Are you looking for useful yet free search engine optimization software? Well, you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss some of the best SEO applications available to use for free. 


If you have started a new website or blog and want it to grow without wasting a lot of time and energy, then SurferSEO is the best search engine optimization software. It increases your visibility, boosts organic traffic, and improves your ranking. The free version of this application is perfect for tracking and growing one website. 


  • Content editor to write engaging content
  • Post-publishing optimization for rank improvement
  • Supports multiple third-party integrations
  • Surfer Academy for Learning


Rank Math is one of the best search engine optimization software for WordPress. It helps you optimize your website content by adding meta titles and descriptions. Plus, this application structures your data for better performance. Using RankMath is easy. Download and activate it on your WordPress admin panel to enjoy its features. 


  • Easy setup wizard
  • Content grading for each page
  • Identify and fix broken links
  • Measure and track keyword rankings
  • SEO analysis

Yoast SEO

If you own a WordPress website, then Yoast SEO deserves your attention. It optimizes your site and identifies mistakes in the content. Plus, this search engine optimization software brings new visitors from search engines and social media platforms. Therefore, it saves your time, so you can focus on developing your business. 


  • Improves and modify your website content
  • Set meta descriptions, titles, canonicals, and multiple other backend settings
  • Content grading system
  • Improves shareability of your posts on social media

Google Trends

You might guess from the name Google Trends tracks the popularity of trends and topics in a particular industry over time. You can use this SEO optimization tool to know the current trends and plan your content accordingly. Using this application is simple, type a keyword, and it shows the interest of the users over time, which region has the most searches, and what the other keywords related to your query.  


  • Shows clear graphs of recent trends
  • Multiple filters available for your help
  • Comparison of two different keywords

Google Keyword Planner

If you use Google Ads, then Google Keyword Planner is the best search engine optimization software to try. It’s specially designed to research keywords for Google Ads. Hence, this application could be an invaluable addition to a professional digital marketer. It was developed by Google. So, GKP provides the most accurate data. 


  • Shows a lot of relevant keywords
  • Helpful predictions for online ads
  • Assists you in finding the right audience for your product or services

Google Search Console 

What do most search engines think about your site? It’s an important question in the world of digital marketing. You can get the answer on Google Search Console. 

This application checks and fixes technical errors on your site, submit sitemaps and see important SEO data like impressions and clicks. Similar to Google, Yandex and Bing have separate search consoles. Try them if rankings on these two search engines are important for your business. 


  • Shows indexing and page experience
  • Suggests enhancements

Google Analytics

Arguably the most powerful free search engine optimization software, Google Analytics tracks all the imaginable traffic on your website. So, it shows if you are getting the results of your SEO efforts. However, now this application has stopped showing the keyword getting you the leads. Hence, you can use another tool to uncover the secrets. You can try Keyword Hero.


  • Tracks and reports website traffic
  • Real-time analytics
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Helpful eCommerce reports

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools are used to monitor the SEO health of your website and learn from its ranking on Google. This application checks for more than 100 SEO problems. Moreover, it lets you know who is linking to your website and the keywords you rank for. 


  • Suggested SEO-related problems and fixes them
  • Provides more traffic
  • Comparison against your competitors in the SERPs
  • Sends all the information to your email

PageSpeed Insights by Google

Enter a URL to see its loading speed on different devices. PageSpeed Insights grades your website and ranks it from 1 to 100. It shows the speed of your site and also shows the improvements. 


  • Checks the speed of your site
  • Shows the areas of improvement
  • Improves client satisfaction rate 

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

The keyword generator by Ahrefs shows the top 100 relevant keywords according to the seed keyword you enter. Plus, it displays the related search data. On top of that, this application suggests 50 questions related to the keyword. So, it’s a high-class search engine optimization software if you want to attract new visitors by providing useful information on your site. 


