or message them once the items are shipped. Send a tracking link and be ready for delays.

Similarly, if you notice that the trendsetter is not following the pre-decided deadline, follow up immediately. They might have missed your deadline or it could be any other problem. In other words, communication is the key.

9. Analyze the performance

Do you want to create a successful marketing strategy for creator listening? Then, you should track its results. You cannot measure the effectiveness of the strategies if you cannot check their results.

Compare the performances of the content creators who are working with you. Which posts are ahead of others in terms of engagement? Who brought the most clicks on your website? Which creator is unable to deliver as per the guidelines?

Finding the answers to these questions tells you which trendsetter is working best for your business. If your strategy is multi-channel, then you will understand which channel can give you the maximum benefits. So, you will be prepared for the next time.

10. Take the relationship further

If your plans become successful because the influencer followed all the deadlines and created some good posts to accomplish your motive. It means you should nurture this relationship with the creator so that you can enjoy a smooth run next time.

Hence, do not leave the trendsetter. Bookmark the influencers who made your marketing strategy for creator listening successful. Collaborate with them again because they already know your products, services, mission, and values.


What does an influencer marketing management tool do?

The influencer marketing management tools search for the top content creators and give you tools to make a strong relationship with them. In addition, such applications store important details of the trendsetters and monitor the progress of your campaigns. Moreover, these tools help you to communicate with the trendsetters via different channels and store your conversations.

Which tool can I use for influencer marketing on YouTube?

We recommend you Favikon. It’s one of the best tools for influencer marketing on YouTube. This application finds high-quality trendsetters who are doing well on video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. In addition, it gives you insights into your social media strategy to tweak your efforts as per the trends.

Final Thoughts

The tools for influencer marketing are developed to get better outcomes with the creators you hire. This software helps you contact the popular trendsetters without sending endless emails, and social media messages. In addition, such applications manage the influencers and track their performance.

Favikon is one of the best influencer marketing management tools because of its AI-based insights, huge database of creators, monitoring features, and affordable pricing. You can sign up and try it for free. Upgrade if you like the features.

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