Are you looking to buy cheap domain names? Here is a list of the eight best cheap domain registrars who can provide you with domains at affordable prices. 

Deciding the name of your business is not enough. You have to register it through a domain registrar. The process is not challenging, but it’s essential. 

A domain is a unique address that helps online users to find your website. The domain registrar sets up your name and assigns a series of six or eight digits to your website. Search on Google and you will find hundreds of cheap domain registrars or sellers. However, it’s not only about the cost. You should also consider ease of use and support services. 

Hence, we are here to discuss some of the best cheap domain registrars. We will cover everything you need to know before picking a domain registration platform. Check the reviews and pick a domain seller as per your budget. After registering a domain, you need a hosting service to store the files of your website. 

Best Cheap Domain Registrars


Dynadot is one of the cheapest domain registrars, which offers a wide range of domain extensions to suit your requirements. Whether you own an online store, small or medium business, marketing agency, or social networking platform, it has domain names as per your needs. Moreover, this brand offers heavy discounts on top-level domains including .net, .com, and .org. 

Dynadot keeps the prices low so that everyone can afford its services. Here, you can get a .com or .org domain at $8.99 while the .co domains are available at $10.99. These prices are only for the first year and the renewal charges are generally higher than the initial cost.

You can renew .com, .net, and .org domains at $10.99. The renewal charges of .co domains are comparatively costly at $24.99. Renewal charges of other domains like .us, .casa, and .me are $7.99, $9.99, and $15.99 respectively.  

What’s included?

Domain privacy: With all the new domains, Dynadot provides free WHOIS protection. So, your contact details are safe with this brand. 

Other services

If you want to stick with Dynadot after purchasing a domain, then try the following services. 

  • Email hosting: Dynadot provides professional email for your business at only $15.99 per year. A business email ID lets you access your messages on your desktop and smartphone. 
  • Website builder: The website builder by Dynadot helps you create a unique website with its drag-and-drop tools. You can use it to develop your business pages without any coding. 


Hostinger is also a reputable platform to buy cheap domain names. It’s one of the reasons why this domain registrar is preferred by millions of users. This platform sells .com domains at 299 INR. The renewal prices are not mentioned on its website. 

Hostinger has all the TLDs. So, you can pick any domain extension including as per your choice. Plus, there is a wide range of unique domains like .life, .cloud, .site, .fun, .website, .click, .tech, and .xyz. 

Here comes the good news. Hostinger has a top-notch support function. The staff is responsive and knowledgeable. You can contact them via email, and live chat. Hostinger’s customer success team is available 24 by 7. 

What’s included?

Privacy protection: Domain privacy protection is included with almost all domains. So, your data is safe. Plus, your inbox is safe from spam

Other services

  • Web hosting: Hostinger is the perfect place for cheap domain registration hosting. It has several hosting plans to suit your requirements. The shared hosting plans start from 139 INR per month. The brand offers a 30-day guarantee. So, you can try its hosting services without any worries.
  • Website builder: As you can guess, the website builder helps you to design impressive websites. It facilitates convenient management of your web pages, which propels your online growth. The website builder comes with hosting and its plan starts from 139 INR per month.
  • Email hosting: Hostinger offers Google Workspace at 480 INR per month per mailbox. If you need affordable professional email, go for its Business Started plan or Business Premium plans available at 69 INR and 179 INR per month for every mailbox you purchase. 


GoDaddy has the cheapest way to register a domain. It offers .com domains at only $4.99 for the first year. The .net and .co are available at $16.99 and $11.99 respectively. However, the registrar does not mention the renewal rates on its website.

GoDaddy offers a free domain if you purchase its Economy or any other hosting plan. It has award-winning char support available 24 by 7 for your assistance. You can also call the support team or message them on Whatsapp. 

What’s included?

GoDaddy does not offer any free goodies with the domain. Its full domain protection is also paid, available at $9.99 per year for every domain. 

Other services

  • SSL certificates: GoDaddy helps you to keep your website secure and authentic, which helps you to gain more trust from your visitors.
  • Web hosting: GoDaddy is a reliable name in the world of web hosting. It’s suitable for types of websites and businesses.
  • Email hosting: Get a professional email from GoDaddy starting at $1.99 per user per month.
  • Marketing tools: GoDaddy has a digital marketing suite to attract more visitors to your website with the help of social media and multiple platforms. You can start for free to see the results of this powerful tool. 


Namecheap is a reputable brand that offers several benefits including domains at pocket-friendly prices. It’s one of the cheapest domain registrars. The prices for the first-year TLDs are perfect for startups, freelancers, website designers, and everyone else who wishes to start an online business without spending too much. 

Namecheap has a live support function and you can also submit a ticket. In addition, Its website has a Help Centre where you can find support articles, how-to videos, guides, and the latest blogs. However, this domain seller doesn’t have telephone support. 

Namecheap offers .com domains at $9.58 per year. The domains like .net. org and .ai are available at $10.98, $7.48 a, and $69.98 per year. If you need a unique domain like .gg, you can buy it at $34.49 per year. 

What’s included?

