Are you searching for B2C CRM software? You are on the right page because here we will discuss some of the top-notch options. We will talk about their features and pricing so that you can pick the best CRM for your business. Explore all the recommendations and try something that makes your organization efficient and productive.

CRM and its Benefits for B2C Business

B2C CRM software is crucial in targeting audiences on a large scale. For instance, an e-commerce store needs data for each customer’s preferences and their interactions with the business. It also needs a dashboard to show the analytics regarding the customer’s response to the campaigns. So, a high-quality B2C CRM could be a great help in establishing and maintaining connections with your customers.

  • Real-time updates: B2C CRM provides real-time updates related to sales or regarding the solutions to service problems. Real-time functions are important in a B2C environment.
  • Email marketing: Maintaining communication with a small number of prospects is challenging. Now, add some zeroes to it and imagine how difficult the process can be. But, not if you use a top-notch relationship focused CRM like Nimble.

A B2C CRM sends bulk emails to all your existing customers and prospects. Plus, it also allows you to personalize your messages and automate the marketing process. So, your work becomes easy even if you have a significant database of clients.

  • Social media integrations: A lot of B2C CRMs come with integrations to engage new prospects on social media platforms. These add-ons also help you to find ways to engage with your potential clients.
  • Automation: B2C systems need automation to meet the demands, save time and increase productivity. A good CRM for business teams comes with multiple automation features to assist you in marketing, sales, service, and client management.
  • Customer service: The support function for your clients is necessary. A B2C CRM can easily handle a significant number of requests and connect them with support executives. They can manage large volumes of queries.

How to Pick the Best B2C CRM Software?

You have to be careful while choosing the best CRM for business teams. So, follow the given points to make a smart decision.

Understand your requirements

What are the needs of your business? Why do you need B2C CRM software? Once you know your objectives, asses the options available in the market. In a B2C atmosphere, you need a CRM that can create real-time opportunities to facilitate fast buying. It should focus on contact management. Nimble has all these features, so you can take a look at it.

Review your finances

How much can you invest in a sales CRM? Understand your finances to make an intelligent investment because the prices vary a lot when we talk about B2C CRMs. In addition, decide whether you need an annual or monthly subscription. The annual payment plan is always better because you can get some discount on it.

Hosting method

Do you prefer cloud hosting for your CRM? Or you want the software installed in your office. Think over it because on-site deployment needs hardware and management.


Almost all the CRM makers show a demo of their software. Check the demos and get a sense of how the CRM can accomplish what you need. You can ask a technical expert to check the demo. If a relationship focused CRM comes with a trial period, you can check all the features before making the decision.

Other factors to consider

Once you have your objectives and budget clear, think about other points like, can you scale the CRM as your business grows? Is the CRM easy to use or do you need training on its interface? If training is required, then how much do you need to be an expert?

Best B2C CRM Software in 2023

1. Nimble

Nimble is a reasonably priced B2C CRM software that can easily integrate with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. This cloud-based CRM comes with a smart contacts app that helps you to get important information about your prospects. You can also integrate social media into this CRM.

The Today dashboard of Nimble deserves your attention. It shows all your upcoming engagements, deals, and activities. Today also suggests contacts that you might want to stay in touch with. This page is based on widgets. So, you can arrange its display as you like.

Nimble lets you host up to 25, 000 contacts. You can host 10, 000 additional contacts for $10 per month. You can also import data from a wide range of sources. Contact tagging is available, which helps you identify the source of the imported contacts.

Key features

  • Relationship focused CRM
  • Workflow management and automation
  • Social profile matching and enrichment
  • Sales, pipelines, and reporting
  • Group email marketing

Pricing: Nimble has a simple pricing structure because it has only one premium plan available at $24.90 per user per month if you pick the annual payment plan. You can try it for 14 days without even entering your credit card details.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most popular sales CRMs for big companies, but might not be suitable for small businesses or entrepreneurs. It’s usable on any device connected to a network. Try this CRM if you want to build long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Salesforce has tailor-made CRM as per the size of your business. It comes with a wide range of tools that are beneficial for almost all industries. You can get recommendations on services once you select the line of business.

Slack is also a part of Salesforce. So, you can use both platforms for better collaboration and communication. Furthermore, Salesforce CRM for B2C has a workplace command center that allows your employees to connect, talk, and resolve issues.

Key features

  • Cloud-based access
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Multi-Channel Integration
  • AI to help you connect with your clients
  • Customer tracking and contact management

Pricing: Salesforce has four premium plans and all of them come with a 30-day free trial.

  • Essentials – $25 per month per user
  • Professional – $75 per month per user
  • Enterprise – $150 per month per user
  • Unlimited – $300 per month per user

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best sales CRMs because of its sleek user interface, customer service features, and automation abilities. It’s a perfect choice if you wish to automate services and marketing. In addition, this CRM is perfect for any business looking to improve its customer relationships.

