Do you have to manage multiple subscriptions for your business? Then, there are chances that you might forget their due date sometimes or you might overpay for something you do not need often. It is obvious because you cannot keep track of all your subscriptions. But, you can dissolve all your struggles with the help of Subscription Pro. 

Subscription Pro not only helps you to manage all your subscriptions but also helps you to save big with the help of recurring discounts and coupons. In addition, it sets up automatic payments and sends alerts for upcoming renewals. 

How SubscriptionPro simplifies subscription management?

SubscriptionPro is a one-stop subscription management platform for your business. Connect all your premium subscriptions with its dashboard and forget about due dates and payment methods. Here are some of the ways how Subscription Pro simplifies subscription management.

Keeps all your subscriptions in one place

With Subscription Pro, you do not have to waste time reviewing all the subscriptions you are paying for. It shows all of them on one dashboard. So, you can check everything about your subscriptions including the cost you are spending on them. Therefore, you can get a clear picture of the expenses on these subscriptions and the amount you save using Subscription Pro. 

Makes the subscriptions more affordable

If you share the same subscription among your teams, friends, or family members, Subscription Pro makes them more affordable. Thanks to its recurring discounts and coupon codes, you can get significant price reductions. 

Tracks the due dates

All the subscriptions need renewal depending upon their payment plans. Without a subscription management platform, you have to keep track of when the subscription ends. But, Subscription Pro saves you from this overwhelming task. It sends you notifications about the due dates. 

Shows the usage

Subscriptions Pro shows you the usage of all your subscriptions. So, you can cancel the subscriptions that do not justify their cost. You can also downgrade the subscriptions to their free versions if you do not use them frequently. 

Helps set spending limits

You can see how much you are spending on usage-based subscriptions. So, you can restrict your expenses as per your requirements. In addition, this feature also helps you know if someone accidentally activated the subscription without any usage. 

Shares the increased prices

With Subscription Pro, you do not have to check your bank or card statements for price changes. You can check all the prices of your subscriptions on its dashboard. Plus, you can easily know about a hike in the charges with the notification sent by this subscription management platform

Simplifies payments

Subscription Pro has multiple reputable and trustworthy payment gateways. Moreover, you can save any of your cards to complete all the monthly or annual payments within a few taps or clicks. 

Gives alerts about the declines

In case a payment does not go through, SubscriptionPro alerts you about the decline. Hence, you can update the payment method to continue using the applications that are critical for your business. 

Mobile application

SubscriptionPro lets you track your subscriptions on the move with its mobile application. So, you can check and make changes even if you are not in front of the computer. Right now, the applications are under development. They will be available soon. 

Features that make SubscriptionPro stand out 

Subscription Pro offers more for less cost. Let’s talk about some of the features of this subscription management platform, which not only streamlines your subscription administration but also helps you to save a lot. 

SaaS Saving Calculator

If you have subscribed for any SaaS applications, try the SubscriptionPro SaaS Saving Calculator, which is available on the official website of Subscription Pro. It has a list of all the SaaS providers including Adobe, Odoo, Microsoft, Nimble, Outplay, Zoom, UPDF, ClickUp, Digital Ocean, and more. This calculator is built to help you know how much money you can save with Subscription Pro.

You can use the SubscriptionPro savings calculator by selecting your product, and then entering the expected cost that you would invest if you purchase the subscription directly from its manufacturer. Then, select the period to see your savings. 

For instance, Adobe Creative Cloud (all apps) has a monthly price value of $89.99, which means you will spend $1079 every year if you subscribe to this product. However, with Subscription Pro, you can get access to all the apps of Creative Cloud at only $1004. 29 per year. Hence, you save $75 per year with one subscription. 

Premium services at recurring discounts

You can increase your savings with the help of SubscriptionPro deals. It offers recurring discounts on almost all the applications provided by Microsoft, Odoo, Adobe, Zoom, Outplay, Nimble, SpringDevs, UPDF, and many more. So, you can experience more and pay less. 

For instance, with SubscriptionPro deals you can get Microsoft 365 at a recurring discount of 10%. MS offers its 365 services for $99 per year. But, you can get it for $90 per year at Subscription Pro. 

Similarly, you can get ClickUp at a 20% recurring discount. ClicUp’s pricing is $84 per user in its Unlimited plan. With Subscription Pro, you can get this pack at 67.20 per annum. 

Unlimited deals

Subscription discount is another benefit you get at SubscriptionPro. It gives you multiple coupon codes and deals throughout the year to help you save more. For instance, right now you can get over 340 SaaS Marvels only at $129.00 per year. With this offer, you can save thousands of dollars. 

Exclusive coupons

SubscriptionPro deals give you several coupons to save a significant amount of money. These special discount codes give you access to valuable deals. For example, you can get a coupon for $3.99 and get a discount of 35% on any package offered by Email list validation.

