Let’s talk about some of the best free website analysis tools so that you can understand the behavior of your visitors and improve the web pages. 

A website analytics system provides useful information about your visitors, the pages they mostly visit, where they generally click, what problems they face, and more. So, picking the best analysis software is crucial. How will you do it? By finding the answer to the three questions mentioned below. 

Is the tool available as SaaS or is it self-hosted?

Self-hosted website analysis plugins or systems are installed on your server. Therefore, they need a significant amount of time and skill to set up and maintain. On the other hand, a SaaS analysis tool sits on the provider’s infrastructure, which means you do not have to install, upgrade, or maintain it.

What type of data does the tool collect, quantitative, qualitative, or both?

Traditional analytics systems offer quantitative data including page views, bounce rate, sessions, etc. The data is useful, but it cannot tell you the user’s behavior. Hence, you might not be able to improve your plans using this information. It’s the reason why you also need qualitative data, which is generally collected in session recordings.

Can the application track user interaction automatically or do you have to set it up?

How can you understand the user interaction with your website? By tracking their actions like the text inputs and buttons clicked. A lot of websites analyzing systems can track the interaction (also called events) of your audience. However, some of them need manual configuration. You need time, and development skills, to implement such an application. On the other hand, a lot of tools are automatic. They collect user events without your interference. 

Answering these three questions helps you to pick the best website analyzing mechanism. Plus, you can also understand the time and resources you need for setting up the process. In this post, we will compare eight different options. Check all of them and try something that suits your requirements. 

Best free website analysis tools to try in 2023

  1. Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the best free website traffic analysis tools because it analyzes all the pages of your website and provides suggestions to improve them. After looking at the report you can understand what you have done right and where you can polish things. Above all, the plugin is free to use. 

Apart from the free website analysis tool, Rank Math has multiple other features to improve your traffic. Moreover, it’s easy to navigate. Hence, you can use this application even if you are a beginner. Try it if you want to make your online business profitable. 

  1. Google Search Console

Which is the most popular search engine? It’s Google. So, you have to know how it ranks your website. Hence, Google Search Console is one of the best website analysis plugins for your site. 

Google Search Console comes with URL inspection, which helps you to check the pages of your website for mobile usability and indexing status. Moreover, it highlights the issues to make your site look better on search engine results.

The Search Console helps you submit the sitemaps of your website to improve the Google bot crawling process. In addition, it comes with Link Analysis to list internal and external links on your site. 

  1. Hubspot

Do you think your website is perfect for digital marketing? Well, check it with the help of Hubspot. This application reviews your site and rates it from 0 to 100. The rating depends upon several factors including social media presence, the blogosphere, site traffic, and other marketing factors.

Hubspot offers suggestions, which improve the performance of your website and enhances its visibility. Hence, the amount of traffic and sales revenue automatically increases. Therefore, this application is an excellent free website analysis for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses. 

  1. SEOptimer

Get a free website analysis on SEOptimer by entering a URL. It reviews all the factors responsible to rank a website and lets you know all the barriers. So, you can find and work on all the issues that are holding your business back. 

SEOptimer generates PDF SEO audits within 20 seconds. Moreover, it helps you to add company details, upload the logo, and the styling according to your brand. What’s more? This application provides SEO audit reports in multiple languages including German, Spanish, and French. 

  1. Woorank

Woorank is a free website analysis tool to provide complete insights about your website and suggest changes for improvements. Its reports cover the following details.

  • Marketing checklist: This section lists all the changes required on your website, which helps to tackle all of them one by one.
  • SEO: Woorank checks for all the necessary on-page SEO practices like links, headings, meta tags, etc.
  • Structured data: If your website has any structured data like, this tool mentions them in this section.
  • Mobile experience: The usability of your website on smartphones is one of the deciding factors for your success. It checks for font size, viewport, and mobile rendering. 
  • Usability: This section shows the status of your website for practices like URL, favicon, custom 404 pages, etc. 
  • Technology: The ranking of your website is impacted by security, server speed, and several other technologies. You can check the status of all the factors in this section.
  • Backlinks: This section checks for the backlinks to your website and calculates the score based on the number and quality of links. 
  • Social: Your social media platforms should be connected to your website. This section checks if these pages are connected or not and what is their performance in terms of audience engagement.
  • Visitors: Check the estimated amount of traffic on your website. 
  1. MOZ 

Moz is another high-grade website analysis plugin, which shows you the errors on your website and provides details to make improvements. It helps you to analyze keywords, check backlinks, evaluate site performance, review user-friendliness, and monitor on-page SEO. Moreover, this application crawls over a blog, domain, and web pages to provide you with details about all the parameters you need to upgrade.

