Are you searching for the best ERP system for small businesses? The pricing, installation, setup, and features of a small business differ from other trade establishments. Hence, we are here to discuss some top-notch ERP systems suitable for small merchants. Check the recommendations and pick the right solution according to your budget and work culture. 

Comparison Criteria of ERP System for Small Business

How to select the best ERP system for small businesses? Let’s discuss the points so that you can evaluate all the suggested applications and try something that suits your needs. 

  • User interface – ERP systems are complicated. So, we prefer easy-to-navigate applications.
  • Usability – ERP software is accessed by a lot of users in an organization. Hence, its learning process should be easy, so that employees at all levels can use the system without many challenges.
  • Integrations – An ERP system for small businesses integrates with a lot of software suites. Check for these integrations. Are they active? Or Is the ERP application compatible with third-party add-ons?
  • Value for money: Is the price of an ERP system reasonable? Compare the monthly charges per user. Plus, make sure the monthly investment is transparent. 

ERP System for Small Business – Important Features

  • Accounting: Manages resource allocation and simplifies financial reports.
  • Human resources: Let the company management handle HR functions with accuracy and speed.
  • Inventory management: Tracks the supply of your products to maintain stock.
  • Business intelligence: Helpful in decision-making by analyzing the pertinent data. 
  • Manufacturing: Helps you in budget allocation by improving the forecasts.
  • Supply chain management: Track the items as they complete the supply chain.
  • Customer relationship management: Manages your relations with clients.
  • Automation: Improves efficiency by simplifying repeatable procedures in a business.
  • Analysis and reporting: Collects comprehensive data to help you in making intelligent decisions.
  • Customer service: ERP systems for small businesses are complicated. So, make sure you get help whenever needed.  

Ten Best ERP System for Small Business

Odoo – Best open-source ERP system

Try Odoo if you are looking for a cost-effective ERP system for small businesses. It’s an open-source system efficient in streamlining your work without any additional software. Odoo comes with a wide range of ERP modules crafted for accounting, manufacturing, projects, and inventory. In addition, it is compatible with more than 23000 third-party applications. So, you can use Odoo seamlessly to manage your trade. 

Odoo is available in two different versions; community and enterprise. The former is free and the latter comes with a price of $24 per user/month. You can also try the enterprise version of Odoo for 15 days.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – All-in-one solution

Here comes another top-notch ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has business and financial management. Its features include project tracking, client relationship management, supply chain management, and financial reporting. However, you have to bear $70 for every user per month to enjoy these functions. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has step-by-step guidance for onboarding. Plus, it’s compatible with almost all Microsoft 365 apps. So, you can try Business Central even if you are new to the business. 

Oracle NetSuite – Easy to use, Responsive

Oracle NetSuite is one of the best ERP systems for small businesses. It helps new establishments to gain control, visibility, and agility. So, you can try this ERP system to grow a successful venture. 

NetSuite used to focus only on ERP and financials. Nowadays, it also includes omnichannel commerce, professional services automation, HR, and inventory management. Hence, NetSuite is widely used in around 217 countries by more than 32000 users.

Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise – Best ERP system for Quickbook users

Try Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise if you own a wholesaling, distribution, manufacturing, or construction business. It features GAAP inventory management and cost accounting reporting. This ERP application can also tackle huge data sets. 

Quickbooks is easy to understand and use. So, you and your team can make pivotal decisions without any delay. Its starting price is $140.84 per month. A trial tour is also available for new users. 

Acumatica – Add unlimited users without any additional charges 

Acumatica offers a variety of solutions for businesses of different sizes. Its products include Cloud ERP platforms and Cloud xRP. The latter is a versatile and futuristic platform crafted for small and developing trades so that they can efficiently manage their work. 

Acumatica Cloud xRP platform has a flexible architectural framework, which helps developers customize business apps according to their clients. The “x” present with the RP defines the size of a business. In other words, all the small and growing trades can use Acumatica irrelevant of their location, size, and industry. 

SAP Business One – Best affordable ERP system for small business

Business One is a reputable ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses. You can deploy it on the premises or the cloud, as per your needs. Analytics, reporting, purchasing and procurement, financial management, supply chain management, and CRM are some functions of SAP Business One. Its price depends upon the chosen functionalities and the number of users.

SAP Business One is crafted to grow your business. It gives you complete insights into your work and streamlines key functions so that you can make intelligent decisions based on real-time data. This ERP system also lowers your business management costs by giving you control over all its aspects. 

TallyPrime – User-friendly ERP system

If you need a high-quality business management application that helps manage cost, payroll, credit taxation, banking, inventory, accounting, and invoicing, try TallyPrime. It performs all these functions without asking for any other software or add-ons. Hence, you do not have to deal with any complexities of the startup. Therefore, you can focus on company growth and development. 

TallyPrime is one of the most user-friendly ERP systems, which means you can quickly deal with all the processes of your business to enhance efficiency and gain complete control. What’s more? It comes with more than 400 insightful reports about your business. So, you can get a complete view of your trade and make error-free decisions.

Honeybook – Perfect for end-to-end project management

Honeybook is an appropriate ERP system for small businesses and professional services because it helps you to organize multiple official activities. The ERP software connects with your clients and manages the invoices so that you receive the payment without any hassles. It also features organized calendars, expense tracking, and electronic signatures.

Honeybook has templates to show your accomplishments. Moreover, it can collect payments by debit/credit card and direct bank transfer. In addition, this ERP application seamlessly integrates with multiple third-party software like Zapier, Sage, Gmail, and Google Calendar. It’s one of the cheapest ERP systems available in the market. Honeybook is available at $9 per user/month. You can also try it for seven days without paying anything. 

Sage IntacctPerfect to boost your ROI

If you need real-time financial and operational visibility of your business, try Sage Intacct. Not only it boost the financial security of your brand, but also has the automation to reduce labor and operational costs. What’s more? There are several useful sections for your work, including inventory management, cash management, vendor management, financial consolidation, purchasing, accounting, and many more. 

Here comes the best part. You can try all the functions of Sage Intacct before purchasing it. On top of that, you can enjoy its services via the cloud. 

StrivenHas everything that your business needs

Take your small business at its best with the help of Striven. It’s an all-in-one ERP software with every function you need to improve operations, manage workload efficiently and grow revenue. This is a complete application because it comprises all the features you need for reporting, management, project, sales, and accounting. 

Striven never asks for any third-party add-ons. Moreover, it runs on all devices. So, you can manage your business anytime and anywhere.


How is an ERP system helpful for your business?

A top-notch ERP system allows a business owner to manage all the resources. Hence, it enhances management, improves efficiency, and reduces wastage. So, ERP software can do wonders for small businesses. 

What is a cloud-based ERP system?

A cloud-based ERP system for startups helps you run your business and gives you the storage benefits of the cloud. In other words, all the tools are hosted by your ERP vendor via the cloud. No hardware or applications are installed on your premises. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know some of the best ERP system for small business. There are many more applications available in the market, including Deltek Costpoint, Syspro, Deskera Books, etc. All the software are different and hence, they can help your startup in multiple ways. However, it’s crucial to compare all the ERP systems and pick the best option as per your needs.

Some of the ERP tools are reputable and popular. For instance, almost all business owners know about Odoo, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Oracle NetSuite. A lot of entrepreneurs trust these applications because of their big names. But, well-known software doesn’t need to be useful for your business. Hence, check all the functions and features of an application before you try any one of them. Also, make sure the pricing is within your budget. 

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