  • Shows keywords for multiple search engines
  • Shares thousands of keyword ideas within a few seconds
  • Multiple filters for ease of use
  • Identify long-tail keywords

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

If you want to know the backlinks to your site, try one of the top SEO software Ahrefs Backlink Checker. Its free version displays the top 100 backlinks to any website. This application also displays the referring domains, URL rating (UR), and Domain Rating (DR). Enter your competitor’s URLs in its search box to see link-building opportunities. 


  • Checks your site for inbound and outbound links
  • Second most active web crawler after Google
  • Best backlink database in the industry
  • Updates backlink index after every 15 minutes 

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The SEO Toolbar by Ahrefs is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It highlights nofollow links, traces redirect chains, and checks for broken links on any webpage. This toolbar also generates SEO reports, including titles, meta descriptions, word counts, headers, canonicals, and OG tags. Hence, you can quickly analyze any webpage. 


  • Top-class SEO assistant
  • Generates on-page SEO report
  • SEO metrics for every page you visit

Answer The Public

Enter a keyword and Answer The Public shows a list of long-tail keywords and the most common questions asked. You will be amazed to see how quickly it displays hundreds of content ideas depending on the keyword entered by you. However, the searches are limited to free users. 


  • Reads the mind of your clients
  • A goldmine of content ideas
  • Adds validation and creativity to your content
  • Boosts organic search 


You might have seen a SERP section for every search on Google known as People Also Ask (PAA). Also Asked collects all the PAA questions related to your keyword so that you can generate informative content for your readers. It also has the option of deep research, but this feature is not free. You have to sign up to enjoy the deep research results from this search engine optimization tool. 


  • Shows long-tail search queries
  • Improves your content
  • Boost organic traffic
  • Produces better converting ads

SERP Similarity

SERP similarity is the best search engine optimization software if you want to compare two keywords. It’s helpful if you want to know whether two keywords need separate pages or can be used in the same post. 


  • Shows similarities and differences between two keywords
  • Real-time data suggestions
  • Similarity score
  • Perfect for blog writers

Bing Webmaster Tools

Many users overlook Bing Webmaster Tools, but it’s one of the best search engine optimization software available, with almost all the features to analyze your website. Using this application is straightforward to use signup in, add your website, verify your ownership, and upload your sitemaps. Afterward, you can optimize your site with the help of Bing Webmaster Tools. 


  • Keyword research reporting
  • Crawlers to find website issues
  • Boosts the number of visitors to your site
  • Improves your site ranking in Bing search results


What is keyword research? It’s the process of finding keywords your clients are looking for. So, there is no better way to find these topics apart from one of the largest internet forums, Reddit. 

Enter the name of a subreddit that has your audience’s attention. Keyworddit extracts all the keywords from that community. 


  • Shows the keywords from a huge online community
  • Boosts the headline clicks

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

The SERP Snippet Optimization Tool by Google lets you customize the appearance of your website in the search results. It edits the URL, meta description, and proposed title. You can personalize these settings with the help of several WordPress plugins like Yoast and Rank Math. However, the SERP Optimization Tool is suitable if your website is not on WordPress. 


  • Show how your site looks in Google search result
  • Optimize SERP snippets for high clicks
  • Makes your website’s link attractive 

Schema Markup Generator by Merkle

The search engines understand your content better with the help of schema markup. It also powers rich snippets, which reap more clicks than regular search results. The Schema Markup Generator creates the right code for you. You have to pick the schema type and it does the rest. Copy and paste the schema code generated by this application. It’s perfect for non-WordPress websites. 


  • Helps the search engines to understand your content
  • Boosts organic traffic

Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer

The technical aspects of SEO need a double-check. So, it’s better to review the schema markup/structured data in the correct sequence. The Structured Data Viewer by Classy Schema is one of the best SEO software tools to check it. 


  • Perfect for digital marketers
  • Easy usage

Final thoughts

SEO is crucial for your online growth. However, it becomes more efficient if you are active in social media marketing. Both of them together give you the best of your efforts. We suggested some high-grade SEO optimization software available to use for free. These tools help you to build a strong foundation for your online marketing campaign. Also, use social media pages to broaden your audience. 

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