Hubspot is a scalable CRM. It grows with you. So, you can try it regardless of the size of your business. Moreover, this CRM is easy to use. You will never face trouble navigating around the options.

Not only is it user-friendly, but Hubspot is also helpful when you want to create. For instance, it helps you to produce visually appealing landing pages, emails, and forms. All of them with the help of a drag-and-drop editor. Furthermore, this CRM has multiple channels to contact its customer support. You can talk to them via email, chat, and direct phone calls.

Key features

  • Real-time tracking and analysis of sales activities
  • Includes software for marketing, operations, and content management
  • Provides useful notifications to your sales team
  • Pipeline management

Pricing: Hubspot comes with a free plan that has all the foundation tools to get you started. It has two premium packs:

  • Starter – $18 per month
  • Professional – $1600 per month

4. Zoho

Zoho B2C CRM software comprises a wide range of tools and features that you can use as per the needs of your organization. Moreover, you can personalize your overall experience because this CRM lets you customize everything including the menu bar, tabs, and homepages. Plus, it integrates with multiple other applications for your convenience.

Zoho helps you to create workflows that can determine all the steps in the journey of your customers as per their responses. Furthermore, it comes with an incredible platform to analyze customer intentions. Apart from that, there are options to set up a live chat, organize web conferencing, and collaborate with your teammates.

Zoho helps you to conduct all sales-related activities without any challenges. It prioritizes leads, sends alters for opportunities, and also creates a document library to help the sales agents. Also, there is an SPM tool to set targets for your staff and track their performances.

Key features

  • Simple to use
  • Automate your workflows
  • Advanced analytics tools
  • AI predictions for each lead
  • Integrates with more than 800 apps

Pricing: Zoho has four premium plans and all of them come with a free trial of 15 days.

  • Standard – $14/user/month billed annually
  • Professional – $23/user/month billed annually
  • Enterprise – $40 /user/month billed annually
  • Ultimate – $52 /user/month billed annually

5. Monday

Monday is the best CRM for business teams, especially if you need efficient lead management. It comes with incredible automation features and a variety of templates. Moreover, this CRM facilitates easy customer management and provides excellent visibility over your data.

Monday customizes your workflows as per your business needs. Hence, it improves the productivity and efficiency of your team. Moreover, this CRM centralizes all your work, files, and tools into one work OS. These are some of the reasons why this CRM is trusted by over 180, 000 customers across the globe, including Canva, Coca-Cola, Universal Music Group, and Lionsgate.

Key features

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Effective collaboration
  • Easy-to-use automation
  • Real-time notifications
  • 24/7 support available with a response time of 2 hours

Pricing: Monday comes with a free plan with up to 2 seats. We recommend you try this version and then upgrade if you like the features. There are four premium packs.

  • Basic – $8 per seat per month
  • Standard – $10 per seat per month
  • Pro – $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

6. Freshsales

Freshsales comes with incredible AI abilities to help you manage prospects online & offline, sales funnel, existing clients, relationships, and transactions. Moreover, this CRM helps you to discover high-quality leads, manage multiple pipelines, boost engagement, and close deals. Hence, it’s the best CRM for business teams working in both digital and physical environments.

Freshsales is a full-featured CRM that comes with a wide range of features. Event tracking is a considerable ability because it tracks the complete lifecycle of your customers. Then, it has advanced reporting functionalities. So, you can check the insight of your sales performance.

Key features

  • Automated & Personalized Emails
  • Deal Management
  • Mobile CRM
  • Built-in Phone & Chat

Pricing:  Freshsales has a free plan for 21 days. You can upgrade it to a premium edition at $15 per month.

7. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the best sales CRMs because of its workflow automation features, customizable pipelines, and user-friendly interface. This CRM organizes your sales process and you might close up to 28 percent more deals with its help. Moreover, you can customize Pipedrive as per your business.

Focusing on sales is good, but you should know the steps of getting a deal. Pipedrive helps you to focus on the activities that can bring you closer to sales. It helps you arrange a meeting, phone call, or anything in between to help you know your next step. Moreover, this CRM monitors your performance like a mentor.

Pipedrive lets you know the conversion rate of your business and also shows the number of leads you need to meet your financial goals. There are real-time analyses and reports to show your progress. These reports also help you to manipulate your strategies.

Key features

  • Lead management
  • Communications tracking
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Insights and reports
  • High-grade security
  • Mobile application

Pricing: Starts at $19.90/month. A trial of 14 days is available.

8. Ontraport

Ontraport is one of the best relationship focused CRMs that integrates email campaigns, automation, landing pages, and a set of management tools to increase the efficiency of your business. This CRM helps you to build and scale your vision. So, try it if you own a growing business.