Similarly, you can 50% off on your choice of plan for three months on SocialBee at only $4.99. SocialBee has three premium packs worth $24, $40, and $82 per month. So, you can save at least $36, $60, and $123 in three months just by paying $4.99 for the coupon. 

Getting started: Registering and connecting your subscriptions 

Getting started with Subscription Pro is easy and quick. Follow the simple steps given below. 

Sign up for a Subscription Pro plan

Visit the official home page of Subscription Pro, and click on Sign In on the top. You can also click on Pricing from the main menu to see all the plans offered by Subscription Pro. Get started with the free forever Starter Plan if you want to experience the unique features of the Subscription Pro subscription management platform. 

You can sign up for a free forever account using your Gmail ID or any other email address. You can access the Subscription Pro dashboard after signing up. 

As you can see, you do not have to provide too many details to sign up for the free Subscription Info plan. 

On the left panel of the dashboard, you have all the options to streamline billing process of your subscriptions. You can also check the available coupons and deals from the left panel. 

Connect your subscriptions

The next step is to connect all your subscriptions to enjoy recurring subscription discounts and maximize your savings. So, select Products from the left panel. 

Select one of the subscriptions you want to connect and click on Details. Enter your Account information and click on connect. For instance, if you want to connect to any of the Adobe products, you can click on its Details button, and enter the VIP code, and account email to connect. Similarly, you can connect to Odoo by entering your name and email address. 

As you can see, connecting your Subscription Pro subscriptions with the Subscription management platform is fast and easy. So, you can use it even if you are not from a technical background. 

Add payment methods

Subscription Pro lets you make payments for your subscriptions within a few clicks. On top of that, you can make prepayments, which can be used for the products and services you manage with its help. Click on Add Prepay from the left panel to access this section. 

Here, you have multiple payment methods to add some prepaid amount to your Subscription Pro account. You can either use your bank, PayPal account, debit/credit cards, GPay, and Apple Pay. Apart from that, this Subscription management platform also accepts cryptocurrencies including Bitpay and Coinbase. 

For instance, you can add money to your account using your bank. Simply transfer the money to the official account of Subscription Pro, attach the proof, and click on Credit Account. You can use the screenshot of the transaction as a proof. You can check all the prepayments under Deposit Requests. 

Under Billing, you can see the billing information of all your subscriptions. So, you can pay for all of them at once in this section. Hence, you can easily streamline billing process of your subscriptions with the help of Subscription Pro. 

Benefits of a subscription management platform

Subscription management is a challenging process, especially if you change the subscriptions several times. Multiple changes are common in SaaS businesses. Therefore, each change might have to go through your finance team. But, you can reduce the workload on your finance team using a subscription manager like Subscription Pro. Let’s take a look at why a subscription management platform is important for your business. 

  1. Organize expenses and savings

Your business might depend upon a lot of subscriptions and hence, you need them active at all times to ensure all your daily activities. However, organizing the expenses could be challenging because analysts have to keep a record of all the subscriptions. 

A subscription management platform like Subscription Pro gathers all the expenses on your subscriptions in one place. So, you can easily check the total and recurring expenses. 

2. Improve forecasting

A subscription management platform tells you about the investment you need to make in the upcoming months or years to keep all your subscriptions active. So, you can make long-term plans based on these reports. 

3. Helps you to optimize your pricing strategies

If your company is providing subscriptions to your clients, you might decrease the subscription prices to gain the attention of your audience. With the help of recurring discounts and coupon codes, you can provide significant subscription discounts to your buyers and still make profits. 

4. Reduces churn

To reduce the churn, you have to measure it, which is not an easy task. How many subscriptions are there? Are the contracts terminated or canceled? A subscription management platform gives you all the details without any complexity. 

5. Manage renewals

It is easier to keep an existing customer than to convince a new one to try or buy your product. A subscription management system like Subscription Pro keeps track of the renewal dates of the subscriptions. So, you can easily renew the contracts of your customers. 

Subscription Pro sends you notifications about the subscriptions when they are about to expire. Hence, you can contact your buyers, take their feedback, and renew their subscriptions. 

6. Helpful in creating reports

The reporting cycle becomes overwhelming when you grow. You might have to hire a finance team or a finance manager. However, you can help reduce their workload with the help of a subscription management platform. 

A subscription management application like Subscription Pro keeps all the data related to the subscriptions of your business. So, it could be a lifesaver when you have to calculate anything related to this date. 

7. Creates correct invoices

A lot of buyers frequently change their account information or purchase add-on services. They also add users and make other changes to their payment plan. Subscription management applications are helpful in these scenarios because their invoices reflect the changes. 

Final thoughts

Implementing a subscription management platform reduces manual work, automates billing, and boosts your savings. It also saves you time because you do not have to check the details of all your subscriptions on different web pages. 

Subscription Pro is one of the best subscription management systems to try because it simplifies your life and is available at affordable prices. Moreover, it offers recurring discounts on all the premium services to help you save more. 

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