A domain name is your identity, it’s the address users type in the browser’s URL space to see your e-commerce store. So, you need a domain to take your brand online. Domains are available with a variety of extensions, and you can purchase them from many providers. However, finding the best domain registrar is challenging and time-consuming. 

We are here with the top ten domain registrars. Check their features and then you can easily decide which one is perfect for your online mart. 


If you are looking for the best registrar for domain names, try Dynadot. Its affordable pricing and transparent renewal plans are perfect for your online store. Moreover, this domain provider has hundreds of top-level domains (TLDs) including .com, .shop, .co, and more. So, you might find what you need. 

Dynadot has a user-friendly website. It mentions the initial and renewal prices for all the available domains. You can purchase a .shop domain from this registrar at $1.99 and a .com domain starts from $8.99. Such pocket-friendly investment is perfect for startups, small businesses, and freelancers. 

Domain privacy is included with all the domains purchased from Dynadot without any extra charges. Plus, the price for domain transfers is low at $8.99. What’s more? The domain registrar offers a free website builder, which is helpful to design your e-market. 


Shopify is the best registrar for domain names if you want to set up an e-commerce store. This platform is perfect for beginners because it has a wide range of tools to set up an online market. Apart from the domain, it also has hosting services, email, and website designing applications. So, you don’t have to purchase the required products from different brands. 

The domain prices of Shopify are higher when compared to other registrars. The .com domains on this platform start from $15. However, the renewal prices are reasonable. It also has a free trial on selected plans. 

Shopify includes free WHOIS privacy protection with all its domains. Plus, it has all the tools to design, develop and market your e-commerce store. The domain transfer process is also easy. 


Hostinger could be the perfect place to buy domain name and registration because it offers a free domain with all the e-commerce hosting plans. In addition, you get free SSL, free email, free migration, and a 30-days money-back guarantee if you do not like the services. Try this domain provider if you want to launch your online store within a few minutes.

Hostinger offers .com domains starting from 299 INR, which is almost 70 percent lower than other brands. You can also purchase its hosting services that are designed with WooCommerce and PrestaShop. The former is based on WordPress and the latter guarantees speed, sales & performance. 


You might have heard of GoDaddy because it’s one of the top domain name registration companies. The domain provider has millions of registered domains. Its affordable domain prices are one of the reasons why this domain provider is preferred by website owners.

GoDaddy provides free privacy protection with all its domains. Plus, it has multiple other services including web hosting, e-mail, online store builder, marketing tools, and user-friendly graphic creator.  The e-commerce mart builder deserves your attention because it helps you list up to 5000 products. Moreover, it accepts all the major credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 


Google keeps it simple. The search engine giant offers more than 300 domain endings and 24-by-7 support. It includes optional privacy in the 12-month domain price. You also get the option to purchase professional email with GSuite. This workspace gives you access to multiple useful tools such as Google Calendar and Google Docs.

Google offers .com domains starting from 860 INR. The price goes up if you put a high-demand keyword. Google never tries to upsell anything. Plus, you don’t have to pay surprising charges while renewing the domain. Moreover, this domain provider has a robust e-commerce store builder. It helps you to design an online store without any coding.

Domain is one of the most recommended domain registrars because of its reputation, reliability, and technology. The domain provider offers more than 300 extensions. So, finding the perfect identity for your e-commerce store is easy.

Domain has a quick search box to find a perfect domain for your store. Enter the name of your online mart and it displays all the possible domains with their prices. The domain registrar sells .com domains starting from $9.99. Privacy and protection are available at $8.99 for 12 months. provides you with a user-friendly interface, which is perfect if you are a newcomer. Moreover, it has multiple other services to set up your store, including hosting, a second phone number, email, and marketing services. In addition, has an Online Store Builder available at $12.99 per month. It includes unlimited websites, an SSL certificate, 555000 free images, and more. 


You might not have heard about IONOS, but it’s one of the best places to buy domain name and registration. The domain registrar is popular in Europe because of its transparent pricing. This domain provider mentions the renewal prices on its front page. So, you know how much you have to pay next year onward. 

Talking about the domain purchase price, IONOS is affordable. It offers .com domains starting from $5.10 for 12 months. Other domain extensions are available at only $1. SSL certificate, WHOIS privacy, and one email account are free with the domain. 

IONOS has an e-commerce store builder starting from $1 per month. It comes with a free domain. The website builder helps you to create an online store and sell your products. Moreover, it has a professional email address with a 12 GB inbox. 