Ontraport keeps all your tools and data in one dashboard, which means there is never a communication gap between your ideas and their execution. Moreover, it helps you to know more about your contacts and grow your business. Apart from that, this CRM is highly scalable. So, it could be the platform where you can grow for many more years to come.

Key features

  • Automation and scaling of marketing processes
  • Increases lead and client conversion
  • Flexible payment options
  • Helps you to build online courses

Pricing: Ontraport has four premium plans and all of them come with a free trial period.

  • Basic – $24 per month
  • Plus – $83 per month
  • Pro – $124 per month
  • Enterprise – $249 per month

The price increases as you increase the number of contacts and users.

9. Efficy

Are you looking for a sales CRM that can adapt to the size and requirements of your business? Try Efficy because it structures your commercial tasks including collaborative project management, sales staff management, customer relationship management, and more. Moreover, this CRM streamlines the workflow and handles all the customer-related activities on a single dashboard.

Efficy stores all your leads in an organized way. So, you can connect with any of your leads whenever you want. In addition, it helps your employees to work together on projects and update results. They can also access the required information.

You can store product catalogs on Efficy. It helps your sales team to check all the relevant information before making the sales pitch. Moreover, this CRM helps you develop communications with your clients and let them know about your new services and products.

Key features

  • Native tools for Marketing Automation                       
  • Open and customizable
  • Adapts to your business
  • 360° view of your customers         
  • Document management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Data visualization and analysis

Pricing: Efficy has four premium plans. You can try one of them as per your business needs.

  • Starter – 25€ per user per month
  • SMB – 45€ per user per month
  • Enterprise – 60€ per user per month
  • Corporate – 80€ per user per month

10. Keap

If your business includes online selling, then Keap is the best B2C CRM software because of its versatility. This CRM improves your productivity, increases your fan base, and boosts your revenue. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of templates for email and text marketing.

Keap is an all-in-one B2C CRM combined with sales and marketing automation. Whether you want to collect leads, organize customer records, or manage the sales process, it has your back. Moreover, its personalized automation keeps you focused on your work.

Key features

  • Landing pages builder                    
  • Gives a separate business line
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 24/7 support
  • Keap Academy for Learning

Pricing: Keap has two premium packs and both of them come with a trial period of 14 days.

  • Pro – $159 per month
  • Max – $229 per month


Why should B2C businesses use a CRM?

In a B2C business, you have to manage the entire sales journey of a customer, from capturing leads, nurturing them, and providing top-notch support to retain clients. You must provide a good experience overall because the consumer is directly responsible for your profits. So, you have to deploy strategies to build good customer relations and build a strong database of potential buyers.

Using different resources to manage your business activities could be time-consuming and less productive. Moreover, the chances of profit are also less. But, a CRM acts as a single platform for all your operations and hence, it boosts the coordination between your employees. In addition, it saves you from manual entries for each task.

CRM also allows you to integrate all your social media accounts to analyze the performance of your marketing strategies. It also helps you to run advertisements targeted to specific prospects interested in your services or products.

A B2C CRM software prioritizes the experience of your customers to build a good reputation in the market and increase your revenue. With the help of aggressive marketing, it also retains more clients.

Which sales CRM is best for B2C businesses?

You should choose a sales CRM according to your business size, financial conditions, and other industry-specific requirements. Nimble is the best CRM for B2C businesses because it has a wide range of features to handle your operations. Relationship management, group email marketing, social profile matching for your prospects, automation, and multiple integrations are some of the factors why Nimble deserves your attention.

Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Freshsales, and Monday are other top recommendations. These CRMs have top-notch features like campaign management, marketing automation, client interaction tracking, and contact management. But, if you are looking for an all-in-one relationship focused CRM, Nimble could be the best bet.

Is there any difference between B2C CRM software and B2B CRM?

A B2B CRM manages relationships with businesses, not individuals. So, its features are tailored for businesses and their sales cycles. Such a CRM also has integrations with other B2B systems like ERP and marketing automation.

On the contrary, B2C CRM software can manage relationships with individual clients. Hence, its features are more focused on the B2C market. Email marketing, social media monitoring, and e-commerce integrations are some of the common characteristics of B2C CRMs. They also have features to increase customer satisfaction and retain them.


B2C businesses should focus on their customers with a clear motive to offer top-quality products or services. A B2C CRM software helps you to identify your potential clients, know their needs, and provide a better experience to them overall. Moreover, it rapidly escalates the complaints to offer a quick resolution.

Nimble is one of the best relationship focused CRM and is perfect for solopreneurs and business teams. It streamlines your workflow, enriches contacts with social data, and works across all channels. Moreover, there is a trial period on all the premium plans of this CRM. Visit its website to experience all its features.

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