Here comes the good news. Namecheap provides free Domain Privacy when you purchase a domain. It means no one can access your contact details and you don’t have to pay anything for privacy. You can also try professional email for 2 months

Other services?

  • Web-Hosting: Namecheap has multiple web hosting plans to suit your budget. Its shared hosting plans start from $1.98 per month. WordPress hosting plans are also available.
  • Email hosting: Starts from $1. 14 per month. 
  • Applications: Namecheap has several useful software including website builders, Domain Vault, Fast VPN, graphics design tools, and Google Workspace.


Try if you are looking to purchase cheap domain registration hosting. Apart from being a reputable domain registrar, also offers affordable web and WordPress hosting. The prices of domains on this platform are pocket-friendly. You can get a .com domain at $9.99 for 1 year while .net and .org are available at $12.99 and $8.99 respectively. has all the TLDs. Plus, it has a search box for domains, which shows all the domains related to your keyword. The registration is also quick and fast. However, the domain reseller does not mention the renewal prices of its domains. 

What’s included?

Domain does not offer anything with its domains. The domain privacy and protection is also paid, it’s available at $8.99 per year. 

Other services

  • Web hosting: You can get a free domain if you purchase one year of hosting from The hosting plan starts from $3.75 per month. Also, it gives you a free SSL certificate with almost all the hosting packages.
  • Website builder: The website builder by uses the latest technology and lets you create impressive websites. Its interface is simple. So, you can start developing a site without too much learning. 
  • Email hosting: also offers Google Workspace that gives you professional email, online storage, and video meetings. 
  • Marketing services: Domain offers free marketing consultation to develop strategy and launch campaigns for your business. You can review the marketing plans every month.
  • Security: Domain provides SSL certificates starting from $2.25 per month. It also offers Sitelock cybersecurity to keep your website safe from malware, virus, and hackers. The locking seal is available for $3.99 per month.


Bluehost is one of the best places for cheap domain searches. It’s the only brand recommended by WordPress. It has a wide range of domains available at pocket-friendly prices. Here, you can get a .com domain at only 849 INR while the .net, org, and .in domains are available at 949 INR, 999 INR,  and 579 INR per year.

The control panel of Bluehost is simple and user-friendly. Moreover, it has the feature of auto-renewal, So, your domain renews every year without any hard work. What’s more? This domain registrar has a domain lock to keep your domain safe from unauthorized access. 

What’s included?

Bluehost offers free WordPress hosting and a free website builder for 30 days. 

Other services

  • Web hosting: Bluehost is the perfect place for cheap domain registration hosting. It offers all hosting types including shared, VPS, and dedicated. Its shared hosting starts from only 169 INR per month. 
  • Website builder: Bluehost gives you a website builder designed to create online stores. It’s based on WooCommerce. The website builder starts from 449 INR per month.
  • WordPress services: The domain registrar offers fast and reliable WordPress hosting. Plus, it helps you to design impressive WordPress websites. Moreover, you get managed SEO services to grow leads for your business. 


Google provides domains for your websites, but it does not have web hosting. So it might not be the right choice if you need web hosting for your website. However, the interface of Google’s domain is user-friendly, especially if you have used any other product by this search engine giant.

Google offers .com domains at $12 per year. .net & .org, .info, and .me are available at $12, $22, and $20 respectively. It has many other domain extensions, which help you to find something for your business. All these domains are configured on Google Cloud DNS, which is highly safe and secure. 

What’s included?

Google provides free whois protection for your domain. So, your contact details will not be available for public access. 

Other services

Google doesn’t have any other product apart from domains. Once you purchase hosting from a party like GoDaddy, then you can enjoy its Analytics and Ad services. 


Hostgator is one of the cheapest domain name registrars. The domain and hosting seller is preferred by a lot of website designing professionals because of its user-friendly interface and mouth-watering deals on hosting plans. This brand offers a free domain and email with almost all the hosting packages. So, it could be the best place to buy a cheap domain name and hosting for startups, freelancers, and solopreneurs. 

Hostgator has several ways to answer your queries. It has live chat support and a 24-by-7 telephone line. In addition, there are customer and support portals containing all the important information. So, you can get the required assistance without any delay.

The domain prices of Hostgator are higher when compared to other domain registrars on this list. Still, you can try this brand because of its reliability. 

What’s included?

Hostgator does not offer any perks with the domains you purchase. Privacy protection is available at $14.95 per year. 

Other services

  • Web hosting: If you want a free domain and professional email, try one of the hosting plans by Hostgator starting from $2.75 per month. It also has separate hosting plans for WordPress starting from $5.95 per month. The WordPress hosting plans also come with a free domain, free SSL certificate, and free professional email. 
  • Website builder: Hostgator website design is one of the fastest ways to create stylish websites for your business. It also comes with a free domain. The monthly subscription charge of the website builder starts from $3.84 per month. 


As you can see, the prices of domains vary. Some domain registrars are cheap, but a lot of them are expensive. Check the initial and renewal prices before you purchase your business name from the recommended sellers. 

Dynadot is the perfect platform to buy cheap domain names. Hostinger is a suitable alternative if you need domain and hosting. GoDaddy and other options are also valuable. Your requirements and budget are the determining factors. 

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