Website banner is one of the most powerful advertising tools, yet it’s inexpensive. The notification bars have been around since the Roman Empire, and even in today’s age, we cannot ignore them. The banners have several advantages, and adding them to your website can bring good revenue to your business. Let’s know all the benefits of publishing banners on your website.

What is a website banner?

The banner is a type of visual advertisement that can be placed on your website. These rectangular display ads generally sit on the top of a web page. You can also place them at the bottom or sides.

The motive of the website banners is to capture the attention of your visitors. They promote your products or services. These notification bars are clickable. So, they take your potential customers to specific pages where you want to show them the relevant information or offers.

Digital marketers prefer banners because they promote brand awareness and generate leads. So, you can capture the contact information of your visitors and start the communication.

How do website banners work?

Banners are appealing ads that attract your potential customers. Once your visitors click on these notification bars, they are redirected to a desired page. Hence, website owners place banners on the highly visible areas of their website, so that a maximum number of individuals scan and notice them.

What are the benefits of a website banner?

1. Affordable and easy to create

What are the components of a website banner? An image, video, or animation and a crisp text. This is all you need to get the traffic where you need them.

Most of the website banners are easy to create, especially if you have a user-friendly plugin or extension. Moreover, they are easy to publish and maintain. Hence, you do not have to invest a lot of money in their design and management. For instance, you can generate impressive banners using WPAnnouncment. It’s available for free and hence, you do not have to do anything to get started.

2. Less planning

Website banners are affordable and easy to design. In addition, they need less planning time when compared to other traditional forms of advertising. Hence, notification bars are suitable for business owners and marketers who make frequent changes to their marketing campaigns.

3. Boosts engagement rate

What is the best way to increase your conversion rate? You should try and engage your visitors without pushing them a lot. Website banner is a sophisticated method to engage with your potential customers because it promotes your product or offer without putting any pressure on them. Your visitors see the notification, click on it, and buy your services or products.

4. Generate leads

Do you want to generate leads regularly to get more customers? The banners drive significant traffic to your web pages. Hence, you can generate a lot of new leads. For instance, an institute offering a bachelor’s or master’s program needs students every year to fill the seats. They can use website banners on their websites and third-party websites to attract potential students.

5. Increases sales

Website banners create strong promotions, which increase your sales revenue by up to 30 percent. A visible notification gains the attraction of your visitors and makes a positive impact on the overall sales of your organization. You can maintain the inflow by regularly updating the banners.

6. Targets specific customers

Do you know why a lot of businesses fail or struggle? Because they want to target everyone. If you want to be successful, you need to target a particular audience. Once you have a buyer profile, the banner designing process becomes easy and you can easily boost the conversion rate of your business with the help of strategic marketing plans.

7. Easily announces the promotions

Website banners are perfect to attract visitors who are looking for sales, promotions, and discounts. They ensure your events are seen by all your potential buyers. You can also add a countdown timer to induce urgency and increase their impact on the individuals visiting your website.

8. Increases visual appeal

Around 65 percent of humans process all the information visually. As we know, you only get a few seconds to make your first impression. So, visual presentation is crucial.

According to a study by FedEx, around 68 percent of buyers determine the quality of a brand based on its signs. In addition, 8 out of 10 buyers visit an online store only because they like their banners. Hence, notification bars have the power to increase the traffic on your website, especially if they are visually flawless.

9. Long-term and flexible

You can keep the banners on your website for as long as you want. Change its design and put a new offer every few weeks. You can also start sales and promotions during every festival season. Every time the visitors click on the banner, you can take them to the relevant products and services.

10. Builds credibility

Creative and professional-grade banners build the credibility of your business. An effective advertisement not only promotes your sales but also increases the trust among your audience. Moreover, it makes a strong connection between your brand and your potential buyers.

11. Add versatility to your presentation

You can add a variety of media to your banners, including videos, animations, and even live streaming. So, you are not limited to images if you choose your promote your products or offers with the help of notification bars. Nowadays you can find several tools to compress your media files. Hence, you can create visually appealing banners without slowing down your website.

12. Effective

Banners easily grab the attention of your visitors. None of the users misses your notification bars, especially if they are creative. Such billboards not only attract new potential customers but also retain the existing ones. Banners are also highly effective because of their limited content. Your visitors easily know about your offers or new launches without wasting a lot of time.

13. High returns on investments

Website banners are great because they need less investment. You can design these notification bars even for free, especially if you use a plugin with pre-designed templates. Even if you consult the experts, they can design it for $25 to $30.

If you publish a high-quality banner on your website, it increases your revenue. So, you can get extra sales without investing a lot of money.

14. Memorable

Attractive banners are memorable. Hence, if you design your banners strategically, there are high chance that your visitors will remember the conveyed information. Hence, they will come back to your website again.

15. Increases customer satisfaction

Communication is one of the most important aspects of customer satisfaction. Banners provide a stress-free, informative, and inviting shopping experience to your visitors. You can communicate a lot of information with the help of these notification bars. Hence, they enhance the overall experience of your potential and existing customers.

16. Broadens your reach

Online advertisements like website banners are distributed across all regions and devices. Hence, your offers and promotions reach a wide market. None of the other display ads can give you such exposure.

17. Brand awareness

Apart from your websites, you can also use banners on third-party platforms to boost brand awareness. By placing banners on multiple websites, you can gain the trust of your audience, and bring their attention to your new products or services. Building a brand name is a continuous process and banner advertising ensures your brand stays relevant to your potential customers.

18. Makes your business popular

You can overshadow your competitive brands with the help of a professional-grade website banner. An attractive design, informative message, and convincing colors increase the popularity of your business. So, either create a banner using one of the best plugins like WPAnnouncement or consult the experts for appealing designs.

