Notion is a productivity software, which helps you in project management, team collaboration, book-marking, note-taking, and more. It lets you build a sensible workflow and automate your business. However, this web-based application can be challenging to set up because it starts like a blank slate.

Here, we will discuss the best Notion templates for productivity. Check all of the suggestions, pick one of them as per your requirements, and customize it to see the results. All the recommendations are tested. So, you can try any one of them.

Best Notion Templates for Productivity – Free

Ultimate Tasks and Projects Template for Notion

Are you fed up with managing daily tasks and projects? Then, the Ultimate Tasks and Projects are the best Notion templates for productivity-free in the current market. Notion is an incredible task management application and you can make it even more efficient with this template.

The Ultimate Tasks template adds all your tasks and you can view them in a single dashboard. It shows what you have to do today and in the next seven days. Moreover, there is a Trello-style board view to manage huge projects.

Get Ultimate Tasks and Projects for free


Do you prefer to brainstorm your ideas or discuss the projects with all your team members? The Brainstorming template is the best Notion template for productivity-free because it lets you dive in and talk over all the problems with your partners. It has different sections to make your conversation simple and clear. Therefore, the chances of confusion are minimal even if you are sitting miles away from your team.

Brainstorming is important in any business. It’s helpful once you identify a problem, develop an idea, get a new project, or identify the needs of a new plan. The Brainstorming template helps you perform all these actions without wasting any time and effort.

Get the Brainstorming template for free

Software Bug tracking

Are you a software developer? Then, you know bug fixation is the next step after coding. With the help of Software Bug tracking, you can keep all the bugs in one place. Moreover, you can assign them to different team members and check their progress. Such an arrangement helps you to track all the bugs and also ensures you do not push an application to production without fixing all the errors. Therefore, Software Bug taking is one of the best free notion templates for developers.

Get Software Bug tracking template for free

Student Starter Pack

The Starter pack is one of the best Notion templates for students in 2023. It’s available in two different modes, light and dark. This template gives you a single page to organize all your class notes, schedules, and assignments. You can also update the deadlines. There is a video tutorial to help if you face any confusion while using it

Use the Student Starter Pack for free here.

Tomato – Notion Pomodoro template

Tomato – Notion Pomodoro is one of the best Notion templates for students because it helps them to study and increases their productivity. You can use it to record all your daily task and their start and end times. Moreover, the template has a Pomodoro timer to make things more exciting.

Change the task table every day. Clear the columns and start fresh in the morning. The timer is on the left. Use it to study for 25 minutes and 5 minutes of break.

Get the Tomato-Notion Pomodoro template for free here.

Benefits of using Notion templates to increase productivity

At work: Almost all professions demand the organization of projects and tasks. Notion fits everything neatly into different categories. So, you can use the best Notion templates for productivity to track and improve your business life.

These prototypes help you to track your goals, create a workflow, manage content & projects, and automate a lot of tasks. It also increases transparency and makes your workflow efficient. Notion has a free version, so you can try its templates to understand what we mean.

At school: Notion is incredibly helpful for students. School is another place where you have to be organized for easy and seamless learning. Managing routine tasks, homework, lessons, projects & deadlines, or exams is easy with one of the best Notion templates for students.

  • You can use Notion and its templates to take notes, create to-do lists, and set reminders
  • The templates help you track your progress on exams and projects
  • Management of weekly, monthly, and daily classes becomes easy
  • You can also create links for related studies

In daily life: Notion and its templates make you productive in your personal life. You might struggle initially, especially if you are not into journals and daily diaries. However, you have to be patient to get more clarity about your schedules, goals, and the purpose of your existence.

The best Notion templates 2023 for productivity come with a lot of blocks, which are helpful in almost all aspects of life. You can use them to better arrange your daily tasks, track expenses, manage household items, take notes, and organize ideas. Therefore, these templates are also useful if you are an entrepreneur.

Best Notion Aesthetic Templates to Increase Productivity

Notion Personal Dashboard

The role of the Notion Personal Dashboard is to organize your business and personal life without any struggles. It has a simple, yet innovative and user-friendly interface. This dashboard gives you a bird’s view of all your responsibilities for the day and long-term planning. You can even set goals for up to three months in advance. Therefore, it’s one of the best notion dashboard templates for students.

Get the Notion Personal Dashboard for free

Animedoro Dashboard

Are you a fan of animation? You will love the Animedoro Dashboard because it pays homage to some of the best anime produced. Plus, this dashboard helps you to stay organized. Sticking to your task, planning, and reaching the goals is seamless with its help.

Get the Animedoro Dashboard for free

Aesthetic Notion Template for School and Life

If you need a clean and advanced productivity [rototype for your studies or life, then the Aesthetic Notion Template is one of the best notion templates for productivity free. Download it for free if you are a Notion user.

Get the Aesthetic Notion Template for free

Premium Notion Templates to Increase Productivity

ULTRA OS Notion Dashboard by Good Job Productivity – $49

If you need a productivity template for your professional and personal life, then ULTRA OS could be one of the best Notion dashboard templates. It’s one of the most advanced prototypes ever made. Moreover, there are over 28 templates inside this dashboard. You can use them for daily, weekly, and monthly planning.

Get ULTRA OS Notion Dashboard here

Digital Brain by Notion Pez- $40

The Digital Brain template helps you to gain control over your professional life. You can buy it from Gumroad if you want to plan and execute all your dream projects. This template has all the functions combed into one dashboard. So, it’s one of the best Notion dashboard templates if you want to achieve your dreams.

Get Digital Brain here

Academic PKM template by Genevieve Shanahan – $19

If you are a student or related to studies by any means, then Academic PKM is one of the best Notion templates 2023. Whether you are a student, teacher, or professor, it helps you to manage your life smoothly. Moreover, this template has the Zettelkasten approach into a Notion workspace. So, knowledge and project management are more productive with its help.

Get Academic PKM template here

Other ways to improve your productivity using Notion

Apart from using templates to increase productivity, you can integrate Notion with other platforms that can boost your efficiency. For instance, you can connect this platform with project management applications and time trackers. For instance, you can try Everhour to manage your time. It shows how you spend your time and helps you to make necessary changes to maximize your productivity.


What are Notion templates?

The templates are pre-built prototypes that you can import into your Notion workspace and use as per your requirements. You can find a lot of Notion templates for productivity, but their structure varies. Some of them give you one-page interfaces to organize your workflow while many come with multiple pages and act as an all-in-one solution.

Why do you need Notion templates?

Notion is an all-purpose productivity application, that comprises helpful blocks including kanban boards, calendars, tables, and more. Therefore, firing up a personal Wikipedia, finance tracker, task or project manager is seamless with this application. But, you have to deal with a small problem.

All the Notion workspaces show you a blank page. So, starting could be challenging, especially for new users. It’s where the best Notion dashboard templates come into the picture. Find a tailor-made prototype without doing experiments. The templates kickstart your Notion usage without wasting much of your precious time. Building a workspace is easy if you have the instructions.

Do I need to download the Notion templates to increase productivity?

The answer depends upon the Notion template. Apart from downloading, you can also use the best notion templates for productivity online or by duplicating them. You can duplicate and add a template to your Notion workspace.


You can find hundreds of notion templates to increase productivity, which is one of the reasons why it’s confusing to pick the right option. Hence, we shared some best Notion templates for productivity. Other considerable suggestions are Wiki Dashboard, Kanban Roadmap, Curriculum, and Weekly Agenda.

You can try one of the recommendations to organize your work, for good habits, excel in your studies, do well in your business, and much more. Everything depends upon what you want from your life, your determination, and your goals.

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