Bluehost is the best registrar for domain names and it’s also recommended by WordPress. Apart from domain registration, this brand also offers web hosting. You can get .com domains starting from 849 INR. The protection and privacy are available at 449 INR.

Bluehost has a website builder, which creates your e-commerce store with WooCommerce. It also gives you free SSL and a free domain. There are two plans for the online store developer starting from 449 INR per month.

Purchasing a domain or hosting from Bluehost is easy and quick. Its dashboard is also intuitive. Plus, this domain registrar has live chat support and 24 by 7 telephone support, which is helpful if anything goes wrong. 


Dreamhost is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, which offers high speed, 27 by 7 WooCommerce support, on-demand backups, 1-click staging, and powerful caching. SSL certificate is free and it guarantees 100% uptime. What’s more? This brand uses solid-state storage for fast services. So, it’s among the top domain name registration companies if you need a combo pack of domain and hosting.

Dreamhost sells .com domains starting from $7.99, which includes free private registration. Apart from that, it has an e-commerce store builder for your assistance. Try Dreamhost if you need an affordable domain and world-class hosting services. 


Namecheap is an affordable, yet one of the top domain name registration companies for e-commerce stores. If you need a pocket-friendly bundle of the domain, web hosting, and email, it could be a perfect choice. Moreover, this brand offers lifetime free domain privacy. 

Namecheap offers .com domains for 779.48 INR per year. However, it does not mention the renewal price on the website. Other services like SSL certificate, VPN, and social media manager are also available with this domain provider. Moreover, its domain transfer process is easy.


Active since 2008, Hover is one of the best domain registrars to purchase domain names and registration. It has a straightforward checkout process, which helps you to own a domain within a few seconds. This domain registrar offers .shop domains starting from $4.99.

WHOIS protection is included with all the domains without any extra charges. Domain transfers are also affordable at $12.99. Apart from domains, Hover also offers professional email for your online store. 

How to choose the best domain registrar?

Dynadot is the best registrar for domain names. Other recommendations are also valuable. So, check the following factors before you pick a domain seller for your e-commerce store.

Initial and renewal pricing: Almost all domain registrars sell domains for at least one year. You can also purchase the domain for multiple years to get a discount. However, the initial payment to register a domain is lower than its renewal charges. So, do not select a domain-selling brand only by looking at its first-year rate. Instead, ensure that the renewal cost is reasonable. 

Privacy measures: Your name, address, phone number, and email ID is associated with the domains you purchase. WHOIS records all these details and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is responsible for their management. Anyone can contact or spam your inbox with the help of your info. So, it’s better to hide them. Try one of the top domain name registration companies that have the service to hide your details.

Domain transfers: The transfer of your domain from one provider to another is called domain transfer. It’s helpful when you find lower renewal prices or better services with a different domain registrar. So, make sure the domain transfer function is quick, easy, and affordable.

Domain expiration: You can register an e-commerce domain under your name only for a specific duration. Once the period is over, the domain registrar can resell the domain you used to own. In other words, someone else can take your business name if you forgot to renew the domain. Activate auto-renewal if you don’t want to lose your identity. 

In addition, check the domain expiration policy of the domain registrar. A lot of them give you a grace period to renew the domain even if it expires. You can renew the domain in this duration. On the other hand, some domain sellers put your domain on auction as soon as it expires. So, try a reputable brand for domain name and registration

Packages and add-on services: A lot of domain registrars offer a complete bundle for your e-commerce store, which includes domain, web hosting, professional email, SSL certificate, and alternate TLDs like .bix, .shop, or .net. Such a package is not only pocket-friendly but also helps you to set up your online mart without any hassles. 

User reviews: The website or app of a domain registrar should be user-friendly so that you can easily purchase and manage your domains. Read the user reviews to understand the ease of use of a domain registrar. Keep in mind that all satisfied customers do not leave reviews on online portals. So, read their feedback carefully and make your decision. 


The world wide web has many other domain registrars, like Porkbun, Tucows, Network Solutions, and more. All of them offer similar services. However, we want to make sure you pick a reliable brand for your online shop. Hence, we recommend some of the best domain registrars for e-commerce stores. 

Dynadot is perfect for your e-market because of its affordable & transparent pricing, free domain privacy, and website builder. Shopify could be a solid option if you need an all-in-one platform for your internet-based market. Try Hostinger or GoDaddy if you need a free domain to build your e-commerce store. 

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