Benefits of video banners on your website

A video banner is one of the best ways to communicate with your visitors. Here are some reasons why you should prefer a video banner for your website.

1. Mesmerizing impression

A creative banner comprising videos or animations creates an excellent first impression. It lets you share the required information in attractive ways. Moreover, people process information fast when they see videos.

2. Increases traffic

An attractive animated banner efficiently brings traffic to your website. In other words, they act as an eye-catching element of your website. Once someone visits your website, they cannot avoid watching these animated notification bars.

3. Attractive for smartphone users

None of your visitors prefer to browse through a lot of content to get what they need. So, video banners help you to convert even the most impatient and laziest buyers, especially if they are viewing your website on their smartphones. In addition, mobile users enjoy watching videos. So, you can easily drive them to take some action using of banners with videos and animations.

4. Impresses search engines

Video banners are great for SEO. When visitors spend some time on your website watching videos, search engines like Google think that your web pages have informative content. Hence, they rank your business higher in their search results.

5. Promotes social shares

Video banners encourage visitors to share them on social media platforms, which increases the traffic to your website. It’s one of the reasons why video banners are popular across the globe.

How to create effective website banners?

A website banner is good only if it can attract your visitors. So, how do you design a notification bar to draw their attention? Follow the given points to design successful billboards.

Understand your target audience: Do you have several products or services that are useful for a wide range of users? Regardless of the nature of your business or the products/services you offer, you need to define a target audience. Once you decide on the buyer profile, the banner design and placement become easy.

Pick a banner size: You can use either design horizontal or vertical banners. The former is known as leaderboards and the latter is skyscrapers. Select a banner size as per your requirements and ensure a smooth placement.

Clear text: Do not use too much text in your website banners. Focus on your unique selling points and write a headline that defines the offer, sales, or new launches. Keep your content crisp.

Relevant images: Add high-definition images to get the attention of your visitors. Low-quality images cannot evoke emotions. Also, make sure the photos are relevant to your message.

Call of action: A call to action button invites your visitors to click on your banner. Create a simple and obvious CTA. Use phrases like Shop now, Find out more, Learn more, Click here, and similar things. People enjoy it when someone induces them to take some action. According to the studies, banners with CTA have a higher impact on your conversion rate than ads without any CTA.

Similar theme: The visuals, colors, and text on your banner catch the attention of your visitors. So, use bold designs and templates. However, make sure the banner complements your website. Do not create a billboard that looks completely different from your website.

Include videos: A video combined with relevant music is effective and makes the banners memorable. Hence, such an animation or video clip compels your visitors to take action.

Consider loading time: You should consider the loading time of the banner while designing it. Whenever the visitors open your website, the banner takes some time to load. If your banner comprises significant files, it might take a lot of time to load. Hence, you should not use complex videos or animations in the banners. Also, the images must be less than 150 KB.

Keep it simple: A crowded website banner is too overwhelming for your visitors. So, you should use minimal text, one or a maximum of two images, and a call to action. A lot of banners do not contain text, they only have a logo, an image, and a CTA. You should follow the same. Do not include a lot of information in your banners. Use one strong headline, which should be strong enough to grab the attention of your visitors.

Create responsive banners: Design responsive banners so that your visitors and potential buyers can access them on their smartphones. Nowadays, most users browse your website using their mobiles and tablets. So, your banners should work on such devices.


Why do websites use banners?

A lot of companies use website banners to promote their offers, sales, new launches, and latest services. These display ads increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website or landing page. Also, the banners help the online users to recognize your brand. In addition, they boost your conversion rate and sales revenue.

What are the types of website banners?

Take a look at the different types of website banners and why should you use them.

Flash banners: An animated banner could be a short movie, which acts as your visitor behaves. It might start with one image or background and then change to something else. If your visitor tries to move towards a different section of the web page, the flash banner activates.

Flash banners are attractive and hence, draw the attention of your visitors immediately. Moreover, they are interactive. So, these notification bars can engage the individuals on your website. In addition, such billboards are enjoyable for online users.

Animated banners: Animated or GIF banners an animated or static notification bars formatted in GIFs. These banners do not need any external plugins to play. However, the flash billboards seek Adobe Flash Player.

Animated GIF banners are easy to design and they work on mobile devices without any challenges. Furthermore, these notifications are small in size.

Static banners: As you can understand from its name, the static banners do not move. In other words, they are enclosed in single frames. These billboards do not contain slides.

Static banners are not significantly interactive, but they do not annoy your visitors. Also, they make their point without taking a lot of out of your pocket. In addition, these billboards are easy to create.

Are website banners effective?

Yes, website banners are highly effective and there are two basic reasons for this:

Grabs visitor’s attention: Unlike other ads, website banners are tough to ignore. We see a lot of ads, brand promotions, and sales information every day. So, we have trained our brains to ignore them. However, creative, professional-grade, and well-designed notification bars manage to capture the attention and drive your visitors to take action.

Easy to measure: You can easily measure the impacts of the website banners you designed. You can check the click-through rate, which means you can make changes accordingly. In other words, you can define the success of these notifications even if they are not performing well.

Keep in mind that the banners are only effective if you design them to be. So, be creative, use sensible headlines, and include HD images to get the best results.

Final thoughts

Using website banners is one of the most successful marketing strategies. The notification bars are easy to create and affordable. Still, they make positive impacts on the overall conversion rate and sales of your business. No matter, whether you are planning to create brand awareness, launch new products, introduce new services, or release new updates to your business, they are helpful.

If you have a WordPress website and you want to create banners without any hard work, try WPAnnouncement. It has a user-friendly interface, which is perfect for beginners. Moreover, this extension comes with pre-designed templates to make the designing process easy and fast. What’s more? It has a forever-free plan. So, you can start creating banners without any expenses.

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