MOZ comes with a free trial of 30 days. Afterward, it deducts the charges from the card you entered while activating the trial. If you do not purchase the membership, this tool generates only one report every day. Try MOZ to see its efficiency. 

  1. SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel (Ubersuggest)

Do you want more visitors to your website? Get a detailed free report on the SEO Analyzer by Neil Patel and make improvements to fulfill your desire. It identifies all the SEO errors. Hence, you can fix them to get high rankings on search engines.

Site speed is one of the factors to determine your ranking. So, it’s better to check the loading pace of your website. The SEO Analyzer checks it and ensures you don’t stay behind your competitors. 

  1. Check My Links

If you use Google Chrome, then Check My Links could be one of the best free website traffic analysis tools to try. It analyzes all the links on your web page and lets you know whether they are active or broken. The green color is for the working links and the red is not for non-active links.

Check My Links is a perfect tool to try if you are editing a web page with multiple links. It quickly checks the status of all the links. Hence, this application is suitable for developers, website designers, content editors, and digital marketers.

  1. Rank watch

Rank Watch tests your website for speed, on-page SEO, traffic, and many other crucial factors. It has a user-friendly interface, which is very easy to use. Enter your website’s URL, click Analyze and this application provides you the complete SEO analysis.

Rank watch website analyzer tool ranks your web pages on several factors including social media presence, mobile rendering feasibility, and the technology used in the site. Moreover, it analyzes the websites of your competitors to know their secrets and improve your site. You can start Rankwatch’s free 14-day trial without entering your card details. 

  1. Webimax

Try Webimax if you want details and instructions about how to improve your website. It provides scores and recommendations for SEO, usability, speed & performance, social media, technology, and security. Check these scores to generate maximum traffic to your website. 

Search engines use a variety of factors to rank your website. Webimax reviews most of these points and helps you find all the issues your site is experiencing. Therefore, it’s a suitable free website analysis if you want to know your SEO scores without any expense. 


How to analyze a website?

The analysis of a website contains five steps.

  1. Determine your aim

Why are you analyzing the website? You need a starting point to plan. Are you here because of the high bounce rate? Or is the amount of traffic low? Or you are analyzing your site because its web pages are not performing according to your expectations. 

A clear intention is required to filter the data. Considering all the points of improvement might be an overwhelming task. For instance, the pricing page needs analysis if you notice low-form submissions. However, it’s not a thumb rule to maintain one goal. You can analyze different web pages with separate motives. 

  1. Document the results

Once you understand your aim, it’s time to analyze the data and deploy the required changes. Do not create a generic goal like improvement of the performance of your website. Instead, plan to increase the conversions by five percent. A specific aim also works as a guide and helps you to set the foundation for a revamp. 

If you wish to improve the conversions, then filter the data as per your aim. For instance, you might find out that the “Buy Now” option on your website is too small to be seen by buyers. Or its color is not suit the other elements on the page. Understanding what you desire helps you to find relevant data.

  1. Analyze the data

After knowing what you need and what you want to improve, the next step is to analyze the data. All the free website analysis tools we discussed above can provide you with the required results and help you to fix the misses. Rank Math is one of the best applications because it understands the mind of your audience. This plugin explains how the users are interacting with your website and where the issues are.

Your data collection and analysis depend upon your goal. For instance, if you plan to enhance the conversion rate, you should collect the conversion rate, exit rate, and bounce rate. In addition, check the visitor recording. 

  1. Look for the improvement areas

Here comes one of the most important steps of website analysis, looking for areas where you can improve your site. Check all the data to make the upgrades. For instance, you might find that the users are not filling out online forms. They quit your website. A long-form page could be a solid reason for their impatience. So, try to make the form short and see its results. Test the changes after analyzing the data for a while.

  1. Perform website analysis frequently

After analyzing a website, you might think you have done the job. However, a one-time analysis is not sufficient. Make it a practice to check your website to deliver the best experience to your audience. 

Why analyze your website?

Analyzing a website offers the following benefits:

  • Helps you to find chances to improve your conversion rate
  • Fix or remove the conversion barriers, like broken links
  • Helps you to improve the ranking of your website on search engine results
  • Understand the strategies of your competitors and take ideas from them.

Final thoughts

Now you know some of the top-notch, yet free website analysis tools help to improve your site’s performance, attract a significant number of visitors and generate profits.  Rank Math, Google Search Console, and Hubspot are the best options. But, check all other applications and try something that suits all your requirements. The analysis tool is responsible for new traffic and sales revenue. Hence, make an intelligent choice if you want to be successful. 

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